Birth Time for Julian Assange

True to the spirit of the time (and the Uranus station), several days ago TMA received an (unsolicited) exact birth time for Julian Assange.

Our source has requested anonymity, which we are respecting. Both Tem and I felt that the circumstances through which we got the information, and some other details, suggest that this is an authentic time. The source personally viewed, but was not able to make a copy of, Mr. Assange’s birth certificate.

Update: our source clarified what s/he saw: “The birth record (is) from the registry which has appended to it a copy of the birth certificate but the hour was not on the certificate but on the record in the registry files.”

Because of ink that was a bit smeared, there is a question of whether the time of birth was 2:05 pm, 2:06 pm. or 2:08 pm on July 3, 1971, in Townsville, Queensland, Australia (19S09 146E48).

I’ll just make a few quick comments, and open it up for you all to chime in with your fine ideas. What a story!

Birth data for Julian Assange: July 3, 1971; 2:05 pm; Townsville, Queensland

First of all, take a look at the chart for the solar arc directions that Tem noticed right away.

Assange bi-wheel

Uranus is a big player in Mr. Assange’s birth chart (it squares the Sun) and has come precisely to the Ascendant.

Mr. Assange’s MC/IC axis 6º12’ Leo/Aquarius; the U.S. nodal axis is 6º36’ Leo/Aquarius.

Julian Assange has 17º08’ Scorpio rising. His co-rulers are Mars and Pluto. In the past few days, transiting Mars has been opposing natal Venus  (ruler of 7th of open enemies) and squaring natal Pluto. His progressed Ascendant is 24º16’ Sag; Mars crossed that degree on November 29.

His prenatal solar eclipse is 6º09’ Pisces; the Sibly progressed Moon is now 6º08’ Pisces (which of course, we can see without a birth time).

The A*C*G map for 2:05 p.m. shows Pluto – IC through Sweden (but if done “in mundo” it shifts away from Sweden) and Sun line goes through London and Paris.  Venus – IC runs through Washington, D.C.

There’s lots more to say, and we look forward to your comments.


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  • Wow, his Asc and Nodes are all on the cross quarter points and he finds himself under arrest as the Moon waxes toward a Total Lunar eclipse on the Solstice points.
    This Total Lunar eclipse in the last degree of Gemini is conjunct his Venus and he is under arrest for sexual crimes against women.

  • If Julian was born at 2 something in the afternoon, how can his sun be in the morning quadrant of the chart, not even having reached the midheaven yet?

    Love to know.


    • You’re looking at his Solar Arc info, not his natal.
      His natal (birth chart) has the Sun in the Eighth House.

  • Barbara Koehler says:

    Some things come easy to Mr. Assange it appears what with his Mercury trine Jupiter and Venus trine Mars, but I am intrigued by the yod between the sextile of Mercury to Pluto and their quincunx aspects to Mars. The U.S. progressed Moon is now at 27 Virgo so is conjunct his natal Pluto. Some love him, some hate him, but his detail loving Virgo Pluto gets down and dirty, and Mercury in Cancer (aided by Jupiter in Scorpio) supplies the info needed to press Aquarian Mars into action.

    Mars has some interesting companions in the way of asteroids Eurydike at 26+ Aquarius, Arachne at 24+ and Osiris at 27+. Eurydike, Martha Lang Wescott says, will show where dependence on people, issues or behaviors of aspects “feels like a matter of life or death.” So while Eury supplies the drama, Arachne has been weaving the threads of a pattern and Osiris feels complete in the company of Mars. This little group enjoyed the transits of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter last year as they conjoined and now as Chiron and Neptune finalize their work in Aquarius, Mr. Assange it seems has played an important part in realizing their message.

  • Cherie,

    The outer wheel is the solar arc directed chart..the natal Sun is in the 9th house (the inner wheel)


  • This chart is almost too good a case study in natal astrology to be true. I mean, it describes this man’s life and circumstances almost to a point of astrological perfection. Moon in Scorpio, 12th house? Scorpio rising, with Neptune in first (opposite Saturn in 7th)? Venus square Pluto being hit by transit Uranus in T-square? I am skeptical because it is too perfect for how we know the man through the media :-)).

    I guess the main thing to ask is: will this man spend the rest of his life in prison for revealing the truth that thus becomes a political crime? And under the allegation of rape? Was that a set up? Will he go down as a martyr, saint, or a traitor in history? No doubt, if this is the correct chart, he is on a mission and believes his cause… even to the point of death. In fact, it would seem his whole life is to be spent on death and destruction, even of himself… but for a cause he believes in, whether real or not.

  • The current and upcoming transits are notable. Transiting Saturn began to square his natal Sun in Late August (using a 6 deg. orb). That was the month the rape allegations surfaced. Saturn’s square to the Sun would have been exact in late October, and continues to be in orb for about a year in total. This difficult Saturn transit to his Sun can indicate restriction by, and a dead-on confrontation with, Authority (Saturn). One possible interpretation is that this case will drag on and on unresolved for the next year, and that he will find his every action and move blocked. This Saturnian element overlaps with a hard Neptune aspect: Neptune square Neptune. This midlife transit began for him in April – July of 2010 (with a 2 degree orb), and will return for most of 2011, beginning in March. With the Neptune and Saturn influences so strong over the next year, it looks to be a time of constriction, loss, and withdrawal. A saving grace may come with both transiting Jupiter and Uranus trine natal Jupiter in January. Perhaps a surprising source of help comes to him during that month.

  • Gary, great observation about that eclipse, thanks! His Venus is indeed troublesome. He has AS/MC = VE/PL = MO/NO, which I read as karmic unions with women tied to sexual compulsions running his life. Whether he’s been set up or not, he’s in serious trouble. He has the very very forgiving SO/JU = MA/SA, so he gets away with a lot, but that midpoint axis is being transited by Neppy now. Smear campaign, or legit charges? Who knows, but it’s not looking good for the world’s most hated computer geek. What a circus this is.

  • mary fitzsimons says:

    thats not right, uranus was in libra in 1971

  • mary fitzsimons says:

    the chart is wrong, july 3 is cancer and uranus is in libra in 1971

  • Trish Vidal says:

    Mary, please don’t jump to conclusions and confuse the Natal chart with the Solar Arc chart. You really think any astrologer worth his/her salt would miss the Sun being wrong sign?

  • Dear Mary F.: The inside wheel is the natal chart and the outer wheel is his Solar Arc Directed chart for the current date.

  • It may be worth further investigation of the source.

    “The source personally viewed, but was not able to make a copy of, Mr. Assange’s birth certificate.”

    In Australia, we do not record the birth time on the birth certificate, never have.

  • With or without an accurate birth time, Mr. Assange’s Mercury-Pluto-Jupiter network links in so remarkably with the USA’s perception-management Mercury-Neptune-Pluto complex—only someone with this level of linkage could tap in, in such a big way, to the state’s secrets and expose the lies and deceptions. The Jupiter part, natally and by transit, is what was needed to make this a BIG development.

    As for the pretext for the warrant for his arrest, his natal Venus-Pluto-Jupiter configuration indicates the likelihood of entrapment by a woman in a sexual situation. That’s a cheap shot, an attack on the honor of his manhood, that would be orchestrated by, in essence, thugs. I don’t buy it.

  • Dena: All of these upcoming transits are also a prelude to his upcoming t.Pluto opp n.Sun. That would be one of the biggest one in my eyes. Not only the total culmination of all this for Mr. Assange but most likely a very dangerous time for him as well. I know that’s a very simple way to look at that particular transit but Mr. Assange is already making a lot of powerful enemies. And sometimes it does just play out that literally, I mean look at
    Benazir Bhutto.

  • I had no idea of his planetary positions, but my first inclination was that he is of a Scorpio leaning. (his Asc comes through even in his online interview,(don’t recall the program of a few weeks ago) when he evaded the interviewer, declining to comment. It’s ironic that it is through his web pages that others secrets have been revealed. Sounds karmic to me~

  • I was interested to see he was born a few days before Mars stationed retro, which happened when he was about 8 years old by progression.

    Slow Mars in Aquarius close to his NNode has a compelling maverick energy to it, which will persist in its objectives despite being an outsider, and maybe because of it. Mars retro esp near its station is always very determined to prevail, a sign of the underdog who never gives up.

    • After doing a bit of research on his childhood – it was a hard one at best. Apparently, his inner group was a member of “The Family” which is a spin off of the Great White Brotherhood. There is alot more to this but found this part interesting as so stated the next ‘dump’ will contain UFO information.

  • You seem to be citing an anonymous source for data from Assange’s Queensland birth certificate. I was born in Queensland and have collected various Queensland birth certificates during family research, etc, and I can assure you that QLD birth certificates do not include times of birth. Nor do Australian birth certificates for that matter. Really, you should know that.

  • I just checked with our data-source-person and got more detail into the type of birth record this person saw: “the birth record (is) from the registry which has appended to it a copy of the birth certificate but the hour was not on the certificate but on the record in the registry files.”
    I will also share this detail with AstroDataBank.

  • Barbara Ferrara says:

    Couldn’t help notice that Julian Assange has several aspects in common with U.S. First president George Washington! (February 22. 1732, 10am, Wakefield, Virginia, from astrodatabank):

    Sun square Uranus
    Sun square Chiron
    Mercury trine Jupiter
    Mercury trine Neptune
    Jupiter opposite Saturn

    Assange’s Venus on Washington’s South Node
    Assange’s ascendant conjunct Washington’s descendant
    Assange’s Cancer Sun and Aries Chiron widely conjunct America’s (July 4, 1776) Sun and Chiron

    This tickles the esoteric reincarnation side of my brain.

  • Dale O'Brien says:

    SMUDGED DIGIT FACTOR ADJUSTMENT: Sabian Symbols for ASC & MC tell us 2:08:20 p.m.(or later)

    ASC for that time: “A parrot listening and then talking, repeating a conversation he has overheard.”
    MC for that time: “An Activist is stirring up discontent by spreading his revolutionary ideals”
    PART of FORTUNE for that time: “An officer drilling his men in a simulated attack” (in fifth house, e.g., with the Porphry house system)

  • Dale, if you are correct, then Solar Arc Uranus hasn’t yet reached his natal Ascendant, which would be just above 18 degrees Scorpio. Correct? Those Sabian degree symbols are awfully relevant, aren’t they?

  • So now the time of birth is not from the certificate but from the registry? I repeat that times of birth are not recorded on birth certificates in Queensland and I further clarify that they are not recorded in the registry of births in Queensland because this information is not sent by the hospital to the registry. In other words, I think someone is pulling your leg.

  • As a few astute minds have mentioned, this is suspect information! This birth time dilemma is always at the heart of accurate chart erection, much less interp!! Good luck Tem! I will still subscribe!! All is forgiven…..LOLROZF!!!!

  • Dale O'Brien says:

    Sy, I respect your knowledge of Queensland birth certificates and registry procedures. However, I do not think that means that the anonymous messenger is “pulling (anyone’s) leg” regardless of the actual source of this birth time. Consider the comments of some of our most talented astrologers. Consider the intuitive amongst us who “just knew” that Julian is Scorpio ascendant. Further, His 12th house Moon square the M.C. makes sense for his arrest and imprisonment for his taking on the powers that be in high places (See my M.C. note, previously posted).

    Tem, note that Solar Arc-Directed Sun (the most important SOLAR Arc of all!) is at 18Leo16′ now and for perhaps the last three months, square a 2:08:20pm ASC. It would make sense to me if within less than one year when Solar Arc Uranus is at 18+Scorpio Julian will be truly free, “out of the 12th house,” into “the open.” The Parrot then should be able to freely re-tell much (all?) that he has heard.

  • Sy, isn’t it true that the hospitals themselves keep the times of birth on file?

  • I also took note immediately of his Sun in Cancer conj the US Sun. Also, with Merc in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio, don’t you think he must feel emotionally committed at a deep gut level to his cause? With Mars in Aquarius in the 4th conj his N. Node, he was destined for this, don’t you think?

  • Some say 2.05, some 5:30am,I think it is safer to make a rising chart, putting the Sun on the Asc. so or so, he has his Saturn on the Pleiades,making an 150 deg. to the Moon, showing us a problem first with his mother then with women in his life. Moon in Scorpio, in fall too. He is 39 years old, and there are 39 degrees between his Sat- to Sun…In the Solar chart, with Sun on Asc. Sat will be the ruler of the 7th&8th, Opposite Jup+Nep. Neptune rules his month (7) and there are 39.36 degrees between Neptune 180 oppisition to Natal Sun, another sign for trouble at this age. Venus in Gem. will show us a person who has multiple relationships with younger women, none serious.Directed Venus sends a sextile to Saturn and sqaure to Moon at this age. again women related troubles. Career? Chiron in Aries in his H10, 90 to Sun, 180 to Uranus, trouble trouble again,effected by transiting Satrun (180)and squaring Directed Saturn, gives me the answer, that his career will be effected by women (Satrun ruler of H7)
    There was a Solar eclipse on Feb 25, 1971, on 6 Pisces, and surprize !!! Dir. Pluto is now in his 5th house on 6 Sco. trining the eclipse degree. Dir. Venus on 4 Leo, Dir. Jup 6 Cap., again women, open enemies and H7.

  • Dale O'Brien says:

    Julian Assange’s natal chart relocated to London chart
    (where he’s been arrested and locked up): Venus & Ceres & Sun (10Cancer36′) in the twelfth house; 13Cancer11′ relocated ASC.
    13+ Cancer is the degree of any July 4 1776 chart set for 9:28 a.m. or later.

    I’m sure we can each draw our own astrological conclusions, as always!

  • Dale O'Brien says:

    Transiting Saturn is at 15Libra9′
    His natal chart’s Porphry House Cusps for 2:08:20’pm gives 14Libra24′ for his 12th house cusp: sounds like a potential for imprisonment….

  • Tem, are you saying that the time of birth is now claimed to be not from a QLD birth certificate nor the registry, as previously claimed, but from hospital records? Each time I have disproved your informant’s claimed sources they have changed them. I advise that Queensland hospitals destroy their records after 21 years.

    Dale, I am not disputing whether Mr. Assange has Scorpio Rising or not, nor am i questioning the talents of any astrologers. As a local Queensland astro-data collector I just feel that it is my duty to question the claimed sources of the birth time, because they simply don’t ring true.