Birth Time for Julian Assange

True to the spirit of the time (and the Uranus station), several days ago TMA received an (unsolicited) exact birth time for Julian Assange.

Our source has requested anonymity, which we are respecting. Both Tem and I felt that the circumstances through which we got the information, and some other details, suggest that this is an authentic time. The source personally viewed, but was not able to make a copy of, Mr. Assange’s birth certificate.

Update: our source clarified what s/he saw: “The birth record (is) from the registry which has appended to it a copy of the birth certificate but the hour was not on the certificate but on the record in the registry files.”

Because of ink that was a bit smeared, there is a question of whether the time of birth was 2:05 pm, 2:06 pm. or 2:08 pm on July 3, 1971, in Townsville, Queensland, Australia (19S09 146E48).

I’ll just make a few quick comments, and open it up for you all to chime in with your fine ideas. What a story!

Birth data for Julian Assange: July 3, 1971; 2:05 pm; Townsville, Queensland

First of all, take a look at the chart for the solar arc directions that Tem noticed right away.

Assange bi-wheel

Uranus is a big player in Mr. Assange’s birth chart (it squares the Sun) and has come precisely to the Ascendant.

Mr. Assange’s MC/IC axis 6º12’ Leo/Aquarius; the U.S. nodal axis is 6º36’ Leo/Aquarius.

Julian Assange has 17º08’ Scorpio rising. His co-rulers are Mars and Pluto. In the past few days, transiting Mars has been opposing natal Venus  (ruler of 7th of open enemies) and squaring natal Pluto. His progressed Ascendant is 24º16’ Sag; Mars crossed that degree on November 29.

His prenatal solar eclipse is 6º09’ Pisces; the Sibly progressed Moon is now 6º08’ Pisces (which of course, we can see without a birth time).

The A*C*G map for 2:05 p.m. shows Pluto – IC through Sweden (but if done “in mundo” it shifts away from Sweden) and Sun line goes through London and Paris.  Venus – IC runs through Washington, D.C.

There’s lots more to say, and we look forward to your comments.



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  • i love it that the exact time of birth was leaked anonymously. julian would be very happy about that.

  • Dale O'Brien says:

    Thanks, Sy. You do the late Lois Rodden proud! If she were with us, she’d likely classify this birth time as “dirty data.” Still, to me, this time of birth seems to merit much further study, not dismissal.

  • Sy, skepticism is *always* welcome when it comes to data and data claims. And as someone pointed out, who knows whether the time was accurately written down at the time of Assange’s birth. Testing data is necessary before it can be widely accepted. That is what is going on now, this time is being tested by many. Just for the record, the source who was in a position to see the data hasn’t changed anything in their story; only, I asked for more detail and received it — hence the update posted in the main story above.

  • Dale O'Brien says:

    In general, the timing of recent events is amazing in terms of the EXACT Mercury and Pluto conjunction, the coming EXACT Mercury retrograde-Pluto conjunction, and next month yet another EXACT Mercury-Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is most commonly considered to be the sign of “government” and Mercury – Pluto aspects often involve the issue of exposure or repression of the facts regarding some matter(s). STAY TUNED!

  • i am in agreement with sy in maintaining a level of skepticism towards this data until further notice… in the meantime it is fun to play around with different astro ideas around this person and what he is bringing forth.. i too note the mercury/pluto conjunction at present and how mercury is essentially in a station about to go retro at present.. assange has sun at mercury/pluto midpoint which is really quite fitting when one thinks about it.. for secretive info to come out under a mercury/pluto combo is no coincidence, and one wonders how much more their is that we are not being made aware of at this time.. wikileaks seems designed to reveal or pull away the veil of secrecy that increasingly shrouds gov’t and their actions.. so much info remains hidden.. one is left wondering what will come out after the mercury retro period when mercury returns to the conjunction with pluto close to the full moon in mid january 2011…

  • I think it a little premature to be speculating on a chart where the birthtime comes from an ‘anonymous source’ – this could simply be somebody justifying their own slant on Assange’s chart.
    I think the Scorpio rising choice is a little too obvious and facile frankly. The Scorpio Moon easily takes care of that aspect of him. Assange does not ‘look like’ a Scorpio rising, more an air sign rising to me.
    The best charts I have seen thus far are Libra/Uranus rising and Aquarius/Mars rising. The latter one for me is a particularly strong one with Moon in Scorpio in the 9th house of foreign affairs, Jupiter in Scorpio on the MC being so strongly squared by transiting Neptune/Chiron, putting him in the world spotlight – with plenty subterfuge and mystery.

    The ruler of the Taurus 4th house cusp is Venus in Gemini and Assange has been moving all his life.

    Mars on the Asc is quite the warrior as well as his original inventive genius. Aquarius rising is up for the greater group good here, there are so many parts of Assange’s character that point to this Aquarian disposition.


  • TMA: “The birth record (is) from the registry”

    As Sy Scholfield said, birth times “are not recorded in the registry of births in Queensland”.

    To find out the time of birth of anyone born in Australia you need to go to the hospital and get their records. If you are not the biological mother or father you will be politely told to go away.

  • Also, to obtain a copy of a birth certificate you must be the person listed on the birth certificate or the biological mother or father, and fork out $80.

  • Dale wrote: “Thanks, Sy. You do the late Lois Rodden proud!” Thanks Dale, that’s the best compliment I’ve received in a while. Lois was one of my mentors. (I don’t think she would be very pleased with all the data inaccuracies published all over the internet today.)

    “jinny” wrote: “i love it that the exact time of birth was leaked anonymously. julian would be very happy about that.” I disagree. I do not think Mr. Assange would be very thrilled about this at all. As the editor of Wikileaks he has published leaked government documents as a public service. With all due respect The TMA has not published any leaked document verifying Mr. Assange’s time of birth. What has been published is a statement by an anonymous and questionable source. I don’t think Mr. Assange would do such a thing. And anyway, the “exact” time of birth was not given: reportedly it is 2.05, 2.08,or 2.09pm. Whatever. If the last numeral is smeared then why not 2.03pm, considering that the numeral “3” would look pretty much the same as 5, 8, or 9 when smeared ??

    Tem wrote: “Testing data is necessary before it can be widely accepted.” I disagree with this because in my experience you can get any number of astrologers, all of equal merit and talents, to independently rectify a chart, and all will come up with an equally-reasonable rectified time of birth.

    The only way to test data is by the accuracy of its source/s. In all fairness I think you should add an addendum to the data you’ve published, stating to the effect that it is questionable because QLD birth certificates and the QLD registry do not record times of birth.


  • Sy, I agree Julian would not be happy at this breach of privacy. The story seems plausible but the smearing is just another reason to be skeptical. Still worth investigating with all our various methods, and of course we’ll never agree like you said. Marina and I work together and we argued for hours about different rectified times.

  • I like to think of myself as an intuitive astrologer, but I would not trust my intuition to rectify a chart. And it’s cool that Uranus sits on the asc in the solar arc chart, but it also sits on the asc in the noon chart that I drew up initially. That doesn’t make the birth time noon, necessarily. I really appreciate Sy and Jamie’s comments from Australia and since I have Mercury in Scorpio myself, I look forward to clearing up this mystery!

  • the outer circle of transiting planets should have been calculated for London, England where assange was taken into custody
    i appreciate your work, thank you

  • To all you Fact Checkers –

    Thanks for your service to the astrology community here—Much appreciated.

    Hope we get more info about the questionable provenance of this birth time.

  • After looking at his Zi wei chart (Chinese astro) I can tell you his birth time fits as fish in the water. Amazing

  • Suzanne Pfitzner says:

    Yes, Lynne, I was delighted to see Uranus on the Asc in the initial midday chart, yet no matter 2.03 or 2.09 pm, he is still Uranian indeed: new ideas, technology, breaking new ground, reform, breaking down the establishment, innovative, shocking, having a cause, non-emotional change (although I think it IS emotional for him) plus a need to get to the bottom of things, the value of knowledge, the intellectual drive for information and knowledge, driven to make a difference for humanity. How about his philosophy and world-view fed/nourished/connected/supported by the need for secrecy?..Moon in Scorp in 12th ruling 9th AND trine Sun in 9th; could even look at Venus in Gemini in 8th ruling 12th as a twist on a similar theme… the love of disseminating info’ could be his undoing. Not surprised to see the ‘establishment’ or ‘authorities’ opposing him!

  • David Crook says:

    Assange’s Venus (7th house ruler) antiscion = 4 Cancer 34, and transiting Pluto is -180- this point- sexual allegations and power struggles. The June 26, 2010 lunar eclipse = 4 Capricorn 46 conjunct Pluto at 4 Capricorn 05. And now Mercury is stationing at 6 Capricorn, with the Dec. 14 triple conjunction between Mercury, Mars, and Pluto, falling at 5 Capricorn. The chart for Assange turning himself (12/7 9:30 am, London) has the Moon and Ascendant at precisely 5 Capricorn.

  • What a great and somehow appropriate discussion of secret sources and real truth. I am aware that the discussion itself is taking place on the cusp of Mercury stationing retrograde and a new moon cycle that began with Pluto exactly conjunct Mercury. So happy for the Mountain Astrologer; thanks for keeping us informed and helping us hone our practices.

  • Has anyone else noted the rather astonishing number of exact parallels of declination in his chart? To wit:

    Point Decl.
    Moon -18°47′
    Mars -18°58′
    Jup -18°41′
    Sat +18°38′ (contra-parallel)
    Nep -18°38′
    (MC +18°43′ — if time is correct)

    Sun +23°01′
    Merc +23°10′
    Venus +23°02′

    And, the secondary progressed chart has progressed Sun and progressed Pluto in exact parallel.

  • Cathy, wow, those declinations are amazing. And it should be mentioned that the declination of the Moon usually changes quite a bit during the day, so Moon declination depends on time of birth much more than the other planets.

  • Noela Hinkley says:

    I work with three zodiacs – Tropical, Draconic and Sidereal, and see the connections between these (both natal and transiting) being very relevant.

    Here we have Julian’s Draconic Asc./Des. at 2 degrees Cap. 5 ft/2 degrees Cancer.5 ft so the current transiting Nodal Axis is conjunct (exact in early Feb.) and transiting Pluto conjunct the North Node and Draconic natal Ascendant.

    His natal Moon in the 12th house denotes incarceration, which, unfortunately, Julian is experiencing at the moment. In the Sidereal chart natal Moon is 12 degrees, 54 ft. Libra. Transiting Saturn conjuncted this in mid-Nov. and will again in mid-April.

    I feel March 2011 is a particular time to watch. Jupiter will oppose natal Uranus, and Pluto be opposite natal Sun, thus forming a Grand Cross. At this time Draconic Jupiter will conjunct Julian’s natal Sun (Tropical) also M.C. in the Draconic natal, and Draconic Venus will be opposite natal Moon (Tropical). So perhaps a little lightening up of the present situation?

    With regard to Julian’s personality and drive, we have Jupiter conjunct Neptune, opposite Saturn which in the Sidereal is Jupiter 2degrees 57 ft. Scorpio, Neptune 6 degrees 22 ft. Scorpio and Saturn 7 degrees 20 ft. Taurus, so Jupiter, Neptune conjuncts his Tropical Moon with Saturn opposite. He has a vision which involves equality and informs his emotional/subconscious nature where the intense Scorpio elements are enhanced by a sextile from Pluto.

  • Abilities; Read Ebertin’s Book-COSI
    Sun/Uranus=Mercury,zero orb read Ebertin.
    Mars/Jupiter=Uranus, zero orb, for your key words.
    Asc./Sun=Mars, zero orb, read the same.
    Mercury/Mars=Uranus, zero orb, read the same. This point is connected with Moon/neptune.
    Asc/Mercury=Uranus, zero orb, read the same.This point is connected with the Sun.
    Mercury/Pluto=Sun, zero orb, read the same.This point is connected with Moon/Mars.
    Speaking from the heart with intent…Venus/Mercury=Uranus,zero orb read the same. This point is connected with Moon/Neptune-secretive stories, the power to undermine.
    Sun/Pluto=Uranus, zero orb, read the same,(arrest).
    Transiting Pluto/Uranus=Sun, zero orb, for the day of the arrest. Transiting Neptune-Natal-Moons-Node,zero orb, for the day of the arrest.Transiting Uranus=Natal-Mars/Uranus, zero orb=Natal Asc.
    Time for action…Transiting Uranus on his birth latitude at the time of the arrest.
    Transiting Uranus also on the place where he was arrested.(time for action).

  • I like the Mars in Aquarius rising time. It fits his height (Aquarius is often tall) and his pockmarked face (Mars). It also fits his identity as a computer hacker.

  • I forgot to mention his prematurely gray hair, also common in Aquarius rising.

  • Right, Tem… the range of the Moon’s declination for his birthday, midnight to midnight, is -16°12′ to -20°27′, so only in the mid-day hours would it be so tightly configured with the other planets.

  • Can someone look at Assange’s relocated chart for Sweden, where he would be extradited to, using the 2:05 pm or 2:08 pm time? That may be telling, besides the Pluto on the IC for Sweden. I’m curious, but I need to focus on the next magazine deadline so all of you subscribers can get your next magazine on time! 🙂

  • Someone on TMA’s Facebook page just commented: Looking at Assange’s facial features, Scorpio rising fits. His eyes–that schnoz, the fleshy broad jawline–Scorpio…..the other features could also apply to Capricorn rising, but the eyes sealed it for me. Although in Cap, we see sharper bone structure.

  • Mars was at 26°40′ Sag when it squared stationary Uranus at 26°40′ Pisces Friday. Uranus stationed direct Sunday.

    These are majorly important planets for him, as others have pointed out — Mars as handle of his “bucket”; Sun square Uranus natally.

    So — using a time of 2:06 p.m., his progressed Ascendant is 26°37′ Sag — just 3 minutes from exact conjunction with Mars at the Uranus square.

    (A 2:05 p.m. time gives a progressed Ascendant of 26°23′ Sag.)

    (If you progress his chart and get something different, it may be that the method of progressing we are using is different – I used Naibod in RA.)

    Just more fuel for the discussion.

  • Tem — where in Sweden would he be extradited to? Do you know? I did search in google, but the sources I saw just said “Sweden”.

  • I cannot go with the Scorpio rising because he is not “solid” enough, Pluto in the 1st with Uranus Square the Sun in 10th would give him all the qualities others talk about, at 11:05 am 21Vir ASC with 24 Gemini MC, n Mercury in 11th on Sat helio N.N speaking through Sat in Gem in 9th the Venus is conj MC. With this time of birth Prog & SA Sun are just going into the 12 hs

  • I wish the 2:05-2:08 time was a little better substantiated; it does feel a little suspect. It’s too bad the source can’t snap a photo of the document and upload it to email, so TMA could publish the image (including that smudge of ink)!

    To be honest, I don’t think he looks like a Scorpio Rising. There have been some pictures in the press that have been so pale and ghostly that alien-like was a word that came to my mind more than once. Although it requires ignoring the 2PM time, I do think the Aquarius rising fits him well. He’s a little otherworldly and strange and a computer prodigy (the ultimate geek) and concerned enough with a civil-rights, democracy-in-action sort of humanitarianism to walk the walk in addition to talking the talk (really living your Ascendant).

    Using Placidus houses, here are some other fun things about an Aquarius rising (other than the fact that it puts the Scorpio everyone has easily identified on the MC, establishing his “career” and his public role/reputation through Scorpionic themes and means):

    An Ascendant up to 11 Aquarius puts a 10 Scorpio Moon at the MC (although anywhere in the 10th would work)— Moon for the public and mass consciousness.

    The asteroid Damocles (the powerful man with the sword hanging by thread over his head) is at 21 Aquarius tightly conjunct Mars in the 1st house. Pholus (small cause, big effect) is also in the 1st, squaring elusive Neptune in the 10th and Saturn (governments, entrenched policies/structures) in the 4th.

    The asteroid Kassandra, the ignored truth-teller, is at 13 Sagittarius (the truth-teller) in the 11th house of group, and sometimes humanitarian, causes.

    The asteroid Pandora (no explanation necessary!) is at 16 Libra 51 in the 9th house (the going beyond visible boundaries house), square his Sun and opposing the Eris-Chiron conjunction in the 3rd (communication/publication). Pandora, the Part of Fortune, and Uranus all in the house of international affairs seems to make him Pandora’s box-opener of the world (and loving it).

    And the asteroid America is at 8 Leo, which in an 11 Aquarius ascendant chart would be conjunct the Descendant—his “partner in crime.” (Not too many of us would disagree that the Sun may be beginning to set on the American Empire, I imagine!)

    I know that’s a lot of enticing stuff for a totally speculated time, but when you see the apt asteroids show up in such uncanny places, it’s hard to resist. Thanks for indulging me.