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The Birth of Venus (and Mars)

Venus–Mars aspects, especially the conjunction, are one of the most powerful alignments we encounter.

Together, Venus and Mars generate enormous stores of creative energy. This is confirmed by the integral relationship that exists between their associated metals, copper (Venus) and iron (Mars). Together, these metals interact to create magnetism and electricity, and power our machines. In fact, everything about the relationship of copper and iron mirrors their interplay as planets and as symbols. As feminine and masculine principles, Venus and Mars fuel the love and passion that creates life on Earth.

There is no pattern to consecutive Venus–Mars conjunctions — they can occur several weeks apart, a few months, or up to a maximum of 23 months apart. In order to understand their rhythmic dance, you have to look to their 32-year cycle to glimpse its beauty and significance. (1)

Each Venus–Mars conjunction is part of a series of conjunctions that move along the zodiac by degree increments. Similar to the Saros cycle, these cycles have a start, a middle, and an end. Some conjunctions dance through the zodiac in direct motion, while others travel retrograde.

Appropriately, when a new series of conjunctions are born, they emerge in pairs, with two conjunctions spaced a few weeks apart. New cycles commence when Venus and Mars unite, shortly after Venus stations direct in the morning sky. In fact, her station direct is her signal for a new relationship with Mars to commence. In the middle of a series, there is a Venus–Mars–Sun conjunction. The last conjunction in a series happens just before Venus stations retrograde, when she is the evening star. At every stage of every 32-year cycle, Venus is calling the shots.

Venus represents our values and personal preferences, which are the basis of our relationships. What do we have in common with others? How much are we willing to compromise? Venus informs many of our key decisions. In a wider context, the 32-year cycle of Venus and Mars speaks to our social values and the collective actions that arise from them.

Significantly, in early 2022, we witness the birth of a new series of Venus–Mars conjunctions. This is the fourth pair of new cycles in the current group of five, which spans the years 1964–2034. The group of five new pairs (ten conjunctions) that were born prior to this, spanned the years 1665–1736, so it’s clear that these are rare stellar events.

The first pair of new conjunctions in our modern era happened in July and August 1964. The short interval between these conjunctions, without a conjunction having taken place 32 years prior to either of them at a similar zodiac degree, is how we recognise that a new series has commenced.

The sixties saw a huge surge in creativity and rapid social change. Of course, this was a revolutionary time, due to the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in 1966, but Venus and Mars played key roles as well. This was not just a time of political revolution, but society was being transformed by a groundswell of social change and an outpouring of creativity. These two conjunctions were in Gemini and Cancer. People suddenly felt free to communicate their sexual preferences. Topics that were previously taboo, were now spoken about openly. The contraceptive pill changed the role of women, who no longer felt their place was only in the home. Relationships took on a new freedom. Music and art flourished.

The second pair of new conjunctions was in 1977, in Aries and Taurus. Once again, we witnessed a rapid escalation of social change. The sexual revolution was in full swing and the counterculture of the ’60s took on a new, renewed vitality. New music styles — disco, punk, and heavy metal — swept the world.

In 1983, the third pair of new conjunctions, now in Leo and Virgo, ramped up the speed of social change once again, with the growing impact of computer technology in the workplace. The sexually transmitted disease AIDS was identified, and the first clinic to treat the disease was established in San Francisco. Also notable, Australia won the America’s Cup in September 1983, just as the new Leo cycle began on September 19. This was the first time any country besides the US had won. It was a euphoric time of celebration and a dramatic energy shift.

No new cycles have been born since then until now — the fourth new pair of conjunctions in the current group of five commences in February 2022. The first of these conjunctions is on February 17, 2022, at 16°53’ Capricorn. We can expect a major shift in the role that government plays in society, especially where inequality and gender bias still exist. This is just one possible area where a groundswell of public opinion may bring about social change. The second Venus–Mars conjunction will take place on March 6, 2022, at precisely 00°01’ Aquarius — the very gateway to Aquarius.

The December 2020 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was right at this gateway as well — at 0°29’ Aquarius. This conjunction foreshadows the social and political restructuring that will likely unfold over the coming 20 years. Future technologies will emerge that will, no doubt, alter our collective trajectory. The influx of Aquarian energy will also shift our thinking — humans might start to recognise that we are all part of a global community. As we face the impacts of climate change, the survival of life on our planet will be determined by our individual and collective actions.

Before we know it, Pluto too will cross into Aquarius (2023–24). New scientific discoveries (Aquarius) that revolutionise powerful institutions and economic systems (Pluto) are set to transform our world. Widespread social change generally comes about due to “people power.” These conjunctions of Venus–Mars in Capricorn and Aquarius are likely to do just that.

It seems we are about to open a portal of Aquarian influence that will infuse us personally and collectively with a potent and progressive agenda. Coming just twelve months before Pluto shifts into Aquarius, and with Saturn also in the sign of the water-bearer, this surge of Aquarian energy is set to transform many of our social systems.

These new cycles of Venus–Mars will stimulate the voice of people who know it is time for dramatic and comprehensive change. Aquarius, with its progressive attitudes and humanitarian themes, is focused on the future.

While it appears that we are still in the midst of this tumultuous pandemic for some time to come, I personally feel confident that these new cycles of Venus and Mars herald a positive surge in creative output and offer us significant opportunities in 2022 and beyond.


(1) In my 2012 book, The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars, I examine the 32-year cycle of the celestial lovers as their conjunctions step along the zodiac. When I first undertook this research in 2008, I was fascinated to discover the amazing scope and pattern that Venus and Mars create as they rendezvous every 32 years, and as that pattern unfolds through time over thousands of years.


Michele Finey is an astrologer, author, and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Since the 1980s her feature articles have appeared in a range of international astrological journals and magazines. Her work includes Solar Fire’s Health and Wellbeing Report. Her first two books are Secrets of the Zodiac (2009) and The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars (2012), available here. Her latest book, released in 2022, is The Test of Time: Exploring Stationary Planets. Michele produces a comprehensive 32-page annual astrology calendar that can be purchased at her website. For more than 14 years, she has written a free monthly astrology newsletter INsight. Visit her website to subscribe.



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