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The Full Moon and Sandy

Our thoughts and prayers to all in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Most of my family is in New York so the weather reports are compelling to me personally, as well as observing the phenomena as it unfolds through the eyes of an astrologer. New York Harbor got through high tide this morning with no flooding, and the next high tide is at about 8:30 p.m. when forecasters expect the highest water levels again. The storm is massive in size and complex — three different storm systems are converging — and flooding and power outages, are expected to be widespread. Meteorologists are calling it a “rare hybrid super storm.” As Dave Roell wrote in his Newsletter today: “How can there be an election using electronic voting devices when five states, including both Washington DC, and New York, will have no power?”

Here we are in the eye of the storm, one week before the election. Hurricane Sandy is set to create untold chaos and confusion on Election Day in key states. Here’s a story from the New York Times that tells the situation (as of Sunday night).

In case you missed it, Jamie Partridge compiled a list of astrologers’ predictions for the election.

Chris Brennan has compiled an extensive list as well; he outlines the methods used by the astrologers in his very thorough survey.

Mundane astrologer (and editor of Welcome to Planet Earth) Mark Lerner has a 75-minute podcast on the elections, recorded on October 16. (I didn’t get to listen to the whole thing, but I will find time for it; I was a big fan of his publication.)

Richard Nolle at Astropro News wrote in September about the three days around this Full Moon. “My October forecast (published in September) called it a month in advance: “a rash of powerful storms with damaging winds and heavy precipitation, as well as a swarm of moderate-to-severe seismic activity (including Magnitude 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions” around “the full moon on the 29th . . . give or take three days.”

From Eric Francis at Planet Waves, That’s the news — now for the weather!:
“This is a slow-moving system with a windfield 900 miles wide. It’s creeping up the East Coast. So between the size, the slow speed, and the mix with cold air from the north and west, we are looking at something pretty unusual. The result could be a storm that cuts power or paralyzes parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions for days, even as far west as the Ohio River Valley, according to federal officials.”

The rest of the links here are about today’s Full Moon, always a good time to stop and pay attention.

Julija ends her essay — Full Moon Taurus 6 — at Cosmic Intelligence Agency: “Be grateful for your lot and believe in what’s ahead, ditch the guilt if you have any, give yourself a good pat on the back and make a ‘toast’ with someone you love.”

Patricia Liles at The Power Path writes: “Your connection to your physical body will be highlighted – notice where tension, pain, stiffness is showing up. Who’s asking for attention? Have you thanked your body part by part lately for the fine service it provides?”

Dorothy Morgan has a 7-minute video on the contradictions between Taurus and Scorpio, “our need for change vs. our need for stability.”

Robert Wilkinson has a detailed consideration of today’s lunation at Aquarius Papers. “Ultimately this is a very stabilizing Full Moon (since it is in Taurus, after all!), and given the aspects in play, the next two weeks should be fulfilling in many ways, bringing us unique gifts and conditions for dealing with some tough stuff in the recent past.”

Lynn Hayes at Astrological Musings writes: “Where Taurus longs for peace and comfort, Scorpio demands intensity and passionate involvement. Where Taurus seeks security, Scorpio is an emotional risk-taker. It is this tension that creates the emotionality that Full Moons are famous for.”

Here’s a 6-minute video with some good insights on using the stabilizing impact of the Taurus Moon.

Astrologer Heather Threlfall writes from the coast of Florida: “No other sign in the zodiac knows more about crisis, change and moving on, as does Scorpio. Hidden motivations, buried fears, old wounds now come into the light for us to see clearly and resolve, personally and collectively. True power comes when we make the unconscious conscious.”

Everyone who’s in the storm’s path, stay safe. You are in you in our prayers.


  1. Thanks for giving us these sites to enlarge our perspectives on this Full Moon Mary. I’ve been drawn to examine how the outer planets in transit could explain and help us to further understand the terrifying circumstances many Americans are now facing. (Must be the full moon conjunct the Moon’s nodes in my chart.)

    Most intriguing is the sextile between Chiron and Pluto that was and has been in effect for many months now, even as far back as Spring of 2011. Anybody or any country that had a solar return this year with that aspect might also have had the Sun or Mercury or Venus in Leo. That personal planet might form a yod with the sextile of Chiron and Pluto and provide a release point for this potent transforming energy.

    The U.S. solar return (Sibly) chart has that formation. Mercury (8 Leo) is in the 8th house of shared resources and is quincunx Pluto (8 Cap) in the 1st house, and quincunx Chiron (9 Pisces) in the 3rd house of the solar return chart. It paints a picture (in this case) of a country experiencing transformation (Pluto) of it’s self image (1st house) while experiencing a wounding (Chiron) of it’s communities (3rd house). This combined energy pushes (quincunx) Mercury (communication) to share the experience as well as it’s resources (8th house) as the release point of the yod.

    Those with this solar return setup might also have the personal planet in Leo trine Uranus in Aries, as does the U.S. In the SR chart for the U.S., Uranus is in the 4th house so unexpected (Uranus) help could come in the form of a 4th house type agency such as FEMA or Homeland Security or communities who have been spared but want to help. Because Uranus is conjunct Pallas-Athene, it might provide planning for distribution of supplies and help to the stricken communities.

    What triggers these actions is the Full Moon Taurus opposite the Scorpio Sun that forms a T-square to the personal Leo planet in this and other solar return charts. The Leo planet is motivated to action; in the case of the U.S (solar return), the Taurus Full Moon in the 5th house is demanding a creative (5th house) way to get supplies (Taurus) to the needy groups (11th house Scorpio Sun).

    That’s how it works out for the U.S., and other individuals and countries could see this Chiron-Pluto energy, as well as the Pluto-Uranus energy surface as the Taurus Full Moon activates their personal SR charts, especially those with a Leo personal planet.

  2. Thanks Mary, It’s very fitting that such a storm has closed down NYSE, as the Full Moon takes place in the signs of Money and Taurus and Scorpio, also everyone’s saftey and security in the eye of the storm. As we anticipate Merc rx, the station does trine Uranus, the power outage delaying the election is already so powerful if it happens that way or not in the end. Hope all on the east coast, stay safe.

  3. Effects of the storm on the election may be enhanced by Mercury going retrograde on election day.

  4. On October 29th which is my birthday,
    there was an exact Sun-Earth-Eris Node alignment (Sun in in 6’13 Scorpio conjunct Geocentric South Eris Node in 6’13 Scorpio,oppose North Eris Node in 6’13 Taurus and Earth in 6’13 Taurus conjunct/oppose Heliocentric Eris Nodes in 6’13 Taurus/Scorpio

    This is a day of a strong emphasis on Unexpected, Unsettled Awareness as well as diversity, equality, discord,and controversy.

    People born with this annual alignment have a strong connection to collective
    They can be a spokesperson for diversity, equality. They can also be controversial and discordant, especially because of not going with the status quo.

    The Full Moon in 6’48 Taurus is aligned with the Eris Nodes (Moon conjunct North Eris Node in Taurus, Sun conjunct South Eris Node in Scorpio),
    and so expect a culmination of events , chapters closing, and a bringing a sense of finality that involves the Eris themes.

    • Thanks for that info Raymond, Eris the goddess of strife alright with the nodes of Eris conjunct this Full Moon, Hurricane Sandy

  5. On October 29th Jupiter (opposite Mars) was in the same degree as Venus was when she was occult the Sun in June 2012. Venus and Sun were square Mars.

    On March 14th this year, Venus was conjunct Jupiter at 9+ Taurus, and they were in a perfect grand earth trine with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.

    When Sandy made landfall, the Moon was just arc minutes from the degree where Venus and Jupiter were conjunct in March, and just past her full moon opposition to the Sun. This full moon (and Sun) is (are) square the U.S. natal (Sibly) north and south nodes.

    Multiple connections between the chart for the moment Sandy made landfall and the chart for the Venus occult Sun involve feminine symbols (Pallas-Athene, the Moon, Iris, Isis, Astraea etc.) which point to a balancing of polarities between masculine and feminine energy at this time. Not a moment too soon.

    See chart for Sandy’s landfall at

  6. Of interest to me is that it is most dangerous to rouse the Wrath of any Female. Especially, one from France. Has anyone noticed that THE STATUE OF LIBERTY’S Birthday was October 28th. She was dedicated on October 28th, 1886. One Hundred and Twenty Six (126) years ago. And, on October 29th, 1929 as prelude to the GREAT DEPRESSION, the New York Stock Exchange collapsed.
    It seems to me, spiritually, that since most American’s are preoccupied with money worries, and not the Birthday of our Great Lady, that she might have felt insulted and decided to throw her very own party. Thus conjuring up Hurricane Sandy, which shut down the New York Stock Exchange once again, closed down the Atlantic City gambling arena, shut down New York City, and just tore up the entire place around her.
    Interesting, huh? Well! Scientist are beginning to notice, and photograph, what they are calling UFO’s hovering around Earthquakes, exploding Volcanoes, and other rare happenings. Yup! Check the news and Science articles. Just thought I would give you all some Fruit For thought.
    Happy Halloween, Capt. Aha.

  7. I’ve been wrestling with weather astrology on my blog, so I’m a bit late looking at this compilation. And while I’ve seen much good stuff from Mr. Nolle over the years, I find his original forecast a bit too fuzzy: “the beginning, middle and end of the month – give or take three days, all else being equal – foretell a rash of powerful storms with damaging winds and heavy precipitation.” That includes practically the whole month of October.

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