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THE Wedding

In response to several requests, I am discounting my anarchist tendencies and looking at the charts for Kate Middleton and Prince William this week. (Anarchy is in the air, of course, as they are marrying under the applying transit of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Apparently, U.K. police are concerned about “anarchists” along the path of the wedding party and are hoping to avoid eggs being thrown at the royal couple’s car.)

We have no birth time for Kate, so we can apply techniques that are not reliant on a precise time of birth. We can look at the pre-natal solar eclipse set for the individual’s place of birth to see a deep, ongoing theme in the life — a glimpse of the essence of the life purpose.

The sign of royalty marks Kate Middleton’s PNSE, set for her birthplace: 0º Leo is rising, with the north node at 1º and the Sun and Moon at 7º Leo.

Kate Middleton PNSE

The 1st-house ruler, dignified by sign and in the 1st house, gives a definite, strong, and regal presence to this chart. Appearance, presentation, and a dramatic impact are part of the signature of one born with this pre-natal eclipse signature. (Remember, this is specific to the birthplace.)

Like her mother-in-law, I think Kate has an undercurrent (at least) of deviance and a quirky humor – in the natal chart the Sun is semi-square Uranus, and Mercury in Aquarius (20ºS 28’) is parallel with Uranus (20ºS 37’).

Kate natal chart, sunriseSaturn squares the nodal axis. Saturn, exalted in Libra, is dispositor of her Capricorn Sun, showing a formality and structure to her role in life.

Rather stunningly, both she and William were born on an eclipse. Kate was born on the day of a lunar eclipse, with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer. William was born on June 21, 1982, the day of a solar eclipse at 29º47’ Gemini. He was born at 9:02 pm, by which time the Sun and Moon were both in Cancer, the Sun at the very potent Aries point, i.e., 0º Cancer.

William, natal

William has Neptune at 25º33’ Sagittarius conjunct the Ascendant (27º43’). Kate’s natal horoscope has the Sun (22ºS 08’) closely parallel Neptune (22ºS 06’), suggesting she may appreciate a dreamy or glamorous quality in a man; her guy has Neptune on the Ascendant. Neptune also suggests how photogenic they each are, and the prominence of the media in their lives.

William has Juno, the asteroid goddess of marriage and commitment, in a very prominent place – at 2º 57′ Capricorn, it is closely conjunct the Part of Fortune in the 1st house. The marriage partner is prominent, dutiful, and brings benefit.

William is now at his progressed New Moon, which is also a solar eclipse. (This is precise on June 5 at 27º42’ Cancer.)

He has other telling aspects now in the progressed chart: the progressed Moon, dispositor of his natal Sun, is at 25º Cancer sextile natal Venus at 25º Taurus (exact on April 16). His progressed Venus enters Cancer on April 26 and conjuncts the natal Sun.

Kate’s progressed chart has a significant omen for marriage as well. Although without a time, we can’t be precise, but within the year surrounding the wedding, her progressed Sun (18º Aquarius) is trining progressed Mars (18º Libra). So, he has the feminine planets (Moon and Venus), and she has the masculine planets (Sun and Mars) in aspect by progression – a harmonious inner condition for each of them.

The Moon was in Cancer the whole day Kate was born; her progressed Moon is in Leo and she is quite close to a progressed Full Moon. Again, with no birth time, it is estimation, but the Full Moon is closely applying. (If she was born in the early morning, just after midnight, the progressed Moon will be full within the first year of her marriage; if born right before midnight, in the late evening, the Moon is less than a degree from full on the wedding day.)

The wedding is on April 29, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. in Westminster.

Wedding, William & Kate

The Moon at 26º Pisces is at “the bending”, i.e. square the nodal axis, specifically here, at the “north” bending, which resembles the north node, a point where energy comes in. The north bending is where events and experiences will manifest in the outer world. We know that this marriage will, in part, play out in public life and will surely be one of the most photographed and observed marriages of the time. (1)

Transiting Neptune in Pisces is making a water trine in William’s chart with his Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio, ruler of Sagittarius Ascendant and natally placed at the Midheaven. It certainly will be an emotionally fulfilling day for him.

As mentioned, William was born on an eclipse, a marker of one whose life is carried by the larger currents of history. Both he and his mother’s lives were very marked by eclipses; there was a solar eclipse in the sky on September 2, 1997, two days after Diana died.

On August 31, 1997, when his mother died, William’s progressed Sun was 14º Cancer, the degree of the natal north node. He was then at a progressed Full Moon, which was also an eclipse; the progressed Moon was at 22º Capricorn.

William, progressed to Diana's death

My friend, the late Robert Blaschke, noticed that the years in which there is a progressed eclipse were often the most important years in one’s life. (Not every person’s chart will have eclipses by progression, of course; there had to have been an eclipse in the sky within a few months after birth.) William had a progressed Full Moon the year his mother died and he’s getting married at the progressed New Moon. His biography is unfolding in quite a touching way for the gentleman with the luminaries in Cancer.

William and Kate’s wedding is about six weeks before the June 15 lunar eclipse at 24º 23’ Gemini/Sagittarius. This falls on his Ascendant/Descendant and Kate’s natal Neptune.

And with Neptune so strong between them, and the very recent ingress of Neptune into Pisces, the wedding Moon in fertile Pisces fits the mood.

All the external considerations and formal duties aside, Kate and William are two individuals with the natal Moon in Cancer. Emotional closeness is a compelling motivation for the Moon in Cancer. May they have a very happy life together.


(1) From a blog I wrote earlier: “Planets at the South Bending are related in meaning to the South Node, that is, they signify a point of release — experiences are internal and have difficulty being expressed outwardly. The North Bending resembles the North Node, which is a point where energy comes in; events and experiences will manifest in the outer world.
To easily see which bending the planet occupies in a chart, start with the North Node and move clockwise around the wheel; if a planet is at the opening square, it is the South Bending. Continuing clockwise around the wheel, if the planet is at the closing square, e.g., 270° from the North Node, it is the North Bending.”

(If your interested in another demonstration of a pre-natal solar eclipse chart for a birth chart with no known time, see my blog on Michelle Obama.)

Be well, everyone. Have some fun when you can!

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  1. So much to take in here. So intrigued by this notion of the bending. It has permanently changed the way I look at charts.

    Kate’s South Node is in her 1st House in your ‘sunrise chart’. Fame and fortune for the’commoner’ as the English might say.

    With Uranus and the Moon together in the wedding chart- looks like they may be in for a wild ride.


  2. Hi, Mary, I am getting in the mood for some Monarchy… So toss if you must, Eggers; but, please, just don’t mess the dress up!

    A Prince Charming (N Neptune conjunct ASC) taking the hand of his fair Lady (a Middle-ton at the bending!), in a fairy tale wedding with all the Pomp & Circumstance the House of Windsor is known for (T Saturn at IC in wedding chart)… Say Yes to the Royal Reality Show!

    Having grown up in the Public Spectacle of a fractured fairy tale, this Prince and his Princess may understand better than any of us how precious a Happily Ever After ending is (Wedding Chart Moon is 12th co-ruler; Node in 12th).

    Wishing W & K the satisfaction and comfort of lunar togetherness ahead!

  3. Donna Cunningham says Kate time of birth is 11:33 pm, Reading, England…I think she got it from Astrotheme.

  4. I am wondering if you plan to update this information based on Kate’s birthtime, according to Marc Penfield, being 11:33 p.m., AND with the pronouncement of marriage having occurred at 11:21 a.m. London time. THANKS!

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