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The Higher Vibration of the Uranus-Pluto Square

It probably slipped by some people’s notice last month — considering all the news of war, civil protest (and governmental suppression) from nearly every corner of the globe. Yet, on the 26th of April something wondrous happened. Something that future generations may look back upon with wonder and scarcely believe that it ever happened; even astrologers of the future may very well wonder that it happened during the time of the seven passes of the current Uranus and Pluto squares. And yet, it did happen.

On that day, 40,000 Norwegians gathered en masse in Oslo and together sang a children’s song while waving roses in the air. Afterwards, they walked singing to the courthouse where Anders Behring Breivik was on trial for the mass murders of 77 people, including 69 children, and tied their roses to the security tape and barricades that surrounded the courthouse. The singing could be heard inside the courthouse. There were no rubber bullets, no tear gas, no violence — everyone was there to heal and transform their society.

The people of Norway, the Norwegian folk singer Lillebjørn Nilsen, and the song, My Rainbow Race, by Pete Seeger (known in Norway for nearly 40 years as Children of the Rainbow) had been criticized by Breivik in his court proceedings. He had blamed the song for promoting multiculturalism, leftist ideologies, and, in part, even his murderous rampage. However, the people of Norway disagreed with Breivik’s ideology and wanted to show it.

This video epitomizes what the highest potential of the Uranus-Pluto square can bring out in humanity. If you have not seen this video, I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to watch it. Here is a link to it:


The people shown in it, including the police, chose to react with neither violence, hate, nor fear. For Norway, the evolution of Pluto and the revolution of Uranus came together, and they chose the higher vibration of the planetary combination, in this case, best expressed by joining together and singing a children’s song of peace and love. Though the words have been described as utopian – and can be read here – leaders of the march wanted to sing the song because they believed this is how the world could be.

But why has Pete Seeger’s song meant so much to the nation of Norway for nearly 40 years? Below is a bi-wheel of the charts of Norway and Seeger.

(insert chart: bi-wheel: Nation of Norway; Pete Seeger , natal)

bi-wheel Norway & Pete Seeger

Norway’s Independence date and time come from Nick Campion’s, Book of World Horoscopes, and are set for June 7, 1905 at 11 AM CET Oslo, Norway. Pete Seeger’s birth time is unknown, but according to Wikipedia he was born in Manhattan, New York, on May 3, 1919. (This is a sunrise chart.)

There are many alignments in the synastry chart between Norway and Pete Seeger’s sunrise chart (perhaps there would be even more if we were to know Seeger’s time of birth).

Without going into detail about all of the aspects in this synastry chart, I was immediately struck by the fact that Pete Seeger’s Neptune is exactly on Norway’s Moon. Seeger’s song, My Rainbow Race, has been described by Norwegians as utopian (Neptune). It is precisely Seeger’s idealism (Neptune) about how the world could be, and how the people (Moon) of Norway wish (Neptune) the world was (in harmony – Moon), that join them together through music (co-ruled by Neptune and the Moon).

The song, My Rainbow Race, according to the Christian Science Monitor, was written in 1967, to protest the Vietnam War, though not recorded until the early 70’s. It was written at the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. Seeger, born with a Uranus-Pluto trine, is no stranger to the power of transformation and has been an activist most of his life. It seems most apropos that one of the 60’s greatest musical peace activists, Pete Seeger, should have a song that was written during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction resurface during this first quarter square.

As astrologers, and those interested in astrology, surely our responsibility is to help point out to our fellow human beings that there exists another way, a better way , a way of life that embraces peaceful resolution based on our sameness, rather than the use of willfulness and violence in an attempt to subjugate those who are different than us. There is a higher vibration to the Uranus-Pluto square and this has been one example of it. Let us hope we see more examples of democracy and tolerance as this pattern unfolds.

Bio: Audra Stenger started in astrology over 15 years ago while working as a paramedic. She holds a B.Sc. in Physician’s Assistant. She currently has a full time astrology practice near Santa Fe, New Mexico. She loves astrology because it explains the unexplainable, and finds that it provides a wisdom that nothing else can. Her website is Yellow Lotus Arts, and her e-mail is