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Taurus Full Moon Eclipse

We’ve arrived at the second eclipse season of the year, and it perfects as a partial lunar eclipse just after midnight on the west coast.

There is no way around the fact that this will further intensify conditions in the world.

There are tightening tensions with China and Australia regarding Taiwan; inflation is beginning to make itself known; supply chain related food shortages are common news, and there appears to be no end in sight to the pandemic.

We are just about three months away from the US Pluto return, and entering winter in the northern hemisphere where energy shortages will affect the US, China, and Canada who all will be competing for the same resources.

The eclipse is on the Taurus-Scorpio axis which highlights natural resources and the life/death cycles of existence.

Jupiter in Aquarius sits at the bending of the Nodes, suggesting that if we have a problem we might make it larger as a way to see it more clearly and find innovative solutions.

Pluto is also chiming in on this eclipsing lunation, letting us know that more structures and systems will be tumbling down before we can begin to rebuild.

It’s time to make things really simple.

We can anticipate further inflation, so best to make do with what we have. Select wisely when you buy now, perhaps focusing on food storage, or what is beautiful or useful.

Venus trine Uranus says it’s time to upgrade our values and our money system. Priorities change out of necessity at a time like this, so try to get ahead of the curve rather than putting your head in the sand.

Please consider not having all your money in the fiat currency of your country; investing in tangible precious metals, not just paper stocks, might be a good idea.

The axis of this eclipsing Full Moon is ruled by Mars and Venus. Mars is very strong in his Scorpio domicile and Venus is preparing to make her retrograde passage.

Stay connected to your body, keep it strong and fine-tuned to feel good, derive pleasure, and to connect with others in appropriate ways.

Bio: As an international consulting astrologer, Paetra has helped hundreds of clients synchronize their lives to cosmic cycles, and live with greater harmony and understanding. She is a contributing columnist to The Mountain Astrologer magazine and a part of the editorial team. She was certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer through Maurice Fernandez in 2017, was voted Most Promising New Astrologer at the i-Astrologer Conference in 2018, completed Fundamentals of Astrology, with Austin Coppock in 2019, and in 2021 completed the Practitioners Level Horary Course from the School of Traditional Astrology in London. Paetra has a background in holistic healthcare and all things plants, which she brings into her consultations. She teaches astro-botanical illustration classes, using art and astrology, and teaches a year-long class called the Wheel of the Year, blending astrology, herbalism, and heirloom magic.
Paetra Tauchert Astrologer

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  1. Thank you Paetra for your article!

    The NASA is also telling us that this eclipse will send 99,1 % of the Moon visibility in the shadow in North East Asia, Polynesia and East of Australia, but not in Europe or Africa.
    The Eclipse, with the Sun over the MC of China, although partial, will last 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds, the longest since February 18, 1440 which lasted 23 seconds more.

    Not sure if this means anything but the Moon will take a red tint due to the Earth atmosphere deviating the red rays of the Sun towards the interior of its shadowy cone. Maybe the Ancients would have an aphorism on this!


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