Birth Time for Julian Assange

True to the spirit of the time (and the Uranus station), several days ago TMA received an (unsolicited) exact birth time for Julian Assange.

Our source has requested anonymity, which we are respecting. Both Tem and I felt that the circumstances through which we got the information, and some other details, suggest that this is an authentic time. The source personally viewed, but was not able to make a copy of, Mr. Assange’s birth certificate.

Update: our source clarified what s/he saw: “The birth record (is) from the registry which has appended to it a copy of the birth certificate but the hour was not on the certificate but on the record in the registry files.”

Because of ink that was a bit smeared, there is a question of whether the time of birth was 2:05 pm, 2:06 pm. or 2:08 pm on July 3, 1971, in Townsville, Queensland, Australia (19S09 146E48).

I’ll just make a few quick comments, and open it up for you all to chime in with your fine ideas. What a story!

Birth data for Julian Assange: July 3, 1971; 2:05 pm; Townsville, Queensland

First of all, take a look at the chart for the solar arc directions that Tem noticed right away.

Assange bi-wheel

Uranus is a big player in Mr. Assange’s birth chart (it squares the Sun) and has come precisely to the Ascendant.

Mr. Assange’s MC/IC axis 6º12’ Leo/Aquarius; the U.S. nodal axis is 6º36’ Leo/Aquarius.

Julian Assange has 17º08’ Scorpio rising. His co-rulers are Mars and Pluto. In the past few days, transiting Mars has been opposing natal Venus  (ruler of 7th of open enemies) and squaring natal Pluto. His progressed Ascendant is 24º16’ Sag; Mars crossed that degree on November 29.

His prenatal solar eclipse is 6º09’ Pisces; the Sibly progressed Moon is now 6º08’ Pisces (which of course, we can see without a birth time).

The A*C*G map for 2:05 p.m. shows Pluto – IC through Sweden (but if done “in mundo” it shifts away from Sweden) and Sun line goes through London and Paris.  Venus – IC runs through Washington, D.C.

There’s lots more to say, and we look forward to your comments.



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  • Miriam Laister says:

    I have noticed the Cancer native often take on the physical charistics of their Moon sign. This could account for the ‘Scorpio rising’ look.

  • Dale O'Brien says:

    Tem, for a 2:08:20 pm time, Julian’s relocated chart for Sweden (at least for Stockholm, and using Porphry house cusps) has Venus, Ceres & Sun in the 12th house (like his London “relo” chart), plus Mercury in the 12th house. His Juno is 4Leo8′ conjunct a 4Leo16′ Ascendant.

    Vesta is retro at 3Aquarius55′ conjunct the DSC; N.Node & Mars are in the 7th house; MC is ZeroAries43′ + Pallas Athena very late in the 10th house at 10Taurus52′

    Pluto in the 3rd house conjunct I.C. conjunct Lilith at 3Libra36′ in the 4th house, along with Uranus & Moon in 4th house

  • The 2:05 pm birthtime is a good start, so in my opinion, neither TMA or Tem can be blamed for releasing it. However, I am more inclined to say Libra (or maybe Aquarius) rising for Assange.

    The SA aspect of Uranus to the Scorpio Ascendant is fitting, but it’s still a transit ! From everything we know of this character, his Uranian qualities seem not ONLY of a transitory nature, but rather, part of his essense or very being !

    Everything, from his unkempt, filthy physical appearance, his life-long interest in computers, his tendency to incessently change residences, 50 or more times, since boyhood, his eccentricity and anarchistic views of governments and democracy, all seem to support natal Uranus conjunct or near the Libra Ascendant.

    Sometimes, I have used astrocartography as a method of rectification. If we use the birth time of 11:30 am to 12 noon, his relocated chart for London, England reveals Saturn conjunct the relocated Ascendant in Gemini and Neptune in Sagitarius conjunct the descendant.

    Yikes ! England is CLEARLY not a safe place for him…as the ramnifications of his Saturn – Neptune natal opposition fully come home to roost…

    Being in a Saturn-Neptune “crossing” is probably the most darkest, unfavorable place on Earth to be !

    Two depressing scenarios come to mind…

    One is the damsel in distress being tied to the railway tracks while the train whistle is heard in the background… LOL

    The other is Jesus being led and tied to the cross and crucified by King Herod’s soldiers.

    The arrest and detainment of Assange by a London judge coincides and confirms the placement of relocated Saturn on the Ascendant, with Neptune on the 7th house cusp of legal matters.

    Martydom is a frequent theme in such a zone. Saturn on the relocated ascendant is a reality check, a bucket of ice cold water over the head !

    Ironically, the alledged Stockholm rapes of two women took place at a Sun-Mars crossing.
    Mars is traditionally associated with rape and, on a Mars line, men in particular are destined to prove themselves through competition, sport, or sex.

    The crossing of Sun and Mars frequently denotes conquests, either of a sexual or chauvinistic nature and where bravado and egotism rule the day.

    The Sun-Mars crossing, however, is a better place for him, especially if you have to defend yourself in court. I expect that with the Sun Mars crossing, he could successfully defend himself against the rape charges. However, Mr. Assange has many, many battles ahead of him, so we wish him well !

  • Barbara Koehler says:

    Lisa, I agree with you about the asteroids and thank you for sharing your research. In addition to the asteroids in earlier comments, I noticed that Askalaphus in Assange’s chart was at 25 Pisces 57, conjunct the now transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. In mythology, a second Askalaphus (the 1st one being connected to medical/health issues)is known best for abiding in Hades with Pluto, and for ratting out Persephone, who had eaten some pomegranate seeds, which caused her to be forced to live forever after in Hades for half a year. Askalaphus was prominent in the Deepwater Oil Explosion chart too. This reflects the whistle-blower (or tattle tale?) nature of his line of work.

    Also of interest in his chart is Prometheus (bringer of fire to humanity) in Gemini, trine Hebe (enabling, server to the gods) in Libra and she is conjunct Pandora as you reported. He was born to do what he has done it would seem.

  • Natal chart looks right to me. Awaiting further verification. Noela above I think has it just about right. Neptune/Jupiter in the 1st, Jupiter trine Mercury in 9th, Jupiter sextile to Pluto in the 11th- is what leaps out at me looking at the natal chart.

    Jupiter in Scorpio- enthusiastic dissemination of (what were once…did the US leak these?) secrets- tied to Neptune in Sagittarius (zero degrees!): freedom of the media- the web first and foremost- in this case.

    Note his Venus is conjunct the USA Mars- but squares his own Pluto- curiouser and curiouser.

  • John somoza says:

    A very strong Scorpio chart.

    Besides the Ascendant, the Moon and Jupiter, all in Scorpio, there are others.

    Venus in the sign of communications, Gemini is in the 8th, Scorpio’s house.
    Venus In Gemini squares Pluto in Virgo. Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio.

    Jupiter in Scorpio squares the other co-ruler of Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius.
    And Mars is in the angular 4th.

    Mercury at 23 Cancer, natural ruler of communications, is in the decanate of Scorpio.
    And Mercury is the ruler of the 8th of this chart with Gemini on the cusp.

    The two singletons are interesting relative to the furor Julian has created.

    Neptune is the only planet in fire, Sagittarius.
    Pluto is the only planet in earth, Virgo.

    Neptune, has to do with scandals, and is in the sign of truthfulness, Sagittarius.
    And Neptune is rising.

    Pluto, connected with secrets, is in the sign of detailed accuracy, Virgo.

    Also note that most of the planets are over the horizon. So an objective individual

  • I am of the school of thought that dictates that the signs of born in Southern Hemisphere go in the opposite direction (just as it appears in the Southern sky).
    In this case, the chart is wrong, even if we assume the birth time to be correct.
    When I had my astrology practice, I had quite a few clients from Southern hemisphere. I had to do their charts by hand in order to reverse the flow of signs, and readings were always accurate.

    • CapricornRising says:

      Ella Moss, I can see your reasoning on the southern hemisphere having a differing system, but being from the southern hemisphere, and having watched my chart progress over the last 7 years I have to conclude that the basic system is the same as it is for the northern hemisphere! The only real problem we have “down here” is house location. Some peoples charts seem to have the 4th/10th houses reversed, but then the opposing houses are connected to each other so I draw no conclusions from this! I find your “open approach” interesting though, and am open to any discoveries that you may find! Cheers C.

      • If you keep the houses the same (they should not change since asc means East and MC means north), but reverse the sign flow, you would see that everything would fall into place

  • Lisa, do you think that “pale and ghostly” look you wrote of could be because the Moon is close enough to the ASC to influence it?

  • Dear All,

    First, may I say that the informant for Julian Assange’s time of birth is claiming that it came from a Queensland gov’t birth certificate or from the QLD registry (same thing really), not a hospital. Neither the birth certificate nor registry would include a time of birth.

    However, I thank Elva and Alice and others for their comments regarding hospitals in Australia, their keeping of birth records, and their release of times of birth to the public. I also understand there have been Queensland-born people who have remarked on mailing lists and blogs that they have accessed their birth times through QLD hospitals, particularly after the 21 year period that I stated was the cut-off point.

    This prompted me to double-check the situation. This morning I phoned Townsville General Hospital saying that I was born there in 1971 and would like my time of birth. After a long wait I was put through to “medical records” who informed me of the following:

    (a) Yes, times of birth are currently available for some periods from the 1950s until now. Some of the records in the early 1970s are missing due to floods. The person I spoke to wasn’t sure of which, but said “perhaps 1971 and 1972.” Other periods are not available for various reasons.

    (b) Birth times are only available to a person requesting their own time of birth, not to their parents, or the children of the applicant, etc.

    (c) Medical records are destroyed after 10 years (“for example, if you were born in 2000 then the record is now destroyed”), BUT the hospital keeps the birth record indefinitely.

    (d) Birth times are not available over the phone, etc. An applicant must write to the hospital providing their mother’s name at the time of their birth, plus the obvious things like the date, year, etc, of their birth, and proof of identity (“photocopy of your drivers licence signed by a Justice of the Peace”).

    (e) Records are then searched at the hospital “by the mother’s surname,” and here is the sticking point: If Julian Assange was born in this hospital (and there are quite a few hospitals in Townsville) and this time of birth of 2.05pm came from someone looking at the hospital medical records then they would need to know not only that his mother’s surname was not Assange, but also they would need to know her actual surname at that time. I do not understand where the informant to TMA would find that information. It is now reported widely that “Assange” is Julian’s step-father’s name, given to him after his mother married Mr Assange senior a year after Julian was born. This information has only been released in the press in the last two days or so, so I don’t think the informant would have had that info, to conduct a search, before making their claim. It seems that his mother’s maiden name has now been released but was that her name at the time of Julian’s birth (??) because she reportedly had a partner at the time, Julian’s biological father. Did she use her maiden name or his name, either way it reportedly wasn’t “Assange,” so it seems that the informant would not know that, and so would not be able to search the hospital records by surname, not that the informant is claiming that the info came from a hospital anyway.

    I’m happy to stand corrected on this matter. Indeed it is great news. I was led to believe by my birth hospital in QLD (and by the experiences of other Queensland-born folk) that all such hospital records in this state were destroyed after 21 years, if not before. Clearly this is incorrect. It means that other hospitals in QLD may also keep and release info on times of birth (probably only to the person concerned). But for anyone born at Townsville General since the 1940s you may have a chance to get your time of birth through the hospital, and this may also be the case at other QLD hospitals, but others like my hospital of birth don’t release the info.

    For now, TGH is the only QLD hospital I know of that provides this service. I also know of one in Sutherland Shire (Sydney, NSW) and one in Melbourne (Victoria), and reportedly one in Adelaide (SA). I hope to make more enquiries about this and put all the info on my Aussie Stars website, for my readers, when this website is relaunched in the near future.

    It’s a long shot but I have started searching for Julian Assange’s birth notice in QLD and Northern NSW newspapers for the month of July 1971. (It is possible that Interpol got confused and he was born 7 March 1971, because I have seen no alternative verification of the date, but that is another matter). Obviously his birth notice would not be listed under “Assange” because that was not his birth name, but I have checked it anyway and what I believe to be his mother’s maiden name, presuming that she could have been an unmarried mother. If anyone can help me with his biological father’s surname then that would be a big help.

    Anyway, there is no birth notice for him, or any male called Julian, in “The Townsville Daily Bulletin” and other newspapers I have checked on micro-film at the state library, such as the “(Brisbane) Telegraph” for July 1971. If his birth notice was placed in a newspaper it would likely be in “The Courier-Mail,” the Brisbane-based state newpaper. Unfortunately 1971 was perhaps Australia’s largest baby-boomer year, and there are hundreds of birth notices in this newspaper for the month of July 1971. Because it was becoming fashionable by 1971, a minority of these birth notices include the time of birth. I have checked for “Assange” and what I believe was the mother’s maiden name in the C-M for this month but no luck yet. Of course, his birth notice could be listed under his biological father’s surname. Does anyone know what that is??

    I could go through these hundreds of birth notices in the C-M looking for any males born in Townsville on 3 July 1971 and then check if they are named Julian and what the parents names are, but as you understand that would be a laborious task, and i’m rather too busy just now.

    I have ordered copies of the “Northern Star” (Lismore, NSW) for July-August 1971 to view at the library, but because they have to be brought in from remote storage they will not be there until late tomorrow at the earliest. I’m going to check these for a birth notice because I understand this is where one of Mr. Assange’s grandfathers lived at the time of his birth. Sometimes grandparents put their grandkids birth notices in the local paper.

    Australia has relatively strict privacy laws compared with the USA, UK, etc, and Queensland would have to be one of the strictest places on the planet. The QLD gov’t will not even let me have a copy of my QLD-born grandmother’s birth certificate, even though she has been dead for 22 years and was born nearly 100 years ago. I have to wait until 2014 when she would have reached the age of 100, if not 2015, because of bureaucracy, before I can get her BC, and by then it would be publicly available to anyone anyway. Only parents can access their child’s BC, and vica versa. In other words, if your parents are dead, and you want to get your QLD-born grandfather’s BC (for family history research, for example) then you will have to wait until he would have turned 100 before getting any such official information. You might die yourself before reaching that date! (And the BC wouldn’t have a time of birth anyhow).

    In Queensland, and in Australia generally, there are no birth indexes available to the public for people born in the last 80-100 years. If you cannot contact a person’s mother or family to make enquiries, and you want to find or confirm a person’s date of birth, let alone get their time of birth, or even their birth name, you have to search through things like birth notices in newspapers. I have had moderate success with this laborious approach (roll, roll, that microfilm!!), having found birth times in birth notices for people like actor, Julian McMahon, fastest-swimmer-in-the-world, Eamon Sullivan, et al.

    Mr Assange’s birth notice could well be in one of these newspapers, along with his time of birth, but it would be a big search at this stage to find it.

    Anyway, I apologise if I misled anyone with my comment that QLD hospitals destroy records after 21 years (and i apologise particulalry to Tem for my Taurean bull-headedness). I have made the relevant enquiries today and checked the facts and clearly I was wrong. However, considering the above I think it unlikely that the informant’s info on Mr. Assange’s time of birth came from a Townsville hospital record, not that they are claiming that in any case, but if they did i grant that it would not be an impossible source for such information.


    Sy 😉

  • I love his nodes! Leo in the 10th for the past life, and isn’t he a light for us now? And Aquarius conj Mars in the 4th for the goal of this life — courage gained from (or grown in) scary exile, extradition, and restraint/imprisonment (using the 4th house metaphor of container, cocoon, binding, etc). I would feel bad if he were imprisoned for long, but there’s an opportunity to be deepened, like Mandela and Gandhi were when they were imprisoned. I only pray he doesn’t go the way of Ken Saro-Wiwa. Big hitters transiting Jupiter/Uranus are opposing natal Pluto, ruler of his ASC and Moon. 12th house Scorpio Moon: He’s could be set up to be undone by manipulative underhanded women. It’s also interesting that TWO women in Sweden have filed complaints, considering Venus in Gemini in the 8th.

  • Thanks for the correction, Sy. One thing though: our source never claimed he/she got the birth time from a Queensland government birth certificate or from a QLD registry building. He/she did use the words “birth record” and then later, “registry,” to describe an area where records were stored. The word “certificate” appeared in my first (erroneous) interpretation of his/her email to TMA. There should be more detail coming in from the source tomorrow (Thursday). Stay tuned.

  • Sy, wow, thank you for your diligence in pursuing this issue of the birth record. I too share your skepticism about this alleged birth time.

    No one has mentioned the possibility that the perpetual moving in early childhood points to a fourth house Uranus, the other being a Moon/Uranus in major aspect, which is not the case here. Uranus in the fourth would likely give him a Gemini Ascendant. Also, this would put Mars in Aquarius in the 9th house which fits a person who is on a crusade. Julian is definitely a man on a mission.

    The imprint of Uranus is so marked on his character. His story reflects strikingly the myth of Prometheus as hero, trickster, thief, and outlaw, in his struggle with Zeus, who in this myth equates with Saturn and in this time equates with world governments. I saw a blog post today about Julian titled “truth in chains.” Well that’s Prometheus bound, and it is Julian now in custody. And look at the timing of his appearance on the world stage when Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter are involved in a mutual activation. Prometheus unbound. Wikileaks is looking like ground zero of a people’s revolt only instead of out in the streets it’s on the internet.

    Gabriella (Dec. 7 @9:14 p.m.), where have you heard about a 5:30 a.m. birth time? Do you have a link?

  • John Somoza says:

    Correction to my prior post.

    Mercury is not in the decanate of Scorpio but in the decanate of Pisces.
    However his Sun is in the decanate of Scorpio.

    Regarding luck, Jupiter, the planet of luck, is in the 1st house.

    And the Part of Fortune at 13/48 Pisces in the 5th trines the Ascendant

    The POF also is in a trine with the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Cancer

    And note his Sun in the 9th, the house of legal matters. The Sun is, is where you shine.

    While there is no geocentric grand trine in air, there is a heliocentric grand trine in air with Venus/Saturn, Mars and Pluto.

    Julian has been lucky and IMO and this will continue.

    How well connected is that Jupiter/luck in Scorpio/money from others sitting in the 1st? See the current headlines.

    As credit card companies of all types stymied his cash flow, hackers favoring Julian, have set out to infect credit card systems.

    Temporary setbacks is natal Saturn in the 7th opposing natal Jupiter in the 1st. An out of sign opposition.

    While there is a yod between Mercury, Pluto and Mars, the quincunx orb between Pluto and Mars is wide, over 5 degrees.

    The Moon’s Antiscion is at 22 Aquarius. His natal Mars is at 21 Aquarius in the angular 4th.

  • Hello,

    I have to say that I agree with Jamie and others that there seems to be something fishy about the circumstances of our “knowing” Julian’s birthtime.

    I have not reviewed Assange’s (“rectification”) case at all, but wonder if there are many events for him? If so, it should be a short matter to look at the Topocentric Primary Directions for those events. They might not conclusively give us the actual birthtime (depending on the number of events), but should very quickly tell us if the given birthtime is definitely wrong.

    I am assuming there are no “birth stories” to go along with Julian’s beginning, so that we have no narrowing down of search range to less than 24 hours?

    It’s a very interesting case, but I am very skeptical of this given birthtime. Now, to see if a few events makes one MORE or LESS skeptical of this time. 😉



  • Phillip Lindsay, and Helena both say air…..having “had several dozen house moves” as a child I too thought Uranus in the 4th – he still has no permanent address…but what sealed it for me is that he lived on Magnetic Island (!)Phillip says air, I too think physically that high forehead, fairheaded and slender body (Scorpio rising is stocky, strong, whereas he is a classical, intelligent looking air sign to me – I also feel Mercury very strong in his makeup and would expect that to be angular and prominent – two names (at least) a journalist, two women sueing for rape almost at the same time!no fixed abode……no fixed relationship etc) He was early on noted for having a keen sense of right and wrong… Four air and 4 water planets give a complicated makeup, espec. since only Neptune is in Fire and Pluto in Earth – basically two empty elements, thogh you would expect those two planets to be significant in the lght of his vocation/trodden path. Sy Scholfield, you have done magnificent tracking about the birth times and well done – it matters MORE than anything else, otherwise we just fit our own concepts onto him instead of holding off to get the truth…unlike many posters here I don’t feel Scorpio particularly strongly – I think he is just keen on liberalising information to everyone on what really goes on – Uranian absolutely.

  • I am the anonymous source of the Assange chart.

    When given a birth date and location it takes 700 asteroids,Composite Points natal and in progression and a little brain-work to rectify the chart.

    Making a composite with your own chart provides interesting answers and making composites with further known charts that definitely think about the event makes for almost perfect rectification.

  • First of all, I just want to say how delightful it is to see so many astrologers communicating to a spirited discussion! TMA has always been a good forum for a wide range of opinions/techniques/approaches. I’m so grateful for it.

    I like the look of Assange’s Scorpio rising chart; it is definitely worth taking seriously, even as more exact information is sought. I have a Scorpio-rising daughter who is tall, thin, and pale and comesacross as very Aquarian…as Linda Goodman said, in the very first book I ever read about astrology, “You never know, with Scorpio!”

  • Great comments, everyone! Just to clarify TMA’s position here: We are sharing information with you all, as it comes in to us, because we were contacted by the source; we are not claiming the data is legitimate and leave it up to the collective astro-community to determine that. Mary and I did feel, however, at the time of the first e-mail we received, that the source was not deceiving us. And we didn’t want to hoard the information, so we put it out to a dozen bloggers and data collectors that we knew.

  • Hi Folks:

    The chart that I presented has the 28 Gemini 17 Asc.
    It shows Chiron in the 10th.
    Mars at 21 Aqua 31 in the 8th

    Dark Moon Lilith is at 6 Capr in a cluster with asteroids Tawaddud 5 Capr 56 (what the hell is this) and Tisiphone 7 Capr 41 ( receiving a bit of his own medecin) that will be transited in the near future by Saturn. Saturn -Dark Moon spells big trouble!!!

    His birthday is available by googling Julian Assange and go for Wikipedia.

    His Icarus is at 16 Aries 29 in a cluster with asteroids Cruithne 16 Aries 25, Tweedledee 16 Aries 52 and Las Cruces 17 Aries 2.

    His Chiron is at 13 Aries 46 and Retro by progression. Natal cluster Oja 13 Aries 0 (is this true?) Eris 13 Aries 2 (murder by other means)Telemachus 13 Aries 27 (felling imposed upon,”your day is coming”), Hermite 13 Aries 35 (isolation)
    Lunation in August at 17 Leo 25 activated asteroids Records 17 Leo 15;Ramirez 17 Leo 38 (invasion of one’s space by evil);Romanishin 17 Leo 33 (aggression); Hypnos 17 Leo 18;Church 17 Leo 43.
    His Asc at 29 Gemini is in a cluster with:
    United Nations 28 Gemini 55
    Dudu 29 Gemini 9
    Lie 29 Gemini 21
    Freud 29 Gemini 34
    Tara 29 Gemini 53
    Hazard 29 Gemini 55

    I believe that this partial coverage of the asteroids in combination tells an interesting story.

    Henk Middelraad

  • I just set up the chart for 2:08 and then read all the comments. I agree with Dale as I did the Sabians and these really seem to fit the Asc and MC. If this is the correct chart, and it certainly could be from what we know of him so far, Solar Arc Uranus one degree from the ASc makes sense as does Solar Arc Saturn one degree from his Sun (no matter what the time on this). His next year will certainly be Uranian and lets hope that he doesn’t end u incarcerated. We need a lot more data to rectify this chart, but thanks TMA for the lively discussion. Marcia Starck

  • Hello again, everyone:

    Because of the good work by the skeptics in the astro-community, I was inspired to ask our source of the purported Assange data some additional questions. I asked her/him if it was true that birth records were kept for only 21 years (a claim that has since been withdrawn by the person asserting that…see recent long comment above by Sy). Also, I asked if a photocopy was a possibility should he/she be asked to provide one.

    To the question about the photocopy, he/she said it was too risky, given the privacy laws.

    It is clear that our source, if this is not an outright deception, had access to the room at the hospital where old birth records are kept. Here is what our source said (keep in mind when he/she uses the word “registry” I don’t think he/she is referring to some official government building but rather a place in the hospital where birth records are kept):

    “…from what I gather these registries containing medical records were brought here from the old hospital (there was another before this one was built) and in some rooms they are just piling up. There was talk of transfering all data to computer, but they started doing it backwards (from new data to old data) but seemed that process ceased or otherwise I do not know what has come up with it. Anyway, it is true that not all old data is kept beyond 21 years but this is not a general fact. Some are kept, some are not, I do not understand why either, but this is just the way it is.”

    Also, our source says he/she only “discovered astrology last summer” when a friend of our source took him/her for a reading and he/she was impressed that the astrologer was able to tell him/her things he/she had never told anyone. The source’s motivation in getting us this data was so that we would be able to see (from Assange’s chart) if Assange was capable of the thing he is being accused of, “one who abuses women.”

    Our source closes with: “I understand that everyone wants the data in writing but have you tried getting confirmation from his mother, Christina Assange?… I saw her on TV some days ago, she is from Noosa but I think she moved to Melbourne, or the interview was in Melbourne… I can not recall. I am certain she will confirm what I said. I am so sorry I can not be of anymore help.”

    So there it is.
    I have just now asked our source about the “maiden name of Assange’s mother at birth”question (i.e., how the source found the record itself … possibly by a chronological search?) and I will forward the answer, should I receive one.

  • Tem and Sy
    Wow, this is fantastic – the assiduous search for credible AA birth data, I am loving the dialogue with Sy and Tem! Thanks for this, it is brilliant. I was / am fond of the chart given, because it relates to mine, but that is just silliness of a seasoned astrologer. I am excited you both are continuing to search for verifiable data, because this is a really serious situation which dates back to the 1966 period . . . . And the beginning of the “secrets” to be calm about it, that would be front page news in the early 70’s and massive investigations into various malfeasances in law and political procedures in the US upper echelons. So, as much as I like the idea that Assange and I share ascendants, have Mars in the opposite degree, and his Moon on my Mercury, I will await the FINAL decision and watch your column here, with great interest and pride in our collective astrological community and its rigour.
    Erin Sullivan

  • Great discussion. Thank you all.

    One thing i would add is that on August 20 when his arrest warrant in connection with the sexual encounters was issued in Sweden—which led to his current incarceration–Venus and Mars were conjunct. At 13LI35, 4 minutes away from the cusp of 12th house (imprisonment) in the chart above. – Stephanie

  • Martin Stock says:

    I really appreciate all of the work being put into this endeavor.
    The first thing he must have is a repeated connection to the world axis – he has this regardless of time in the True Node at 15:05 AQ. and one could argue that Mercury is also on the World Axis in H16 but it is a bit wide.
    Ray Merriman’s objections of the 2:06 time being too perfect is the ironic problem. I would argue that given the impact Assange has had on the world, his galvanising of the imagination of so many, his domination of the news, and the impressive response his arrest in London (and the official attempts to curb him and bring Wikileaks to a non functioning pass) has produced in the distributed world of the internet and its anti censorship crusaders demands a chart that is so perfect, and powerful.
    To the argument that his early life and his peripatetic nature, nomadic life style would fit with Uranus in the 4th I can only comment that Aquarius on the IC also has such a life pattern – I have it. Additionally, the presented time gives SU/MO = ME, which, being posited in the 9th also supports this, as it supports his basic claim of only being the Messenger (see his piece in The Australian).
    His propensity to work in seclusion speaks well to the Mars Node conj in the 4th.
    On the matter of his father Heather Cameron has posted to the Political Astrology group this
    George Assang aka Vic Sabrino,
    Which she has supported with a range of sources including this conversation
    And for his Mother’s Maiden name there is this
    “Found a transcript of visitors book on Magnetic island where his mother made comments when visiting on a few occasions. She was a single mother there back in 1971 with Julian. We know now the father is Assange, whoever he was, where ever he is. She is Hawkins or Hawkings originally from a family in Lismore, New South Wales.”

    I also believe that when relocated to London the chart has to show the arrest. It does as it also shows the progression of constraint on his ability to communicate – T Saturn in the relocated 3rd, applying to conjunction with SA Mercury.
    The extremely tight declination pattern also intensifies the whole of the chart and he is, in interview, nothing if not intense, focussed and precise in his articulation of what he is doing and why.
    As for his future, I have just read commentary on the nature of the difficulty that will be experienced in actually prosecuting him in the US even if extradition is successful.

    But most of all it is only as this case unfolds and the cable releases continue, that we will be able to gauge the full impact of Assange on the world political scene. The potential is enormous, how it will play out?? there are consequences downstream from this for just about all world governments as well as for the openness of the internet.
    – Martin

  • Hi
    I am not sure if this data is widely known or covered by Eric etc – if it is forgive me I don’t have time to keep up with all the blogs.
    My research shows that the idea of a mass document site for leaks was first mooted at 8.16pm (presume USA time as date is backwards but no confirmation of where) 3 Oct 2006 and Wikileaks was registered 4 Oct 2006 at 05:54:19 UTC. Registered to ‘John Young’ in an adress in Belmont CA (which is not the same as where the site was hosted which is unknown except it was Dynadot, LLC (R1266-LROR)
    Assange was formally arrested after ‘surrendering’ sometime around early morning Dec 7th GMT.
    The movement of the Sun into the 12th of his purported natal chart (at the exact time of the creation of in 2006)and Jupiter across the Asc plus the Progressed chart of Assange for 4 oct 2006 with Mercury at MC is a coincidence of huge proportions if this birth time of 14.05-14.08 is false
    Kathryn Cassidy

  • Hello everybody,

    I have some information to share, although I’m not at all certain it will prove useful. I have been doing research on Assange in the past week, trying to find his birth time. Apart from astrology, I do genealogy and have found the following info on the net. I have traced the surname Assange in Australia to the Sidney area and to that area only. I am posting the two pages here:

    As you can see, there have been several Assanges living in the Sidney Bay area in the last century. I would like to make some speculations at this point:

    1.Do we actually know for certain that Assange was Julian’s stepfather’s surname? Was it not the mother’s? As far as I can gather she wasn’t married at the time she gave birth to Julian. What were the circumstances surrounding his birth? Did his birth parents actually ever have a relationship or did Christine have the child alone? What was the surname of the man Christine eventually married and who became Julian’s stepfather? What happened to his birth father? I think we must first establish unequivocal answers to these questions if we are to find his real birth time – supposing that the “leaked” birth time isn’t right, which it very well might be.

    2.Assange has lived a cloak and dagger life for a long time. His mother went into hiding for much of his childhood, traveling to and fro, because she and his stepfather separated and he wanted to take away Julian’s half-brother. This makes me doubt that Assange was his step-father’s surname, because I very much doubt that Christine would have kept the surname of the man that put her through so much trouble. Remember that these were the seventies and Christine appears to have been a very liberated woman. I tend to think Assange was her maiden name and this is confirmed by the fact that she still goes by that surname, although she is divorced from the stepfather. The Assanges in Sydney might just be Julian’s maternal relatives.

    3. I also read somewhere (and this might be completely false) that an inside joke in the Assange household is that Assange comes from Ah-Sanj – a chinese ancestor who lived on an island off Australia in the 19th century. To me this surname sounds very French, but you never know… Anyway, the question is – would they make his stepfather’s surname part of their
    family history?

    4. Assange is the world’s most famous hacker and very paranoid about leaving traces. He never talks about his personal history and shrouds thick fog his past and family as much as he can. Don’t you think he might have hacked into australian databases and actually changed his personal data? Just a thought. Of course, that wouldn’t change any data on paper, which this given birth time is purported to be. It might be interesting to follow the lead of the Sydney Assanges and see where that leads.

    4. And lastly, I must say that I, like Erin, am quite keen on the chart with scorp rising as my sun exactly conjuncts his moon and my ascendent his!

    This is so much fun! The best of luck with the research.

  • With all the difficulties around the birth time, I think it’s good to remember that there are many solid pieces of information we can always get without the exact time, as long as the date is reliable. For example, the timing of transiting Saturn squaring his Sun and the Neptune square transit that I mentioned earlier is unaffected by birth time, as are any other transits to the Sun or the other planets, with the exception of the Moon.

    Graham: I would agree with you that the Pluto transit will be the most significant upcoming transit for him over the next few years. My unstated intention in my comment was to look at just the current trends and the next few months. I tend to use very conservative orbs for Pluto transits (about 2 degrees), so Pluto opposing the Sun fully comes into play beginning in 2012 as I see it. However, it is indeed very important to consider the “one two punch” effect of the Saturn/Neptune transits followed by a major hard aspect of Pluto to the Sun. I think it is not a simplistic way to look at it at all, and I agree with you that that transit can often indicate a dangerous time. Perhaps even more so when one is a public figure.


  • Aries Dobbs says:

    I have Julian’s son,Daniel’s birthdate from his facebook account. Jan. 26 1990. I study synastry, and found a few interesting aspects between him and his father. I do recall that Julian told Daniel Ellsberg (on a youtube video) that he was being born when the Pentagon papers were being released, which would be between June 13 and into July. I was happy to get Julian’s birthdate from Interpol, but not under the circumstances that called for the release of his data.

    I don’t imagine that Julian believes in astrology,(yet) but anything I have to say about him, or his loved ones will always be positive. As for Anna Ardin, born March 19 1979, and Sofia Wilen born September 17 1983, I will not be so inclined. Synastry reveals a great bit about those two.Their lawyer, Claes Borgstrom born July 21 1944.

    Julian has Venus trine Mars, don’t forget, and 2 children. Venus sq Pluto can also mean that the native attracts sychopants,people who ride his coat tails and leeches. Mars sq. Jupiter can bring about great losses. Sun sq Uranus is a person on the hot seat. I will be watching transiting Mars on Dec 20 this month to see how it affects his Uranus, and solar degree.

  • Excellent research Sly.

    To add to what you have found, I still have two other major concerns:

    1. The source still refers to the Townsville hospital “registry”, when everyone here knows these places as “medical records”.

    2. The source says they saw the birth time “appended to it a copy of the birth certificate”. Like you, I phoned Townsville hospital and talked to the girl in medical records. I was told by her that they do not have copies of birth certificates.

  • Sy! please edit??? 🙂