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The Aries Point: It’s All About Me

Saturday night I had a restless sleep, as I’m learning many others did as well. There was a triple conjunction — the Moon and Jupiter moved into Aries within an hour of each other and conjoined the rebel-rousing, agitating, unnerving Uranus.

I was anxious because I had been (surprisingly) asked to speak at the Unity Church service here in Ashland on Sunday morning. The pastor, Norma Nakai Burton, was speaking on the 11th century mystic, Hildegard of Bingen. Having a keen appreciation of astrology, she asked me to address the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction briefly.

I did it. It was a stretch. I work mostly alone, or with people one-on-one and in small groups. But with the stirring energy of the Aries planets overhead, I said “yes” to the invitation to try to capture a bit of the zeitgeist for this community.

Once I relaxed a bit (with the help of Rescue Remedy and lavender oil), I was able to just let the words come. And, surprise, it was fun. It was a deep pleasure to speak the language of the stars to a new group. We astrologers do have something to say that is helpful — especially now, when our faith (Jupiter) in the future (Uranus) may need polishing.

So, dear friends, if I can step out of my self-image and try on a radically (Uranus) bigger (Jupiter) new identity (Aries), trust me, you can too.

I also had a giggle on the phone today with my 5-year old granddaughter.  Since she is a Cancer rising, with her progressed Midheaven at 3º Aries, and the progressed Moon at 0º30’ Aries, I figured she’d be a direct conduit for some Aries Point activity. I wasn’t disappointed. She has just decided what she wants to be when she grows up: “A baby-sitter, an ice cream scooper, a ballerina, and a cowgirl.”

May we all listen to our wildest dreams and let our imaginations guide us toward the best possible outcome as we steal a bit of fire from the gods to help carry us all onwards and upwards.