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Time out for the blog…

Dear friends,

Several streams converged in the past few days and manifesting a blog did not make it to the surface!

I hope that’s not a disappointment (I know you have lots of other things to read).

And, the April/May issue of TMAThe Music Issue – is out now. Check out the contents here.

Have a good Mardi Gras and we’ll see you soon.



  1. Hi Mary. Many thanks for all you do for ALL of us in the astrological community with your fine blogs and other work.

    I hope your “streams” are filled with shimmering Piscean fish and all good things as grace-filled Jupiter stations to move forward once again.

    May all of our “twelve baskets” be filled with an abundance!

    Feel a warm hug,

      • I sure did, Mary. What a wonderful surprise! My heart was aglow all week. Thanks so much for the kind vote.

        A few sun rays up here. Hope you are having some sun warmth down south. Have a super week.

        Looking forward to your next blog,

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