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The 2013 Inaugural

Sunday was very clear in southern Oregon and the first quarter Moon perfectly visible in the day sky.

I was sitting outside my door, in the cold air and warm sun with my cat and a cup of tea, as I began to think about the inaugural chart.

As others have noted, Mars is prominent in the inaugural chart, and thinking about sect, i.e., noticing the difference in a day or night time chart, makes it even more so. (All the charts herein are with whole sign houses. This one is set for 11:55 a.m.)

2013 chart

In a day chart, Mars (in sect at night) is the more problematic of the malefics, whereas Saturn is potentially more helpful. And, during the day, Jupiter is the more helpful of the benefics, while Venus’s gifts may wane. (1)

Mars is very strong in the chart by other measures: it is angular; receiving a square from the 1st-house Moon, and exactly semi-square to Uranus. Mars rules the 7th house (Aries on the cusp) and the 12th house (Scorpio) — the houses of open (7th) and secret (12th) adversaries.

Mars at 20° Aquarius is also very close to Obama’s natal Ascendant at 18°02’ Aquarius.

The Moon in Taurus, applying to square Mars, is also exactly semi-square (45°) to Uranus in Aries. (This means that Uranus is on the Moon-Mars midpoint.) The Moon will precisely square Mars by secondary progression in early February.

The Moon is also powerfully placed; it is both exalted by sign and rising in the chart. The Moon signifies the public, the people.

The Moon in Taurus and the Ascendant ruler, Venus, with Pluto in Capricorn in the 9th, show that basic survival needs, the distribution of goods, trade, and financial matters are the predominant themes.

The volatility of the Moon, Mars, and Uranus tightly connected is well on display in the current contentious debates on gun safety and the debt, and the separatist impulse that has led citizens in 21 states to file for succession from the U.S. (2) These are some of the crosscurrents of the immediate political landscape.

Many have noted that political divisiveness and haggling over the deficit are taking precedence over addressing the financial and social issues that are imperative for the good of the country. Job creation, equitable distribution of opportunity, narrowing the income disparity, crumbling infrastructures, and countless other social needs are being overlooked in the national conversation as the mania over the debt has taken center stage.

I’m sure we all remember the long-term transit of Pluto opposite the U.S. Cancer planets in the background of these issues. (3)

A more poetic and optimistic view of the symbolism of the exalted Moon is that the overall public good becomes a significant part of the national conversation. We the People are passionate about prevailing for the common good. In many areas I see this is true.

The solar eclipse on May 10 at 19°31’ Taurus is exactly on the inaugural Moon. This is important symbolically. I’m sure we will see manifestations — in all directions — of a further empowered and impassioned national mood.

Moon is exalted in Taurus and on the Ascendant — the people are both in a strong position and agitated. I listened to commentators on Chris Hayes’ Sunday talk show discuss how the elation (in many) after Obama’s first inaugural led to a relaxation in his supporters in pushing a more progressive agenda, and that that won’t happen again. The notion that socially progressive activists are organized, focused, and ready to keep at it is another view of Uranus on the Moon-Mars midpoint in the inaugural chart.

The Midheaven in the inaugural chart is 25° Capricorn conjunct the President’s natal Saturn, the chart ruler of Aquarius rising, at 25°19’ Capricorn in the 12th (whole sign) house. (This was true in the 2009 inaugural chart as well.)  An obvious note is that the responsibilities have aged him. (4)

Michelle Obama’s sunrise Sun is 26°27’ Capricorn and her Moon is 27° Aquarius, conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon and her husband’s south node.

2013 chart

New haircut and all, she is both hugely popular with the public and an inner anchor for him.

Although Jupiter is now in detriment by sign, it is moving very slowly and in the degree of its direct station on January 30. If we consider that Jupiter is in sect in a day chart, its potential gifts are strengthened.

The chart for noon for the public inauguration today has the Moon in Gemini, closely approaching the President’s natal Moon at 3°21 Gemini. (This chart is set for 11:51 a.m., the time I noted as he took the oath.)

2013 chart

The midpoint of transiting Moon and Jupiter will be at 3°56’ Gemini. Jupiter is looking back to the Moon, surely an omen of protection and support, and maybe even of a stirring second inaugural address.


(1) See Chris Brennan’s blog for an explanation of sect.


(3) Transiting Pluto first opposed Venus at 3°06’ Cancer in 2009 -10; Pluto next opposed the Sibly chart ruler, Jupiter, at 5°56’ throughout 2011, and is fast approaching five partile oppositions to the Sun at 13°19’ in 2014-15, and then on to Mercury at 24°11’ in 2020, and the Pluto return in 2022. The upheaval within and without, the demolishing and resurrecting of the U.S. national psyche, is well under way.

(4) Maybe we can see transiting Neptune’s trine to the president’s natal Venus (1°47’ Cancer) in the very relaxed official 2013 Inaugural portrait.


  1. The problem with the Moon position is the transiting south node indicating diminishment. This could symbolize a once powerful nation coming to its knees. Mars has the upper hand (and also in superior position).

    However, since the king was never out of power, I think the 2009 inaugural chart still stands. Mars is currently transiting the 10th house of that chart.

    • Thanks, Curtis for the comment..I do see the SN as loss…and Mars superior too..

      (I tend to put a positive spin just to keep all neuropathways of possibility open..)

      I’m enjoying watching the president and Michelle walking in the sunshine in the parade now..his lunar return quite on display..

  2. Hi Mary, I am not an astrologer, but I have enjoyed reading the Mountain Astrologer for over a decade! We are from Detroit and have lived in Southern Oregon since 1999, finally settling down in Ashland in 2006. Just wanted to give a shout out to another “Oregonian”.
    Thanks for your insightful and interesting posts and articles and hope to see you around town sometime

    • Hello Diane,

      Thank you for the comment..and yes, Ashland is quite small, we are bound to see one another somewhere..


  3. Hi, Mary…while the south node in Taurus is “diminishing”, let’s not overlook the Ascendant, the intended outcome, also in Taurus with a North Node in Scorpio in the 7th house of partnership. President Obama isn’t going at this alone…he’s in partnership with the people,and there is a lot of feeling involved, including Venus/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (feeling grounded and manifesting).

  4. The last Lunar Eclipse at the end of November keeps troubling me- at 7 degrees Gemini- darkening (?) Obama’s Moon. I see changes coming for Michelle possibly. But mostly your analysis has me feeling hopeful- I can’t help feeling the next four years have to be a little easier for the President.

    • Hi Carl and Jo,

      Thanks for the observations, interesting and valid of course…

      I take the view that there are many layers of meaning and interpretation is any chart, especially such a complex beast as a national horoscope…

      I like to tease out a story line that encourages my own participation
      in a positive way..the notion of propitiating the gods, so to speak, as per Ficino..

      Finding a way to actively be part of the unfolding of the destiny in the horoscope…I’m not feeling very eloquent at this moment, but do you catch my drift?

      Thanks again for joining the conversation..

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