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Two Free Spirits

Only if you were completely lost in some netherworld last week could you have missed the showdown between Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart. Jim Cramer’s appearance on The Daily Show was on Thursday, March 12; the Sun was conjunct Uranus that evening. Excitement was high in those parts of the world where everyone is tuning in to try and figure out what on earth is going on, or at least looking for a few laughs to help enjoy the passage of time.

Although I don’t have exact times for either of them, their birth dates and places are known. Jim Cramer, born on February 10, 1955 in Wyndmoor, PA., has the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. (1) (The Moon moved from Virgo into Libra at about 2 a.m. that day. My guess, just from seeing him a bit, is on a Libra Moon.) Very funny man Jon Stewart, born on November 28, 1962, has Sun, Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius. (2) I’m looking at sunrise charts in this article.

As befits the hype surrounding the moment — not to mention their success and prominence in their respective work — both men are larger than life characters.  Both Cramer and Stewart have a strongly-placed Jupiter in close aspect to Uranus. Cramer has Jupiter at 22° Cancer conjunct Uranus (at 24°), and Stewart has Jupiter at 4° Pisces opposite Uranus at 5° Virgo.

Cramer has Mars at 19° Aries, applying to square Jupiter and Uranus at 21°- 25° Cancer; that fits his manic presentation and overall enthusiasm. (Mars is also sextile the Sun at 21° Aquarius.) The bravura of the cardinal square is obvious in his personality; he is, after all, the creator of CNBC’s “Mad Money.”

Both men, however, underneath the respective “snake oil” (i.e., as Stewart recently referred to them) aspects of their personas, are deeply serious. Each has Saturn in a fixed sign in aspect with the Sun. Cramer’s Sun at 21° Aquarius is square to Saturn at 21° Scorpio. Stewart’s Sun at 6° Sagittarius sextiles Saturn at 7° Aquarius.

Most commentators agreed that their widely hyped “showdown” was a fairly substantive talk. I was personally impressed by Stewart’s ability to keep the focus on the bottom line: His natal Saturn (7° Aquarius) was influenced, shall we say, by the January 26 solar eclipse at 6°30’ Aquarius. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, this eclipse was also conjunct the US Sibly second-house South Node (6°36’ Aquarius), i.e., “Where did all the money go?” With Stewart’s dignified Saturn in Aquarius right at that spot, he has taken a place in asking the hard questions. (He has also spoken about his personal rage at the financial mess, i.e., his mother lost a lot of money.)

As a final thought, we’ve often considered the Pluto-in-Leo generation as living large and leaving a mess for Virgo to clean up. This was a pretty good picture of that notion in action.  Jim Cramer, of course, has Pluto in Leo and Jon Stewart has Pluto in Virgo.

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