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The Year of the Dog

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I want to use this week’s blog to alert readers to a new book from astrologer Gahl E. Sasson — The Astrology of 2018: The Year of the Dog and the Master. The author, who has taught astrology, Kaballah, storytelling, and mysticism internationally for more than 20 years, includes numerology in this work. (1) In the introductory remarks, noting that 2018 is an 11 year, he writes: “Since 11 is 1 looking at oneself, it is considered the most intuitive and mystical number. This year, do us all a favor. Trust your intuition!”

And, beginning on February 15, 2018, we enter the Year of the Dog. “If 2018 is the Year of the Dog, then we are talking about a pit-bull rather than a docile poodle.”

He writes the astrological overview for this upcoming pit-bull year — including five (not the usual four) eclipses, Uranus entering Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, Mars and Venus both going retrograde, Mercury’s retrograde periods, and Chiron’s move into Aries. (He also has a short section on tips to “be your own astrologer.”)

Sasson’s viewpoint is heartfelt and direct. In the general notes on eclipses, he writes: “Be strong in those periods for yourself as well as for the people around you. Knowing these astrological trends make you more responsible. You are reading these pages so that you can become a lighthouse for others as well as for yourself.”

About Saturn moving into Capricorn: “This is great news to Sagittarius folks who, for two and a half years, felt the oppression of Saturn. Sagittarians will be free to return to their old optimistic, fun-loving selves. Saturn in Kabbalah is associated with the Sphere Binah, ‘Understanding,’ and wherever Saturn travels, it teaches us what we have to learn and understand. Kabbalah suggests that Saturn is the rectifier, Tikkun, the celestial contractor that helps fix the sign or house where it is located. It is the planet that helps us grow through crisis.”

After describing the general astrological year, Sasson offers a detailed look at the year for each sign. Following an overview of each sign’s main themes, there are specific sections on The 5 Eclipses — Your Emotional Landscape; Mercury Retrograde — Mental Landscape; Unpredictable Journey (i.e., Uranus in Taurus); Mars Retrograde; Venus: Money and Love; and a Conclusion.

Gahl Sasson is practical and inspiring throughout. He writes: “I wish you a happy and healthy year, full of abundance, creativity, love, and adventures. It is a wonderful thing to be a human and we are fortunate to have reincarnated during this era at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the age of awareness.

“All is One. All is love.”

This 42-page book would make a wonderful present for anyone who appreciates succinct, sensible, and uplifting astrological guidance.

Gahl Sasson is also a passionate animal rights activist. “This book is dedicated to my friend and companion Balkahan, who rescued me when I rescued him. May he rest in peace and reincarnate back to me soon.” (Half of the proceeds from this book will be donated to dog shelters.)

The Astrology of 2018: The Year of the Dog and the Master is available from Amazon, in either print ($11) or Kindle versions ($7.40).

(1) I reviewed his book, Cosmic Navigator: Design Your Destiny with Astrology and Kabbalah in TMA Aug./Sept. 2009.


  1. Thanks, Mary – Duly ordered! Happy Holidays!

    • what she said.

  2. Thanks Mary! It is a great honor and I am thankful for the words you wove around the book. Thanks for taking the time to read, write and recommend. Wishing you and all the TMA community happy Solstice, Holidays and New howling year!

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