Travel well, Alice Howell

Alice O. Howell was born November 13, 1922 and passed away on October 28, 2014, a few weeks before her 92nd birthday. A pioneer in linking astrology with psychology, Ms. Howell was a writer, poet, astrologer, and Jungian Scholar.

Alice Howell natal chart
November 13, 1922
12:45 p.m.
Cambridge, MA (all charts: Whole sign houses, True node)
Alice Howell, natal

One of her many books, Jungian Symbolism in Astrology (1987), was recently re-published by AFA. In the Introduction she gives details of her biography, some of which she also recounted to Kate Sholly in her extensive interview with Ms. Howell in TMA (12/2009). (1)

Alice Howell traveled extensively with her parents as a child, visiting 37 countries on four continents by the age of 18. During those years, the family never stayed more than three months in one place. She was an avid reader and student of religion and philosophy from childhood. She said: “….from the age of four right up until June 9, 1944, when I was 21, I had been searching and searching for God.” On that day, her father took her to an astrologer to read her horoscope.

She said: “On that day, June 9, 1944, my life totally changed.” The next day she met her spiritual teacher. (And she also began her serious study of astrology in 1944 with Marc Edmund Jones.) (2)

Although her biography has many memorable events, this kind of specific statement about life changing totally in one day — especially with such a long life to contemplate — is rare.

Ms. Howell noted to Kate in the interview that on that day transiting Uranus was square to natal Uranus (she was 21), but I wanted to look more closely.

Bi-wheel: inner: Alice Howell, natal; outer: transits for June 9, 1944
Alice Howell, natal, transits 6.9.44

Indeed, transiting Uranus at 9° Gemini was square to natal Uranus at 9° Pisces. Natal Uranus, however, is part of a mutable t- square with the Moon at 8°53′ Virgo and Venus at 8°10 Sag conjunct the natal Midheaven 8°54′. The Part of Fortune is also there (9°34′ Sag), so the transiting Uranus set off that whole pattern.

Also, on June 9, 1944, transiting Saturn (ruler of an Aquarius ascendant) was at 28° Gemini square the nodal axis at 28° Virgo/Pisces, placing her in the crossroads of her destiny. (3)

In the natal horoscope, Venus at 26S12 declination is out-of-bounds, beyond the path of the Sun, lending it an unbridled and unusual quality. With Taurus on the 4th cusp and Libra on the 9th, the early home life was marked by the exceptional circumstances of extraordinary global travel — seems likely that OOB Venus in Sagittarius had spoken. Placed at the Midheaven, this is also a signature of her reputation, her offering to the world and what was recognized about her.  Venus, the Midheaven, and the Part of Fortune are also on the fixed star Antares, one of the royal stars of Persia. This star is “the heart of the Scorpion” constellation and bodes well for success.

A few of the many highlights in her life were her marvelously accomplished professional life, extensive travels (13 more countries with her husband!), and the births of four children with her first husband. They divorced after a long marriage and she wed her “soulmate” in 1980, with whom she had “18 years of happiness.” (4)

She was widowed in 1998, and although she suffered a stroke in 1999, she kept in contact with her many students until very recently.

The solar return prior to her death has the Ascendant at 27°38′ Pisces, on the natal South Node (28°Pisces). The Moon (ruler of natal 6th house of illness) is also there, at 23° Pisces).
Alice Howell
solar return
November 13, 2013
Monterey, MA

Alice Howell, solar return 2013

The North Node in the solar return was 7°44′ Scorpio conjunct the natal 8th-house ruler, Mercury, at 7°26′ Scorpio.

At her death, transiting Mercury, the natal 8th-house ruler, was at 17° Libra, the midpoint of natal and progressed Saturn (1st-house ruler) at 15°-19° Libra.

Here is a 28-minute video of TMA‘s Ray Grasse interviewing the charming Ms. Howell in 1991 at the Theosophical Society. In this video, “Alice combines her extensive knowledge of astrology with the insights of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, reclaiming its importance as a key toward understanding ourselves and the world.”

Alice authored a very wonderful blog, Credo, starting in 2008, where she wrote regularly on a variety of subjects — Understanding, Injustice, Self-worth, etc. There are at least 150 pearls of her wisdom on this site. Here’s the link.

By all accounts, she was a dearly loved woman. RIP, Alice Howell.


(1) The quotes herein are from Kate’s interview, which also has a synopsis of Alice Howell’s many books. If you don’t have it already, you can order the issue here.

(2) Astrodatabank

(3) Also, on the day that her life “changed completely,” solar arc Saturn (again, ruler of her 1st house, the physical body) had come to 7°13′ Scorpio conjunct natal Mercury at 7°26′ Scorpio. Natal Mercury is dispositor of the Virgo Moon, which rules the 6th house of service. Natal Mercury is conjoined with Jupiter, a signature of an important personal connection to a teacher.

(4) Legacy Obituaries

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