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The giant in the sky…

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Now, the blog:

As the days carry us inexorably towards a new phase in the U.S. government, I find a need to keep things in perspective.

And so, here are some thoughts about the current sky with no attention to politics or personality or mundane affairs, but rather, an attempt to tell a story from the sky.

Jupiter is now at 22° Libra and stations retrograde at 23° Libra on February 5. Jupiter is visible in the early morning sky, and if you have a view of the sky, you will see Spica close by as well. (My view of these two spectacular heavenly bodies one very clear morning last week here in Oregon is what uplifted my spirits and inspired this blog.)

Spica, at 23° Libra, is a 1st magnitude star in the constellation of Virgo: specifically, the shaft of wheat in the Virgin’s left hand. The left side is connected to receptivity, and Spica is connected to all that is beautiful.

Along with traveling near Spica for many months, Jupiter is opposite Uranus — exact on December 26, 2016, March 2, and September 27, 2017.

I love the ancient association that the urn of the Water-bearer in the sky (i.e., Aquarius) holds the creative force that hasn’t been seen yet, it is pure potential.

Jupiter is the planet that expands and brings relief from constriction. Named for the supreme deity of the Romans, Jupiter is two and a half times the mass of all the other planets in our solar system put together.

(I will rely on Saturn’s concurrent trine to temper the hyperbole and excess enthusiasm in this blog. (1) )

And for now, let’s ignore Pluto’s potential gloom from the sidelines, reducing him (temporarily) to echoes from a treacherous past. (2)

We can subdue him, relegating his fearsome desire to dominate back to the place inside of us that carries the scars of our accumulated history e.g., the obscurations spoken of in Buddhism, the kleishas described in the Yoga Sutras. (3) For now, let’s consider Pluto merely as the place of old terrors that become empty when we attend to them (as Jupiter and Uranus will no doubt encourage us to do).

I am making Jupiter and Uranus the stars in this blog. The exact opposition has passed once, and Jupiter comes back twice more to magnify directly the place in ourselves that recognizes something about the truth of our own existence, of stealing fire from the gods (as Richard Tarnas has described). (4)

To bring this a bit farther down to earth, think of the house that Jupiter is transiting and which house it rules in your natal chart — Sagittarius, for sure, and Pisces too, if you work with the traditional rulers. Imagine Jupiter emitting a mighty call to be grander, greater, wiser, more thoughtful, and more generous to yourself and others in those spheres of life, as Uranus is showing that our personal map of reality is not at all what it was.

Quantum shift has been connected to Jupiter and Uranus and that language is part of our lexicon. (5) Certainly a shift in the materialistic view of reality toward a view of multiple interconnected realities — recognized by spiritual traditions — is upon us. This understanding of the interconnectedness of our world is often seen as a quantum shift in the collective.

I was interested to read that the “popular expression ‘quantum jump’ is used in common English speech to describe a leap that is big, but to physicists, quantum jumps are tiny, discrete (indivisible), and abrupt.” (6) Perhaps our change in perspective may seem tiny or discrete. Meditation teachers speak of the possibility of sustaining awareness, not just as a momentary inspiration.

Jupiter and Uranus also suggest something quite simple — a moment that is open, natural, untainted, and vast-as-the-sky. So, let’s keep going on our paths of self-awareness and make the first move towards kindness and inclusion.

No more echo chambers, no more fake news. We’re on a different course now wherein intolerance and fear might make way for acceptance and bigheartedness.


(1) Saturn trines Uranus: December 24, 2016, May 17, and November 11, 2017.

(2) Jupiter squares Pluto: November 26, 2016, March 30, and August 4, 2017.

(3) The Yoga Sutras teach that kleishas (a Sanskrit word meaning poison) are states of mind that distort our view of reality.

(4) Prometheus the Awakener by Richard Tarnas, Spring Publications, 1998.

(5) Here’s a TMA blog about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in 2010 which began this cycle.

(6) The Art of Quantum Jumping: How to Shift Your Reality in Big, Positive Ways by Cynthia Sue Larson; Conscious Lifestyle Magazine.


  1. Nice writing Mary Thank you. You must be picking up the Venus Neptune conjunction this week too. ?

    • Thanks Kate, I must be (picking up Venus and Neptune)..

      I plan to return to a somewhat more hard hitting blog before too long..


      • The Venus Neptune vibe you speak about is very much in the air right now.

  2. thank you; I needed this very much today thanks again

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