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Taking Advantage of a Moment in Time: The NRA and the Push for Gun Control

“It is important to take advantage of a moment in time,” said Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fl), Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention, during an interview with CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer. (1) She meant that since the Sandy Hook school tragedy is in the cross hairs of public outrage, now is the moment to push for gun control legislation that is more in keeping with rules considered reasonable by most other countries.

No one need convince an astrologer of the need to be aware of the quality of a moment when initiating action: Take action at a time when the fabric of the cosmos supports our intent and odds of success increase. Do so when the celestial patterns run opposite to the goal in mind and failure becomes more likely, problems multiply, obstacles appear.

So what does astrology say about this moment of time, in the context of gun control? “After watching the deranged, delusional National Rifle Association press conference on Friday (December 21, 2012), it was clear that the Mayan Prophecy had come true. Except the only world that was ending was the NRA’s.” (2) The words are from Emmy award winning filmmaker Michael Moore, but they may as well be from the stars of the celestial, rather than the earthly kind, for astrology agrees.

We begin with the birth chart of the National Rifle Association. Founded on November 17, 1871 in Fairfax, Virginia by General Wood Wingate, William Conant Church, and General Ambrose Burnside (from whom we get the word “sideburns,” after his iconic style of facial hair), its purpose was to improve the quality of marksmanship among the general populace. (3) “Out of ten soldiers who are perfect in drill and manual of arms, only one knows the purpose of sights on his gun or can hit the broadside of a barn,” lamented Burnside.

NRA, natal sunrise

NRA, aspectarian

With Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius, the original stated mission of the NRA is well represented: Sun in Scorpio is concerned with right use of power; Moon in Aquarius wants to nurture large groups of people, such as the citizenry. Even more directly reflective of a desire to foster good marksmen is the near exact alignment of Mars and Saturn. Situated at 7° Capricorn, this pair also aligns with Facies, the nebulae in front of the face of Sagittarius the Archer. (4) Fixed star expert Bernadette Brady connects this star with “the penetrating stare of a lethal weapon.” (5) In less aggressive mode, this nebulae is about choosing our aim or focus. It perfectly describes an organization originally formed to upgrade its members’ marksmanship.

Just as weaknesses can become strengths if we work on them, our strengths can turn into weakness if we lean on them too much. Sun Scorpio/Moon Aquarius is a combination that can believe in using intimidation in the name of freedom and independence. Taken to extremes, independence becomes willful rebelliousness for rebelliousness’ sake. Even the Founding Fathers believed in law and order, and “instituted gun laws so intrusive that, were they running for office today, the NRA would not endorse them.” (6)

This Sun-Moon combination also fits an organization that, at its lunatic fringe (which lately never seems far from its center), says the government can have its guns when they pry them from their cold, dead fingers. (Sun in Scorpio rules threats, paranoia, and — it must be said — killing; Moon in Aquarius is an emotionally rebellious position).

The December Full Moon, occurring two weeks after the Sandy Hook tragedy, aligns to exact degree with the NRA’s Mars-Saturn conjunction.

NRA & Dec Full Moon

When a Full Moon aligns with our Mars, our goals — or aggressiveness — will show; when aligned with Saturn, we see our willingness to acknowledge boundaries. If Facies is prominent in our chart and is highlighted by transit, we’re targeting something (focusing), or are in the cross hairs ourselves.

So, with the spotlight on the NRA, who do they trot out to voice their position? Spokesman and organization VP Wayne LaPierre, who himself was born with Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius!  (7) This Sun-Moon combination is shared by Charles Manson, but before we go too far with that, also Vivien Leigh. As “Scarlett,” in Gone With the Wind, Leigh vivaciously channeled the rebellious but indomitable spirit that is one of the best features of this planetary combination.

With the Full Moon indicating a need for good vision and wise aim, Mr. LaPierre proceeded to shoot himself and the NRA in the foot. His call for more guns, rather than fewer, in schools was wildly out of sync with public sentiment.

The December 2012 Full Moon, appearing so soon after Sandy Hook and so directly hitting the NRA’s chart, signaled that now is the time to push for change. Transit Saturn is now moving through Scorpio, asking for an increased sense of responsibility on the part of all who have important planets and points in this sign. The Uranus-Pluto square has the NRA’s Mars-Saturn and Venus in the cross hairs. The NRA is feeling no love from the powers that be. Change is in the stars, and the NRA can either be part of the solution or find itself struggling to remain relevant as the laws of the land and the will of the people move forward without them.


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Bio: Trish Marie is an “astrologer with a bicycle.” Please leave a comment here, or contact her through her website: Trish Marie Astrology.