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The Royal Couple

I spent lots of time last week researching eclipses for an NCGR talk, so the subject is on my mind. I am currently on a road trip in California, visiting a few friends along the way. I’m just leaving my first stop; this friend’s birthday was July 11, the day of the recent total solar eclipse at 19º Cancer. We had a wonderful long discussion of her experience, thus far, of having a solar eclipse on her birthday. I’m now going to another friend who was born on the day of this year’s annular (i.e., “ring of fire”) solar eclipse at 25º Capricorn on January 16. Hearing their stories is a grand and vivid display of the awesome power of eclipses.

I had looked back at the striking eclipse patterns in the life of Diana, the Princess of Wales, for my talk, so I was not too surprised by William’s engagement announcement. He was born on a solar eclipse on June 21, 1982 at 9:03 pm in London. With the natal Ascendant at 27º28’ Sagittarius, right in line of the upcoming total lunar eclipse at 29º Gemini on December 21.

William’s Sun in the birthchart is 0º06’ Cancer and the Moon at 4º58’ Cancer. Venus is at 25º Taurus, conjunct Diana’s Venus at 24º Taurus.

Diana’s Midheaven is 23º Libra. Using Porphyry house cusps, Venus dignified in Taurus is in the 5th of children and by Whole Sign houses, the Venus is in the 6th. Perhaps this is an echo of the fact that bearing a son was part of her “royal job description”?

In any event, William’s fiancée, Kate Middleton is now wearing the diamond and sapphire ring that belonged to his beloved mother, surely a strong (and appropriately luxurious) statement of her presence.

And, the lovely Kate (born on January 9, 1982)  also is born on an eclipse – a total lunar eclipse with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer. A time for her hasn’t surfaced yet, but the total lunar eclipse on the day she was born was at 19º16’ Capricorn /Cancer. As mentioned above, there was a total solar eclipse at 19º Cancer this past summer.

Many have written about the astrology of this love story; here are some of those links. And here’s to Venus moving forward slowly in Libra and to more sweet love stories unfolding for us all.

Judi Vitale writes happily on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Lovecast.

Marjorie Orr’s Prince William and patient Kate to marry considers that he has been “undergoing massive emotional changes in the past two years” as transiting Pluto has opposed his Sun and Moon (and his Sun/Moon midpoint).

Dharmaruci sees Kate’s ambition in William and Not-So-Innocent Kate. (Her Capricorn Sun is squared by Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Libra.)

Marina at DarkStar looks at the chart for the announcement of their engagement. Jamie, also writing on Darkstar, has articles on Prince William: Occult Prince and Kate Middleton Horoscope.

The keen and warm relationship observer, Elsa, notices the shared Saturn placement of the couple in Libra Seeking Balance: Kate & Wills – a Saturn in Libra Royal Couple

Penny Walters’s Prince William is getting married notes changes in his progressed chart signifying the marriage.

Penny Thornton looks at both of their charts and considers possible times for the upcoming wedding in The Royal Engagement. She writes: “Were they to be consulting me about the wisdom of their decision to marry I would give them an A-rating and open a bottle of Dom P to their brilliant future together.”

Anne Whitaker’s Prince William Great Britain’s Future King looks at the Saros series of his birthday eclipse.

Alex Sumner offers his choice of an elected chart for the couple to marry next year at Sol Ascendans.

And, do go here for a wonderful longish article The Jupiter Cycle of Lady Diana by Nick Kollerstrom. (He includes Charles, Camilla and William’s natal horoscopes and many event charts.)

I look forward to your comments on the royal couple – innocent or jaded – all are welcome here!

Have a good week everyone.