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A Thanksgiving Feast of Astro-Links from TMA

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As an early start to this week’s collection of blog and video links (posted as the Moon in Sag applies to conjunct Mercury), here is an uplifting 15-minute video from Pam Gregory on New Moon in Scorpio (November 18). She speaks to the upcoming Jupiter trine Neptune, in effect through summer 2018.

Christina Rodenbeck, The Oxford Astrologer, addresses a current situation in #metoo: Emotional Insight. She writes: “Jupiter in Scorpio, working smoothly with both Neptune and Pluto, does more than just reveal the turgid secrets of the past. Two heavy-duty, ‘collective’ planets in water create a wave of emotional understanding — and Pluto provides insight. This is how the silence around sexual harassment was broken. Not everyone suddenly ‘gets it’, but a lot of people do. This is about a collective sense of empathy. There has been a collective shift in the idea of what is acceptable behavior.”

Barry Goddard of Astrotabletalk, looks at the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction “from a different angle” than a previous entry. Posted on November 14, Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn: 1518 and 2020 includes this thought: “If we look at the Saturn Pluto conjunctions of 1518 and 2020, they both have the Sun at 21/22 Capricorn. This suggests a connection between the two conjunctions, and that the successful opposition to entrenched establishment – in that case the multinational church – could, in 2020, see the beginning of a successful movement against multinational companies whose only interest, like the church at the time, is themselves.”

Stepping back to the bigger picture, here’s a post from last year by Australian astrologer Paola Emma at Living Moon Astrology: More than ever relevant today: the spiritual function of Neptune in Pisces, 2011 to 2025, striving for unity in a divided world. In a section called “the present era of Neptune in Pisces,” she writes: “Outlasting many other transits that preoccupy astrologers at the present time, this influence gives us real hope that we will be guided toward greater spiritual unity in the next decade and beyond. The fate of the planet, I feel, depends very much on the way we will be able to embrace Neptune in Pisces, avoiding its downside of extreme passivity and escapism.”

The Iran Nuclear Deal by SkyReader Sherry looks at the deal announced in June 2015. “The mundane chart of the Nuclear Deal is contentious to say the least. It has a grand square in cardinal signs which signifies constant friction and obstacles to its effectiveness.” She includes charts for Trump and the Republic of Iran (1979).

And here’s Steven Forrest on Jupiter Enters Scorpio (posted on September 30, 2017). “What will Jupiter in Scorpio mean for you personally? Well, we know you are soon scheduled to “have a long talk with yourself” about what you really need and what you really, truly feel – that’s Scorpio.”

Here is Barbara Goldsmith on Jupiter into Scorpio: Oct 2017 – Nov 2018: Soul Relationships

Chani Nicholas adds layers of detail in her Horoscopes for Jupiter in Scorpio: October 2017 – November 2018.

Away from current events, here are some perennial articles:

Richard Fidler has a series of instructive videos, “….a humble offering to astro-pilgrims.” Here is Part 1, Advanced Astrology…for beginners: a crash course in practical astrology (1 hour 50 minute).

If you have the inclination, here is a video series of hard-to-find material: Astrosophy and How to Read Birth Charts 2015, by Brian Gray, former Director of the Foundation Program in Anthroposophy at Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA. Here is the first lecture (1 hour 50 minutes); lectures 2, 3 and 4 follow.

Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology has many short (under 10 minutes) videos. Here’s a sample:
Magic: From Fear to Joy
Picatrix: Secrets of Ancient Magic
How Do Astrology and Magic Work?
(Warnock discusses “three traditional ways of explaining how astrology and astrological magic work: direct causality, the Unity of the Cosmos and magical/spiritual personalities.”)

Barbara Goldsmith has a very active You Tube channel.

Here she is on Critical Degrees in Astrology: How they affect YOU. (9 minutes).

Erin Sullivan, author of The Astrology of Family Dynamics, has a presentation at the Evolutionary Astrology You Tube channel called Family Dynamics – the 12th House – the Ancestral Lineage (posted in August 2017). In this 1-hour talk, Erin includes current research into epigenetics.

(Readers may also enjoy Erin’s classic lectures on The Planets, The Signs and The Houses – recorded in 1995 and available online since 2015.)

Also at the Evolutionary Astrology channel, Boaz Fyler (a student of Maurice Fernandez) teaches on The Death Chart.

There are many timeless articles at Seven Stars Astrology: Ancient Hellenistic and Persian Astrology in Practice. Readers can start with Twelve Easy Lessons for Absolute Beginners, “a quick and dirty introduction to pre-Medieval ancient astrology.”

Those familiar with the basics might go to the four-part series on Astrology Predictive Techniques. Here is 1: Profections Intro.

(Some readers will go straight to 4: Profections in the Style of Vettius Valens.)

Okay, that should keep us busy for a while.

May all U.S. readers have a good Thanksgiving holiday and everyone, everywhere, have a blessed week in all ways possible.