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The Ninja and The Wizard

In a marshland, at the witching hour, the Messenger and the Ninja are whispering plots of survival and how to harness together the energy lying intrinsic in the Dark Matter. (1)

The Messenger closes the scroll and seals it with a magic symbol.

The time has come, whispers Mercury to Mars. Are you ready?

The young mysterious Ninja puts his freshly sharpened array of knives, swords and daggers in his dark light armour. In his satchel, he carries potions made from the most poisonous of snakes. If needs be, they can act both to kill or to save lives.

His look is determined and unshakable. He emits no noise. He is silent, yet his body is tense like a string vibrating at an inaudible frequency.

His look holds the intensity of the darkest of the night and the memories of a promise he gave to the Sun on the 8th of October 2021 in the house of Libra. (2)

Now he is ready to go into the world and get his mission for the Sun done. His purification is nearly ready.

But first, he must meet with Saturn in the form of the Wizard of the Coldest of the Steady Winds.

Saturn in Aquarius is famous in all of the kingdoms for his long-sighted vision. He sees the world from above, with a clarity that has no boundaries. Emotionless he formulates a logical sequence that will unfold through time. Unperturbed he sets theories, marking with dogmatic zeal the way science must advance, so humanity can evolve.

Many fear his judgement. Few can battle his razor-sharp intelligence.

However, Mars knows that this time he has an advantage over Saturn. He is not only younger in age but for the first time in this current dance cycle across the Zodiac, he, the Ninja holds a strategically superior position to the Wizard.

This time around, the Wizard will have to listen to the Ninja come what may.

The Ninja solemnly nods to the Messenger, who in the meantime is fastening his black mantel and draping the hood firmly over his head. It is going to be cold outside, and even icier when he will have to argue with the Wizard.

I shall travel before you and tell the Wizard you are coming, the Messenger breathed, although I feel he is waiting for me just as he is waiting for you. I shall try to pave the way but I have my doubts he will listen to me. And you know, with him lying is useless.

And so the Messenger takes flight and quickly is lost in the shadows.

Ninja closes his eyes, breaths intentionally slowly and relives in his guts all that he and Saturn have come through since they met in the house of Aquarius on the 31st of March 2020. (3)

Mars has fought with valour like a great warrior whilst in his house of Aries. He tried three times with utmost courage although slightly naïve. (4) That was in between August and September 2020. Saturn was then back in the house of Capricorn. He nearly made it through but Saturn won the battle at the end of the game.

He encountered the Wizard again in the house of Taurus, during January 2021. (5) Back then he had no resources to counteract what Saturn was hurling at him, now back in Aquarius. As much as he tried, success in overthrowing Saturn was nowhere to be seen.

Ah, then in July 2021, from the house of Leo, Mars fought with much dignity and drama. (6) It was exciting because Mars could feel the winds of Saturn straight in his heart fomenting more his urge to win. And could sense Saturn feeling the intense heat. But in the end, he got the upper hand, although Saturn’s ankles got signed in the process.

Now back in his night-time home, Mars feels shrewder. The resources are all here. He has learnt from experience.

Time has come to meet Saturn again. (7)

Welcome Ninja, says the Wizard from his reclusive adobe. What have you brought to the game this time?

Ninja, from the darkest of the corners answers:

I bring perseverance, resilience in the face of adversity.

I bring the hot-blooded, glorious and ecstatic experience of living.

The power to cut, to penetrate, to extract, to expel.

I bring into being the sacred fire through the kundalini.

The Wizard counteracts:

I bring intelligence coming from clarity; perspective coming from long-sightedness.

I bring deliberation, detachment and long-term commitment.

The power to solidify thoughts into ideas, into discoveries, into new realities.

I bring the maturity that can only come from objectiveness and altruism.

Well then, the Ninja replies, this time however you need to concede that energy can’t be destroyed or created.

And until that rule applies in this part of the Universe then whatever you do to harness the process in a perfectly elegant formula, life will always find a way to mess it all up into vibrant entropy.

Life as much as you would like to rule it, control it, patent it, it will constantly bring forth that which doesn’t conform, that which evolves from the Dark Matter, no matter what.

Yes, you are right Ninja, cooly the Wizard answers back. However, do not let yourself be carried away. One will always need the other. Duality is still the end game here.

True, says the Ninja, but for now, I managed to pierce your frosty logic, Wizard.

I will make use of your elegant formulas, of your long-sightedness in time and space but I shall infuse them with that passion that only the Primordial Creative Force can give.

Together, Wizard, you’ll see, we will awaken the coiled Snake to full awareness beyond the current dimension because Death is only a portal to the immortality of the Soul.

(Photo by Edward Howell via Unsplash)

(1) Editor’s note: Quick decoding: The Messenger = Mercury; The Ninja = Mars and The Wizard = Saturn.
(2) Mars-Sun conjunction at 15°05’ Libra.
(3) Mars-Saturn conjunction at 0°39’ Aquarius.
(4) Mars ingress into Aries, June 27-28, 2020.
(5) Mars ingress into Taurus, January 6-7, 2021.
(6) Mars in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius.
(7) Mars in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius, November 10-11, 2021

Bio: Hilary Spiteri is a pharmacist in love with the stars. An astrologer and an alchemist trying to bridge the modern artificial schism between science, medicine, astrology, spirituality, and healing. You can find her on


  1. This is incredibly well written. Reminds me of the battle between the Night King and his army and the Dragon Queen and her mighty Dragons. Ala George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. I read this over and over again. I could almost visualise this scene by scene. Simply brilliant!!!

    • Thank you Hemant for your compliment.
      The scenes unfolded in my mind and heart. I was blessed by the Gods to find the right words.
      Now I have to check the author you mention. The name sounds familiar but not sure I read any of his books.
      Thanks again, especially since this is my first time here on The Mountain Astrologer.

    • So… Probably I was the last person on earth who never saw The Game of Thrones series.
      I promised myself I would read the book eventually.
      Low and behold today an email arrives that Book 1: A Game of Thrones (The Song of Ice and Fire) is on sale.
      Well shall we call it coincidence? Probably not?
      Just on the day The Messenger is opposing Uranus in Taurus.

    • Absolutely what you said

  2. Thank you very much.

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