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Terror in Mumbai

Here is the the mundane horoscope for the City of Mumbai (when its name changed from Bombay), cast for  August 12, 1996 at midnight:


Mumbai has a very rare fallen Cardinal T-Cross comprised of the opposition of Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn and each in square to a fallen Saturn in Aries. This aspect configuration can only form once in a century. Just the fallen opposition of Mars and Jupiter alone is considered quite malefic and an aspect such as this occurred in December 1913 at the outbreak of World War I.

This severe debilitation of Jupiter in the mundane horoscope produces an effect wherein the transit of Jupiter can bring the results equivalent to a transiting malefic.

One observes that transit Jupiter opposed the Mumbai Moon (ruling hotels and restaurants) as the terrorist attacks commenced (9:30 PM local time; 16:00 GMT on 26 November 2008).

One sees that at the incorporation of Mumbai, Pluto was stationary in 00° Sagittarius. When Muslim extremists launched their terrorist attacks, Pluto was in 29° 59’ 59″ Sagittarius. On the last day of Pluto in Sagittarius (religious extremism and violence committed in the name of religion), it is ironic that a city incorporated at the ingress of Pluto into Sagittarius should have the fate to be attacked as Pluto finally leaves this sign.


  1. Thanks, Robert.
    These charts are an amazing bookend to Pluto in Sag.

  2. Interesting post. I do not think however that the chart you have used show the extent of the violence, the bombs, and the explosions….

    I feel the chart of the Independence of India as well as the chart of the Proclamation of the Republic of India reflect both quite well the event itself.

    By the way, the attacks didn’t only just take place in a restaurant/hotel, but also in a railway station, a cafe and a charitable hospital for women and children.

  3. Thanks for these insights, Robert.
    Good to read you on this blog.
    One thing I noticed is that the the attacks started just an hour or so before the Moon entered sidereal Scorpio and ended about the time the Moon left sidereal Scorpio. Sun, Mercury, and Mars were, of course, also in sidereal Scorpio.

  4. I noticed that Mars is out of bounds in the chart for Mumbai. Also, I would put less importance on Pluto at the end of Sagittarius (juxtaposed to its natal position at 0 degrees) and think of it in terms of the fact that transiting Pluto is about a degree off the natal Uranus-Pluto midpoint (and still perfecting).

    There seem to be more hits to the chart cast for the 1950 self-proclaimed (and elected) chart for India’s independence. Strikingly, the progressed Sun is exactly on the ASC to the minute! Uranus is exactly opposing the natal Saturn, while India is also very close to its Saturn return in this chart. Pluto nears the natal MC while opposing natal Uranus on the IC.

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