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Thoughts on the Election

There are many diverse and wonderfully informative blogs on the election. I’ll post a sample after a few thoughts of my own.

I am intrigued by eclipse charts (and their path of visibility), including the prenatal solar eclipse. Working with the prenatal solar eclipse (PNSE) was initially introduced by Edward Johndro and Charles Jayne in the 30s and expanded by Bill Meridian. (I reviewed his recent book, The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, for the Aug./Sep. TMA.)

Bill gave a workshop at UAC in May with his latest research, which includes his reading of heretofore unpublished early work of Johndro and Jayne. In the workshop (and the book) he describes finding the “birth eclipse,” which can be before or after the actual birth date. (To find the birth eclipse, you first consider all the eclipses for about a year around the birth (i.e., prenatal and postnatal, solar and lunar) to see which is the best fit, with connections to the natal chart being one important factor.

I’m starting to research this expanded view of the birth eclipse, but I have used the PNSE for a while. (1)

Barack Obama’s prenatal solar eclipse is 27° Aquarius, conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon, which I feel shows his connection to the American populace (at least enough of us to get elected to the presidency once.)

Obama PNSE & Sibly
There was a solar eclipse on August 11, 1961, a week after Obama’s birth. This postnatal eclipse chart is also interesting: the lunation is 18° Leo, the degree of his natal Descendant. The Ascendant of the eclipse (set for the birthplace) is 1°12’ Gemini, quite closely conjunct to his natal Moon (3°21’ Gemini).

Obama natal & postnatal eclipse

I haven’t looked more deeply into this eclipse and his life story, but Bill Meridian has found that a person can have more than one eclipse that is significant in the life. (This presumably might be especially true for someone of Barack Obama’s fame and prominence.)

Although these eclipses around Obama’s birth show striking angular connections, this is not always the case, nor is it the only way to determine which eclipse around a birth date is especially significant. Bill gives examples, for instance, of a planet’s prominence in the eclipse chart signifying a defining theme in the individual’s life. Also, the eclipse path can show important connections in the life. (He gives an example of his own birth eclipse, which goes through Vienna, where his wife was born and he resides.)

Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947. Here are a few initial observations about the four eclipses surrounding his birth. (The eclipses are set for Detroit, his birthplace.)

The prenatal solar eclipse (PNSE) was on November 23, 1946 at 0°49’ Sagittarius, conjunct Romney’s natal Descendant.
Romney natal & PNSE

The Ascendant is 11°01’ Aquarius; Romney’s natal Venus is at 8°32’ Aquarius opposite Pluto 11 21’ Leo. (Who can argue that vast — and hidden? — wealth is a part of Romney’s story?) At first glance this chart does seem to be relevant: there was a solar eclipse on May 2012 at 0°20’ Gemini and on Election Day in November, transiting Neptune will be at 0°22’ Pisces, squaring this degree.

There was a prenatal lunar eclipse on December 8, 1946 at 16°03’ Gemini. The Ascendant (in Detroit) is 15°25 Pisces, conjunct Romney’s natal Mercury (13°55’), the ruler of his Gemini rising and the Sun (21°11’), both in the natal 10th house (whole signs).

On May 20, 1947, a few months after his birth, there was a solar eclipse at 28°42’ Taurus, opposite his natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction. (Johndro found that eclipses conjunct or opposite a natal planet make that planet powerful for the entire life.) This chart has 20° Cancer Ascending and 0° Aries on the Midheaven.

This eclipse will be exact by secondary progression in February 2016, suggesting that that will be vital in his biography. (This axiom, originally described by Johndro, is something I have found to be very consistently true.) (2)

Eclipses come in pairs: the lunar eclipse on June 3, 1947 was at 12°22’ Gemini, conjunct the Sibly Ascendant/Descendant. The Ascendant is 7°54 Libra, with Neptune sitting right there at 8°06’ Libra. (This eclipse will not perfect by secondary progression until spring of 2030, when Romney would be 84 years old.)

Now, on to some of our fine astrologer friends on the election.

Patrick Watson (with Chris Brennan) wrote a prediction in April. He uses Zodiacal Releasing. “Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit is particularly useful for studying different periods in a person’s professional life, as it is capable of showing high points and low points during the course of a person’s career.”

Here is Chris Brennan’s day-by-day analysis of the Republican National Convention:

And his article on Mercury stationing retrograde on Election Day.

Susan Miller is short and to the point in Business Week.

Lynn Hayes has a nice summary of the famous UAC panel (and her own assessment).

Wolfstar, who uses the Scorpio rising chart for the U.S., explains details of his method for predicting at Neptune Cafe. He includes the inaugural day chart, the condition of the Midheaven and its ruler in the candidates’ charts, and their respective connections to the U.S. horoscope.

Larry Schwimmer writes on The Romney-Ryan Ticket at Huffington Post. (Next week he’ll discuss the Obama-Biden ticket.)


(1) If you’re interested in this technique, here’s a blog on Michelle Obama’s PNSE.

And another PNSE story currently in the news: I wrote about activist Rachel Corrie a few years ago.

With no known birth time, I looked at her PNSE chart (set for the birthplace). Her PNSE degree is 8° Pisces. On August 28, several days before the Full Moon at 8° Pisces, an Israeli civil court ruled that the military was not responsible for Rachel Corrie’s death.
New York times blog

(2) Following this reasoning, Barack Obama’s postnatal solar eclipse mentioned above (August 11, 1961) would mark his 6th year as pivotal in his biography.

Have a happy Labor Day and a good week, everyone.


  1. Thanks Mary..

    Yes I have looked at my prenatal & postnatal eclipses before.. But this is obviously a synchronistic reminder for me to look at them again.. I was born in the mid 1965 Generation Uranus-Pluto in Virgo & Neptune in Scorpio generation.. on May 21, Australia.. with Mars-Pluto in Virgo exact!!! Opposing Saturn-Ceres-Chiron in Pisces.. All squaring the Sag Sth Node, Jupiter-Venus-Gemini Nth Node.. all forming a ‘grand mutable cross’..

    And so the closest “fit” for me being, the post natal Solar Eclipse, May 31, 1965, 10 days after I was born.. at 9deg13 Gemini.. almost exactly aligned with my natal Venus in Gemini, at 9deg39. Also the ruler of my late Taurus Sun. With this Eclipse conjunct my natal Venus both closely aligned between my natal Jupiter in Gemini & my Gemini Nth Node,2nd house.. ruled by Mercury in Taurus,in my 1st house.. trine my 5th house Uranus-Pluto-Mars in Virgo stellium.. And, I started studying astrology back in August 2000.. after the grand Taurus alignment.. with Jupiter & Saturn, forming a new cycle..

    And, so after studying astrology, the Mythic Tarot, the Sabian Symbols etc et al ever since.. And, then starting my astro-life blog titled whatsitallmeanthen, in late Sept 2007, & having started keeping a life-astrology journal since about 2002. And all this after seeing an avertising publishing “sign” titled “Be Published” in Jan 2006, while doing a short film making cours, photographing the sign, with date & time, as I so often do, thanks to my digital camera, to look at the chart later. To later see that *the Aquarian Sun almost exactly aligned with Chiron in Aquarius.. were both likewise almost exactly aligned with my Aquarian Mideheaven!!!! And, what was the very first Mythic tarot card I drew to study, none other than The Hierophant, ie, Chiron, teacher of astrology, & other healing arts etc..

    And, then all these years later, having travelled around the world,numerous times, even attending a few lectures at Liz Greene’s astrology school in London, having read almost every major astrology book, from Steve Forrest, to Demetra, to Tetrabiblos etc.. Also doing Insight Seminars, treking through Nepal. And, so approaching the Transit of Venus this year I decided to so an astrology blog on the meaning of all this, Venus in Gemini etc.. using various notes from my astrology books, along with some notes by astrologer Rose Marcus, with appropriate links etc.. Giving a diverse esplanation of the meaing of Venus in Gemini.. Along with my also discovering that the post natal Gemini Solar Eclipse was almost exactly aligned with my natal Venus!!! And, only in the doing of all this did I discover that this was all highly significant for me.. And, this blog on the Transit of Venus, dramatically increased my pageviews from a precious high of about 500 per month, up to almost 10,000 for the month of the Transit of Venus!!! Now I average about 4000 page views per month… Thanks to my Venus in Gemini.. even though I don’t make any money out of my blog, I love writing it & sharing my thoughts feelings & experiences etc… While I also have a 9th house disseminating Capr Moon, trine my 2nd house Taurus Sun…

    • And, I forgot the mention that during my blog on the Transit of Venus back in June when my blog was taking off with page views that my *prog Vesta in Gemini was also passing over the same degree as my natal Venus in Gemini & my post natal Solar Elipse degree…

      And, all this being interesgting my writing & reflecting on all this with my earlier this morning reading on the archrtype of Vesta from Demetra George’s book on ‘Asteroid Goddesses’.. With my natal 1st house Vesta in Taurus. On *‘Vesta & Centeredness’.. as the omphalos, navel or centre of the world.. the hearth fire at the centre of the home.. Vesta functions as the centre of the psyche.. & symbolises individuals who are “centred” in their own identity & thus Self determined in their own activities.. along with *‘Vesta & Focus’.. as the fire of the hearth.. the Latin word for hearth is focus.. Vesta gathers energy & brings it to a single point, bringing clarity & illumination.‘Vesta & Commitment’.. with Vesta being the ruler of Virgo, ie. the Vestal Virgins.. By the constructive use of Vesta‘s attributes a person can become Self-determined, integrated, intact, centred & focused…

      Thanks for the links on the election predictions, I may read a few later.. And, as for the election, my horary chart, accoring to John Frawley’s Horary Textbook, indicates that the Moon, the people, the Moon in Capricorn, 8th house, is applying to Obama, Saturn in Libra, 6th house, by square, after it applies to oppose Venus in Cancer, 12th house.. with the Moon widely seperating from Romney, by trine, being the Virgo Sun, 4th house.. I hope this is correct…

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