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The Dynamic August 18th New Moon

The New Moon happens at 26°35’ Leo on the 18th at 7:41 p.m. PST and 3:41 a.m. UK time on the 19th. See where this new beginning falls in your chart and don’t forget to set an intention for what you want to manifest, as described by the house area in your natal chart where it falls.

This New Moon has very dynamic energy, with six planets in Cardinal signs (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and Chiron, Mars, and Eris in Aries) and six in Fire (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo; and Mars, Chiron, and Eris in Aries). This is powerful, outward-directed energy, and is emphasised by the very tight squares with Mars and Eris, exactly conjunct within 25’, while squaring the Capricorn planets. Pluto is at the midpoint of Jupiter and Saturn, throwing its symbolism into high relief. So issues of power by leaders and governments will be very apparent at this time, while being challenged by those on the street. Aries represents the power of the individual, the need to be free and independent, and Pluto is the (often invisible) power of the state, the government. Pluto tightly conjunct Saturn suggests the exercise of more control, and this conjunction is being expanded by Jupiter in the same sign. The Sun and Moon are also within 3’ of an exact quincunx to Saturn, emphasising the increased ‘rules and regulations’ at the time — more ‘law and order’. It will meet resistance, which is part of the process of breakdown that allows a breakthrough to something better.

Remember that the dwarf planet Haumea — linked to the goddess of fertility, birth, and rebirth of humanity and nature — is at 25° Libra, so Haumea is forming a long-running t-square with the Aries and Capricorn planets, and promises a much better world where nature can be regenerated.

There is actually a grand fire trine at this New Moon, with the Sun and Moon at 26° Leo in trine to the Mars–Eris conjunction and the South Node at the Galactic Center (27° Sagittarius). When in combination, they can bring up our passion and a strong sense of self. Remember that the Galactic Centre represents the Creator energy that brings in the new, so this Grand Trine has a sense of optimism and passion about it and can help us to feel empowered. Leo energy is also highly creative, and, like Mars in Aries, it represents leadership energy. In addition to that, the Sun, Moon, and Mercury here are conjunct the Royal Star Regulus, symbol of kingship. We may be very focused on what good leadership represents at this time. Can we be a leader in whatever we’re doing, and have that sense of strength and inner power, whatever the outer circumstances? This is a time when we are being called up to “walk our talk”, to really put any spiritual practice to everyday use.

Leo is also linked to heart energy and ‘letting our unique light shine’. The heart is incredibly important, not only in our physiology, but in creating our future. Did you know that the electrical field of the heart is 60 times greater in amplitude than that of the brain, and that the heart sends much more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart? Intuitive knowing is the function of the heart, and the HeartMath Institute states that: “the heart plays a role in intuition by accessing an information field outside the bounds of spacetime.” Wow!

It’s vital that we avoid negative emotions, not only because they cause long-term damage to the physical heart, but because that’s what we’re broadcasting to create our future. When in our negative emotions, we are operating in duality — our point of reference is external, and our energy is inevitably scattered, reactive, and incoherent. If we can achieve coherence in our hearts, this is the energy that is sent to the brain and to every single cell in our bodies, as well as being broadcast to the world. Remember that energy is infectious — we catch it from others. Coherent energy expands the heart’s electromagnetic field, and this can be easily measured. Moreover, when we come together in numbers with coherent heart energy, we can start to create a powerfully wonderful future for us all. There is much evidence of how this can work, but just to mention one project that I wrote about in my first book, the Global Coherence Project has various sensors around the world to measure the energy of ‘the field’ produced by the collective. Its purpose is “to unite millions of people worldwide in heart-focused care and intention, to help shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, co-operation, and enduring peace”. Check out all the evidence they have accumulated.

So how do we achieve heart coherence? Simply follow your breathing while imagining that your heart is your lung. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly in a relaxed way (no forcing), feeling gratitude/appreciation/compassion, which will change your biomarkers within minutes. Your cortisol levels and blood pressure drop and your physical rhythms all become more coherent. So it is the heart that is the initiator of our frequency, and the brain follows. The heart guides the brain. This simple breath work is so powerful, and it’s free anytime. We don’t have to go anywhere or learn anything. If we could all do this several times a day, we would feel a much greater sense of energetic connection globally, too.

In addition to that, many sensitive people who channel have said that the ‘chambers’ of our hearts are becoming activated and energised, which is allowing them to connect to higher dimensions in terms of frequency. That is very much supporting our evolution. The symbolic link of Leo to ‘letting your light shine’ can often be seen in people who have a natural radiance about them — their very state of being is palpable.

Many of us during these times of cracking foundations, extreme unpredictability of leaders and events, and the constant blizzard of information (what is true and what is not anyway?) can feel exhausted and destabilised. You may feel suspended between two worlds. It is so much simpler if you are able, in the torrent of events arriving at your door, to simply work energetically; to bring yourself back to dropping into your heart, focusing on your breathing, and imagining a column of white diamond, high-frequency light coming down through your crown chakra and bringing in new information, as the Earth passes through the Photon Belt. Our new future depends upon every one of US to create, and that’s why this is such a vitally important time to work on that focus, while resisting being swept along by outer events. This is about developing our mastery. The less I pay attention to the news media, the better I feel.

Forget the past, it is gone. Keep your focus on your frequency and this inner development will become so exciting. This is what we can all do to achieve Unity Consciousness — one global SuperOrganism, with one heart and one mind pulling a wonderful world from the quantum soup into manifestation. The speed at which this happens is the barometer for how we are all doing in this effort.

The chaos on the 3D level is also signaling a rare and powerful evolutionary portal over the next six months that will not always be here. It is up to us to take advantage of this period of accelerated evolution by working with our frequency constantly. So can this New Moon in Leo herald a new understanding of the importance of the heart, and of love? Can we set an intention to commit to new ‘heart habits’? At this fiery New Moon, can we become Trailblazers for Love on this Earth?

Blessings to you all.

“Our days are happier once we give others a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind”.


Bio: Pam Gregory is the author of two books, You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology Do You? and the best-selling How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe. She holds the Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies and achieved Highest Honours in Noel Tyl’s Master’s course. She has a thriving YouTube channel and a very busy client practice. You can subscribe to her monthly newsletter on any page of her website


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  1. Marvelous, as always, Pam. A beacon of wisdom and light to guide everyone’s path forward in crystalline heart energy.

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