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The 2014 Conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Capricorn

“Chronos is time at her worst. …Chronos is the world’s time.
Kairos is time at her best. …Kairos is Spirit’s time.
We exist in Chronos. We long for Kairos. That’s our duality.”
Sarah Ban Breathnach (1)

In the course of the 19-month visual (or synodic) cycle of Venus with the Sun, Venus makes two conjunctions with the Sun. The conjunction of Venus with the Sun while Venus is in retrograde motion is known as the interior, or inferior, conjunction, as Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun. The conjunction of Venus with the Sun while Venus is in direct motion is known as the exterior, or superior, conjunction, as Venus passes on the other side of the Sun from the Earth. These two conjunctions happen about nine-and-a-half months apart.

The charts for these conjunctions are quite revealing when applied to a personal horoscope. The natal sign and house where any transit Sun-Venus conjunction occurs is often a clear focus of Venusian activity for the subsequent nine months. I have also found that when a transit Sun-Venus conjunction conjoins a natal planet, the nature of the person’s experience of that planet undergoes a profound shift. Finally, I’ve noticed that it is valuable to look at the whole chart of the conjunction to discern the contributions from the rest of the planetary pantheon on the conjunction itself.

Rather than a fleeting transit of a day or two in duration, when viewed through a synodic lens the influence of this Sun-Venus conjunction can be seen to last for nine months, until the next conjunction of the Sun and Venus. In this way, the Sun-Venus conjunction chart also functions as a mundane forecasting tool. For instance, in my blog for TMA last April, I diagnosed the chart of the Sun-Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries to be largely about polarity, showing the need for “devils to tear down the ivory tower of Plutocracy, but also to rebuild a new world.” I also pointed out that the two yods in the chart for the conjunction were the most significant features. (2) A few months later, along comes Edward Snowden, a young man to whom these “fingers of God” were clearly pointing, with their apex points being conjunct his Ascendant and Moon.

So what do the next nine months have in store for us, in terms of the awareness (Sun) of Venusian qualities, like our ethics, aesthetics, and social ties? Or, as Alexander Ruperti wrote, what does this chart tell us about the necessary examination of “the cost of ones desires and all previously assumed values” that it portends? (3) Here is the chart of the Sun-Venus conjunction of January 11, 2014 (drawn below for the U.S. capital).

With the Sun-Venus conjunction rising over Washington D.C., I believe this indicates that our nation needs to do the soul searching and self-examination that Ruperti tells us is the real gift of this alignment. This is not a big surprise, given the shock waves of the massive spying efforts that were revealed under the previous conjunction. Still, it is a hopeful sign that the evaluation of “the cost of ones desires and all previously assumed values” may actually happen.

What will this examination/evaluation look like? The other notable aspects in this chart are a very close sextile of an 11th-house Saturn to Sun-Venus-ASC and a very close square of Vesta in the 10th to Sun-Venus-ASC. Let’s take a look at these separately and then see what they may mean together.

In a mundane chart, the 11th house is primarily about Congress and legislation. By extension, it also represents friends of the nation, i.e., other nations with which Congress forms treaties. Deborah Houlding says that Saturn in a mundane chart represents “public sorrow and disappointment.” (4) Again, there are no surprises here, as Congressional approval has recently hit all-time lows, plummeting into the single digits. (5) However, Saturn is also traditionally associated with elders and authority figures, so Saturn in the 11th could signify congressional leaders and/or the leaders of foreign countries whom we consider our allies. Being a sextile, this could suggest that pressure (Saturn) from Congress and/or foreign dignitaries (11th) could be helpful in producing tangible action and results.

Saturn in the 11th sextile the Ascendant could also signify historic legislation. On my public Facebook page for my Goddess Astrology podcast, I recently mentioned that Venus stationed retrograde on the day of the winter solstice. (6) The last time Venus did this was in 1762. The following year saw the Treaty of Paris, signed on February 10, 1763, just after Venus stationed direct on February 1. This was a major international treaty that not only ended the French and Indian/Seven Years War but saw France cede Canada (New France) to Great Britain. Possible correlates in the current Gestalt are the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as perhaps a ground-breaking treaty putting limits on new technologies, such as drones, spying, and data-mining.

In this chart Saturn is actually the helpful news, with the challenge being the square to Saturn from Vesta, Goddess of the sacred flame. Vesta represents the principles of focus and sacred-making. In the Thema Mundi, the square is given the nature of Mars, that is to say, separative or “dry,” in the Aristotelian sense of the word. (7) So, the square from Vesta represents a challenge to separate the wheat from the chaff and bring into focus that which really matters, that which is essential to life. Remember, the shelf life of this chart is only nine months, and only so much can be accomplished in that time. What is most important? Will we deal with the real issues and make them a priority or continue to be distracted by the “sacred cows” of various minority groups?

On a personal level, I think the challenge this conjunction brings for each of us over the next nine months is to find a way to experience Sacred (Vesta) Time (Saturn). Kairos is the Greek word for the concept of sacred time. While Chronos is quantitative, the sense of how much time we have, Kairos is qualitative, the sense of a sacred or special experience of time. Simply put, Kairos is quality time. So this chart begs each of us to examine the question: when, how, where, and how much are we “doing time” in our lives versus experiencing quality time? If there is an imbalance, it is our responsibility to reduce the excessive and increase the deficient. If we can first hold the tension of these opposites without being reactive, we can gradually bring them together over the next nine months. Like the master in Verse 77 of the Tao, we can thus “string the bow of our lives.” (8) By bringing our lives into accord with the Way of Heaven, we can make them capable of great things.

This may sound very idealistic, but a big part of my practice involves providing people with the practical tools to manifest the ideal into reality. One of these tools is the free Goddess Astrology Podcast. (9) On the next show, I’ll be talking quite a bit more about this Sun-Venus conjunction chart from a personal standpoint. Judging from the reviews on iTunes, many people find it quite helpful. TMA readers are invited to tune in for free! Also, I provide my subscribers with many more tools, including monthly special reports and extended podcasts on the progress of the Venus cycle via the lunar conjunctions. These reports provide astronomical, mythological, and sociological metaphors with which to understand the current alignments, as well as journaling questions designed to provoke insight into how the processes are manifesting in your life. (10) No matter how one may decide to personally engage with it, my experience has shown me that many people find great value in, and transformative experience through, following the Sun-Venus cycle. May the next nine months provide the sincere seeker with the experience of Kairos and all the quality time they deserve!

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(10) Interested readers can check out all the reports and podcasts for the previous nine-month cycle at the link below to see if a subscription may be of interest. Venus Aries ES 2013

Recommended Reading:

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Bio: Gary P. Caton is an eclectic Astrologer who embraces an organic, process-oriented approach of spiritual exploration via the Living Sky. Gary has studied Spirituality for over 24 years. After exploring Shamanism and the Tarot, in 1993 his life was changed by a magnificent Dream where he was shown planetary alignments and became an Astrologer. Gary earned a degree in Counseling with highest honors and has developed a unique multi-discipline path to practicing Astrology over 20 years. Visit Gary at his website Dream Astrologer


  1. Thanks Gary, I will keep this chart handy as the Sun-Venus-Asc. forms a grand trine with my Virgo Neptune and Taurus Uranus. I’m wondering if the Moon trine Mercury might portend an increase in favorability (value/Taurus Moon)for government (Capricorn) in the poll numbers (Mercury) during the coming 9 months.

  2. Excellent interpretation. Insightful, and practical, and affords a broader and more long-range view of how aspects and transits affect. Written in a manner that makes this information accessible to many. I love how you relate this to the heroic journey.

  3. Excellent article. Thank you for sharing about Saturn so we can have a heads up on how to handle our Task Master. I also appreciate some other places to investigate further information.

  4. My Sun is located at 21 Capricorn and natally it trines Jupiter in 21 Taurus. Well now I have this strange Sun-Venus conjunction on my Sun. Saturn at 21 Scorpio now opposes my Jupiter. Are we talking about my taking Profit from other people this year? Saturn sextiling Sun/Sun+Venus yet opposing Jupiter (Saturn is saying that due to amount of work I cannot continue my education ?) I am curious if the opposition to Jupiter is good for my money or not? Just FYI , Jupiter is the ruler my 9th house in Radix. It looks like either education or law suits won’t go well whilst a lot of work (Saturn) in my 8 house sextiling Sun/Sun+Venus is promising good work pay offs. Looking at June and my Jupiter is taking up more hits – a square from the Sun and Mercury. Then by December of the 2014 I have Jupiter square Jupiter. To think of this year (Jupiter sextile Jupiter) and I had to take a lot of educational courses. I can’t say I got rich this year. So Jupiter for me is an education (can’t say I travelled) and also success in publishing. So should I be afraid of this transit? It seems very personal. The Venus and The Sun are giving me their personal attention. What is this about???

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