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Top Five Astro-Events for July

1. Mars in Leo may bring conflict and stress from late June through July 4 due to its opposition to Saturn on the 1st and square to Uranus on the 3rd. Mars activates the underlying tension between maintaining one’s regular routine and personal network (Saturn in Aquarius) and the need for fundamental change from longstanding but irksome conditions (Uranus in Taurus). As the action planet, Mars pushes limits, thrives in dangerous situations, and fights the good fight, but may also bring accidents and other mishaps during this dynamic phase. Mars may also be problematic from the 18th through 29th when other challenging aspects come into play. On the plus side, Mars energizes one’s Inner Hero.

2. Juno is octile Pluto from the 1st through 10th, kicking off a month of developing relationship dynamics. Juno is retrograde in adventurous Sagittarius, and on this celestial path, not as likely to make unreasonable demands on any personal or professional partnership. However, with Pluto pressuring Juno, beware of unspoken yet evident control issues, either coming from you or your partner. Pluto in Capricorn has definite expectations, limits of outlandish behavior, and the need to be in charge. Juno seeks fairness within relationships, and anything that comes short of that may be cause for tension and conflict. Those without a significant other, or those in a shallow relationship, may be experiencing the lack of a meaningful connection at this time.

3. Venus conjoins Mars on the 13th, but these two are interacting from the 8th through 15th. The last time these two love planets were conjunct was in late August 2019 when they were in proper Virgo. The sexual chemistry in the air at the time was likely still quite provocative for many, but this time it’s much more so in the dramatic sign of Leo. Venus and Mars coming together in Leo offers a window for romantic interests to grow as well as to entertain with friends and family. Splurging on high-brow outings with a significant other is favored, especially fine dining, theater, and concerts.

4. Black Moon Lilith squares Jupiter from the 18th to 26th, marking an interval when people may come or go from your life. Lilith enters Gemini on the 18th and immediately picks up the square from Jupiter in early Pisces, a restless combination that inspires creative change, expands one’s horizons, and increases the urge for travel. Jupiter brings out the best in Lilith, so this phase may bring great insights, and/or inspire new creative direction in the arts, especially in writing and music. A possible downside is running into people who are overly enthusiastic about whatever weird thing they believe: Lilith encourages acceptance of outrageous conspiracy theories, for example. Rein in any self-righteousness, and this passage may bring good luck.

5. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 23rd highlights the Lilith-Jupiter square as well as a Venus-Hygeia conjunction in Virgo. The interactions between all these celestial archetypes promote an eventful three days around this Full Moon, especially regarding relationship patterns. This is a good time to work on mental health issues, find a workable balance between intimate connection and friendship, and consider dietary changes to improve overall well-being (especially cutting out sugar). The two days leading up to this Full Moon tend to encourage self-indulgence in eating, drinking, and other forms of living the good life. Consider these the last hurrah before cleaning up your act.