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Top Five Astro-Events for October

1. The New Moon in Libra takes place on the 6th while tightly conjunct Mars and quincunx Uranus, making an unbalanced four-planet configuration. The tension around this extraordinary line-up can be felt at least a week ahead of time and, for many, will lead to dramatic changes in relationship status, alliances, and partnerships. Constructive breakthroughs are also possible given the unpredictable nature of Uranus. But be careful of accidents by staying focused on the present moment. A healthy manifestation for this dynamic is to become energetically engaged in physical or recreational activities, and/or organized competitions. Expect explosive developments in Washington since the New Moon squares the US Sun.

2. Saturn turns direct in Aquarius on the 10th, preceded by Pluto’s direct station on the 5th. This month, the celestial tide is turning in how individuals find ways to network, socialize, and fulfill their ambitions. Those with natal placements in 6º-8º of the fixed signs are especially motivated to begin anew, to take what you’ve learned over the past four months, and apply it in some constructive way moving forward. Leading up to this station, Saturn has been octile (45º) Neptune, which slows everything down, creates a fog, and fosters confusing circumstances. Now Saturn is past this nebulous phase, and clarity can ensue if you open your eyes.

3. Mercury turns direct in Libra on the 18th while linked to several other planets, making this station unusually sharp in terms of events, developments, and changes. Mercury’s opposition to Chiron warns of health issues coming into focus. As best as possible, use diplomacy to express your concern over self-centered behavior. Mercury is closely trine Lilith on the 18th, which may open up paranormal channels; look for messages from unexpected sources. This is a good time to get a Tarot reading, for example, or tune in to your own psychic ability. In general, personal, business, and family relationships improve with clearer, more honest communication.

4. Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius on the 18th, underscoring this date (plus or minus one day) as marking a new beginning in many ways. Jupiter here resonates with Mercury’s station, and may bring good news regarding prospects for the future. As Jupiter turns direct, it’s trine Mars in Libra, making a great time to energetically begin a new project with a trusted colleague or partner. Whatever you’ve been working on or contemplating doing, now is the time to step forward with your group or team and make your collective mark. Optimism, enthusiasm, and opportunities return. Look for doors opening and take advantage of the moment.

5. Black Moon Lilith makes a hard aspect to Pluto (the trioctile or 135º aspect) on the 10th, but this dynamic is in effect from the 1st through 18th. At its worst, these two can bring obsessive behavior, melodramatic encounters, and situations that fill one with rage. This harsh combination fuels conspiracy theories, powerful sexual undercurrents, and desire for revenge. How well do you know your dark side, how much of your own psyche do you project onto the motivations of others? If you’re willing to look deeper, the positive side of this combo may bring healing and psychological insights, especially after the 16th when Lilith conjoins Ceres and sextiles Chiron.

Bio: Michael O’Reilly is a professional astrologer and counselor specializing in the use of political and evolutionary astrology. His recently published book, The Ultimate Book of Astrology Books, is a collection of book reviews he wrote for Dell Horoscope magazine between 1993 and 2020. Visit his website at or email him at