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Uranus-Pluto: One More Time

I’ve been thinking about people who have planets or angles at 8°- 9° degrees (or earlier) of the cardinal signs. I wanted to see what kinds of experiences some have had as we’ve made it through the first exact portal of the Uranus-Pluto square. (This was precise on June 24 with Uranus at 8°23’ Aries, and Pluto retrograde at 8°23’ Capricorn.)

World events are awesome for astrologers to witness. (1) The unfolding display of these majestic aspects will continue for years and there are many layers to their meaning. (2)

As I wrote in an earlier blog, Richard Tarnas made the association between the planet Uranus and the Titan, Prometheus, in his book, Prometheus the Awakener (1995). I wrote: “A personal revolution is at hand for each one of us as Prometheus steals fire from the gods now through the sign Aries, the sign of individuation and singularity. It will feel scary; we are at the limit of convention and security in some significant way inside ourselves.”

If Uranus holds a deep memory of our ability to steal fire from the gods and Pluto’s helmet of invisibility alludes to the mystery of his power, we know that unusual inner experiences are a theme of the time. Being startlingly present to the irrevocable, unrelenting pressure of transformation, we are entering a landscape that may feel intimidating, yet carry the experience of awe as well.

I sometimes experience Uranus as what is over the edge and just out of view. Pluto takes us into murky places: both dark and damp swamps of clogged waterways, and the hidden tunnels of wealth ready to be mined in our own interior lives. (I’ve heard about two brothers who recently became obsessed with gold panning in the Colorado mountains; this might be a very good activity for some.)

Pluto always takes us further in or further back, no matter how much ‘work’ we have done, how many awakenings or insights we have had. This combination of energies is upon us all — both beginning travelers, (those newly being drawn to the unseen worlds), and those who’ve been focused for years on discovering life’s deeper layers (perhaps accompanied by years of trauma or healing, or therapy or spiritual practice) — and is a deeper call to authenticity.

The conditions and placements of the planets in our individual charts are needed for specific advice, of course, but here are a few general suggestions for dealing with what the planets might bring. For some people, it might be useful to enhance natal Saturn — both for stability, and to encourage an appropriately contemplative state of mind if inner/outer conditions are rocky and feeling out of control. Depending on the individual constitution and situation, engaging natal Mars — with its ability to recognize when action needs to be taken — can be a good strategy. With my natal Moon in Cancer, my timeless method is creating a safe space for rest and retreat when the demands of the outer planets, that which we are sharing with the greater collective, become overwhelming or overbearing.

Here are a few personal stories.

I know someone with 9° of the cardinal signs on all of the angles; Libra is on the Ascendant. Transiting Uranus at the Descendant has brought a new theme into his longtime domestic partnership; both people are openly exploring the idea of including someone else in their intimate lives. (So far, all appears to be going well in this somewhat unconventional arrangement.) He is also in a hugely successful period in his work life with his business growing very quickly into international markets. As transiting Pluto is on the nadir, his youngest child is about to depart for college and he is surprised at how anxious he feels about this upcoming, inevitable event.

Someone I know, who is well into what has been a dramatic series of events in the midlife transits years (i.e., already past Pluto square Pluto and Neptune square Neptune), has natal Uranus at 8° Libra. With the first Uranus-Pluto square, he spoke of a newly discovered ability to “witness” himself, i.e., to observe. This is a great potential of Uranus – the detachment required to view our lives and conditions. With this first opposition to natal Uranus, he has spoken of having a wider view and a new understanding of “human nature.”

My friend has 2° Libra rising with 2° Cancer/Capricorn on the IC/MC axis, i.e., 2° of the cardinal signs on each angle. In the last few years everything in her life has changed: she moved to a different state, and has a different job that brought a completely different life style and social milieu. She has natal vertex at 8° Aries in the 7th house. With Uranus having precisely crossed the point of “fateful encounters,” her former partner has come back into her life. My friend, who has had Uranus and Pluto transiting her angles since 2009, has moved through their life-altering energies successfully. She is stable in her inner life; her former partner is struggling mightily with the current transits. It is an emotionally challenging situation, but so far, she has been able to bear witness or hold space for his acutely turbulent state of mind.

Another friend has natal Mars at 8° Libra (ruler of the Aries Midheaven) in the 4th house. She has Cancer rising and she told me that her “tendency to nest” has been uprooted. She said she’s rediscovered the “gypsy” part of her nature. She left an apartment she’s been in for years and is literally moving around a lot in paid caretaking situations. She’s been in all kinds of different environments — palatial and simple — and she said it’s been “creative and unconventional” (some of her friends think she’s gone off the deep end) and a “very liberating experience.” This friend is a long time Buddhist practitioner so the experience of liberation is especially meaningful to her.

For easy reference, here are the dates of the Uranus-Pluto squares:

June 24, 2012: Uranus at 8°23’ Aries and Pluto rx at 8°23’ Capricorn

September 19, 2012: Uranus rx at 6°57’ Aries and Pluto at 6°57’ Capricorn

May 20, 2013: Uranus at 11°14’ Aries and Pluto rx at 11°14’ Capricorn

November 1, 2013: Uranus rx at 9°25’ Aries and Pluto at 9°25’ Capricorn

April 21, 2014: Uranus at 13°34 Aries and Pluto rx at 13°34’ Capricorn

December 14, 2014: Uranus rx at 12°35’ Aries and Pluto at 12°35’ Capricorn

March 17, 2015: Uranus at 15°18’ Aries and Pluto at 15°18’ Capricorn – both planets are now direct for the first, and only, of their partile squares

I’m eager to hear what’s going on in your worlds!


(1) I’ve been using that word (awesome) a lot lately. Although I know it is an 80s (90s?) verbal idiom, I was heartened by this short video about The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck.

(2) Here are some other recent TMA blogs on Uranus-Pluto:
Early Uranus Pluto Citings
Uranus-Pluto-Time Blogs
The Higher Vibration of the Uranus Pluto Square


  1. Thanks Mary, great blog, love it!!! AWESOME!!!!! I too have been awestruck alot lately with the day to day shifts in consciousness in my life and how rich and fertile it all feels.

    • Thanks Cathy for your words..good to hear from you..


  2. Excellent article. I have mars at 7 Cap. 9/19 is very close to that; is that the same as exact?

    • Good morning Kelly,

      Your Mars is at 7 Capricorn – Pluto first entered that degree (and made a conjunction to Mars) in Feb 2011, then in May and Dec 2011. It will be precise again in Sept and Oct 2012. So, you have been working with the energy for awhile…any big changes in your life that you’d like to share?

      Be well..

      (a technical note: a conjunction is typically considered an aspect, although strictly speaking, it is in its on category – aspect means to see one another, conjunction means to be conjoined..)

  3. thank you mary, it is good to know there are people out there wondering how “we” are doing 😉
    my sun is at 7°51′ capricorn. natal sun is in the 10th house, pluto’s home in my 7th and uranus currently transiting my 1st squaring this whole pluto/sun conjunction. natally i have pluto square sun. it’s been a very hard time relationshipwise, i’m in an on-off affair since pluto conjuncted my sun for the first time exact last december, can’t yet get out of it – such an intense attraction. i am facing all sorts of emotions (moon in scorpio). i also began to study astrology seriously this january and there is a big drive inside me towards becoming an astrologer. i feel this power and intensity do do something big but i don’t know where to go with it yet. becoming stronger and certainly getting to know depths inside me that i didnt know existed or that have been long forgotten are now surfacing for me to face. issues around jelousy are huge. all in all: life feels very tough, sometimes i wish i could bury myself in the garden. but i do know it’s all for my making…

    • Dear aramiss,

      Thanks for such a truthful telling…what a great time to begin a serious study of astrology..your ability to understand the depths of human nature is strong with that combination of planets..
      I know someone with Sun at 7 Cancer – on a much needed vacation, his rental car was broken into and all his most valuable stuff taken (no insurance either)..yes, these transits can bring very difficult stuff, but I love how you said it: “but i do know it’s all for my making…”

      Take care,


  4. Hi Mary – thanks for the great blog on Uranus & Pluto.

    I have 10/11 Cardinal on all 4 angles with 10 Libra rising. Uranus has been dancing between my N Mercury at 4 Aries and N Sun at 10 Aries.
    My metaphysical journey starting 35 years ago has deepened more than I could have imagined since April of this year. I have connected with an incredibly powerful group of women. My intuition and my healing abilities are exponentially expanding.
    My solar return chart has the Moon at 7 Cancer. I am starting a new career as an astrologer. It’s an exciting time to be alive.
    Love & light to you.

    • Hi Iris,

      what a great report..I love how you are so clearly being carried into a new vibrant time in your life…exciting indeed!



  5. I can honestly say I am in the most dynamic time i’ve ever had in my entire life. I’m 29 (Saturn Return) and I’m making a huge shift in my career and home. It all started when Jupiter and Uranus conjuncted in Aries for the first time, and kicked into high gear when last year’s June 2011 eclipsed my 11 Gemini natal Sun (Asc ruler). My progressed Sun is currently at 9 Cancer and has been picking up the Uranus-Pluto aspects for a bit, and will be progressing with the aspect through to 2014. I can’t begin to describe the major shifts I have been experiencing, but there has been a major spiritual and creative renewal, “death” of outdated behaviors, and many, many lucky breaks. Not too painful, just incredible in it’s depth and efficiency…probably because I’m going with the flow.

    I love your articles, Mary! Longtime reader, first time commenter.

    • Hi jayboy, so happy for you…!

      yes, that Jupiter Uranus in Aries last year really opened up a new world!

      keep in the flow and travel’s to a beautiful Saturn return…and more..

      thanks for commenting..

  6. Nice one, thank you Mary!

    “Unrelenting pressure of transformation” – that is how I feel these transits although I’m not sure about the end result of the transformation as yet.

    Mercury at 0 Aries 56 and Sun at 8 Aries 43 in 9th house, MC at 14 Aries 44.

    Mars, the ruler of both the Sun and the MC, at 19 Capricorn 20. Also Vertex at 1st degree of Capricorn.

    The first exact square in June had Uranus sitting on my Sun at the recieving end from the square from Pluto.

    At the last exact square in 2015 Uranus will be in conjunction with my MC, Pluto in conjunction with Mars in 6th house. Maybe something very public to do with career and work :). With both planets direct – thank you for pointing that out -, maybe it is finally time to really move on.

    Pluto sits natally in my 1st house and is also the ruler of my Scorpio Moon so Pluto energy is familiar to me. Still, times are getting tougher and the pressure is growing.

    Pluto entering Capricorn brought an ex from the distant past back into my life (from 1988 when Pluto was moving back and forth over my Moon and Uranus was doing the same with my Vertex).

    Uranus approaching my AP Mercury got me started with a writing project I had planned for years. Also got me hooked into astrology (natally Uranus in 12th house Cancer in trine with Mercury).

    Uranus+Jupiter conjunction at Aries point in June 2010 freed me to travel, both mentally and in real life.

    This past spring, with the applying square, several close friends started having major traumas in their lifes: horrible suffering, ugly deaths, cancer diagnosis – one after the other.

    The first Uranus/Pluto square just intensified the need to do my own thing – which is still a bit hazy. Im starting to think it is NOT to be a famous writer but to be a support system for other people.

    Oh well, it is early days still :).

    What an over-long rumble!

    Keep well Mary and thank you!

    • Hi there,

      You’ve got a lot going on..

      It is true, early days..I spoke with someone today who Mercury (ruler of Sun and MC) is at 11 Libra….she’s feeling an urgency, but I don’t think things will be clear until for her til next year..told her to relax..

      one step at a breath at a time..

      You stay well too


  7. I have 4 degrees Aries on the 4th house cusp. Sunday a glass ceiling lamp fell, crashing to the ground just several feet from me. Says it all! That’s Uranus enlightenment the hard way.

    • wow! good quick foot work..

      be well..

  8. sun, mercury, uranus at 7, 9 and 12 in 7th house cancer respectively; 10 sag rising; jupiter at 12 aries in the 4th; north node at 12 pisces in the third…challenging. phew!

    • thanks for posting Susan, keep on your toes and in your heart



  9. My brother has a T-square at 6 – 10 deg Cardinal, including the Moon in Cancer, on the 9th cusp. Transiting Pluto completes a grand cross with this configuration. He has been planning to move to another part of the UK – and has already been subject to long delays over this. Also, he plans to retire, later this year. Great changes indeed!

    • Hi Anthony,

      Good example..good luck to him (and you)

      best for now,


  10. Very interesting post, Mary. My Venus is at 8°10′ Aries in the first house. In my natal chart, Venus is in opposition to Jupiter Uranus conjunction (5°20′ & 3°30′ Libra). Jupiter is the ruler of MC and I have Pisces Asc. I am having a lot of changes in my personal life, home and recently career within 2 years. I recently quit my job (in July) which I love and have so much passion due to disagreement with my boss. Transit Pluto is in my 10th house for a while now. My Venus is also in conjunction with Chiron and N.Node (0° Aries). I feel that changes are still coming ahead for me. I feel optimistic and looking forward to whatever changes that Universe will bring me.

    • hi there,

      very nicely put: “looking forward to whatever changes that Universe will bring me.”

      thank you for reading..


  11. Mary, thank you again for your insights and suggestions. My ascendant is at 8 capricorn, natal Moon 9′ libra 9th house, Natal Sun is 20′ Libra. I never really thought about the angles, but yes all my natal angles are at 8 or 7 degrees. My natal Pluto 28′ is in Leo 8th house. Since Pluto began its sojourn into Capricorn, my extended family life includes a disruptive fight over inheritance. Two of my Cancerian brothers, (don’t know their charts), but imagine Pluto and Uranus has been messing with their natal Cancer planets; are finally resolving their issues regarding the inheritance as of about a month ago. Me? I have backed off quite a bit and feel a bit estranged from my family, hope that will resolve eventually as it is rather painful and desolate. Time and patience.

    • hi christy,

      sounds like Saturn’s gifts – time and patience..

      best to you,


  12. I have Pluto at 8 Libra (8th house). Pluto has been transiting on the cusp of my 12th house with Uranus transiting my 2nd house. There have been some massive changes for me in the last 12 months. I have outlines a few below.

    I lost my job last August in a big corporate company having been there only 6 months and feeling rejected decided to take some time to lick my wounds and spend some time with my daughter as I was exhausted and did not know what to do (I am a single Mom with a disabled daughter). I planned to take 6 months but that has turned into a year mostly because I have had a few unexpected windfalls of money that have made this possible (a very large one in June came just as I was getting stressed about money!)

    In January I had a dream about a buddhist monk I used to know and that led me to attend meditation classes at a buddhist centre close by. After years of not being able to switch off, it has been life changing. Also, in February (the week before the first exact pluto square pluto transit) I quit smoking after 20 years and unlike all the failed attempts previously, I know I will never smoke again.

    This is all complicated by the neptune and uranus transits I am currently undergoing – I have sun, MC, venus, neptune and NN between 3 and 10 sag. Add that to experiencing my nodal return and having chiron sat on my jupiter at 8 pisces and you will understand why I am a little confused at the moment

    I am currently in transition, I can never go back to doing the corporate job with no work-life balance but do not yet have the clarity of how to move forward. I am keeping the faith though and trust that I will figure it all out eventually…..

    • Hi Jo,

      The meditation taking hold and quitting smoking..beautiful results with Pluto’s massive gravitas..

      be well..


  13. I am right in the middle of this transit. With Libra Asc & IC/MC at 5 degrees. Sun in cancer 11 degrees Jupiter in Cancer 16 degrees. Pluto 13 degrees Libra.

    I lost my mother at the time Pluto was crossing my IC. Right now Pluto is almost opposite my Sun and I am in the process of cutting all ties with my father. As uranus squared my MC I got a job in the IT industry and started a
    long distance relationship with a foreign man. I will be moving to Holland
    next year to live with him.

    Pluto thru the IC and 4th totaly uprooted me. Home was where parents were so now I am trying to form a new base.

    I am also creating myself from scratch. Have made serious decisions
    on changing habitual behaviour that depresses me. I even
    look different – new hair colour.

    When Uranus Transited my north node and then the Desc squaring my MC, I started studying astrology. I am seriously considering leaving my profession to start doing work I would enjoy more and that would give me more
    flexibility. And the list would continue…

    I already feel like a new person 🙂 And still a long long transit ahead of me…. I hope I survive it but I am doing my utmost to
    use the transits to make positive changes.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Hi benji,

      My condolences on the loss of your mother..

      so lovely that astrology has become such a strong part of your life…it’s so gorgeous to feel guided by the great beyond! (my Pisces Sun speaking a bit there..)

      thank you for telling your tale..


  14. I have Sun at 8 Cancer in 11th house. I am a member of an amateur dramatic society. The building we use is about to be demolished ready for rebuild, and we have had to remove 35 years of accumulated costumes and scenery. Because I knew the 1st hit of the square from Uranus and the opposition from Pluto was approaching, I initiated the start of sifting through the costumes in February. Each week tackling one cupboard and box in turn. It proved to be a dirty, tiring and time consuming exercise which also proved a satisfying and enjoyable experience. But we have finally finished and the costumes we want for future shows are in store. We have sent over 120 bags to charity shops which we hope will raise much needed funds for them. Hopefully I can channel the energies in a similar positive way for the other 6 hits.

    • Hi Sybil,

      what a great response to the transit..I love your Sun is in the 11th and how you were able to foresee what would help the group..sounds like a good omen for what will ever come next..



  15. Having spent so much time with the costumes, I think my next project should be clearing the accumulations here at home! sybil

  16. Hi Mary,

    Pluto and Uranus are wreaking havoc in my life right now. I have a Libra Ascendant at 7 degrees and transiting Pluto at 7degrees conjunct my IC and opposition my natal MC in Cancer at 6 degrees. I also have transiting Uranus at 8 degrees in Aries conjunct my Descendant and opposite my Ascendant. Transiting Mars and Saturn are conjunct my Natal Neptune at 25 degrees of Libra and I’m about to go through my 2nd Saturn return in Scorpio in October 2012. I would say I almost have a Grand Cross, but I know you can’t consider it that because the Ascendant and MC are involved in completing the cross. It sure feels like one though!

    I am about to lose my job of 18 years after a very deceptive power struggle with my bosses which I know I cannot win. I will actually be relieved after it happens, but its a real misery in the meantime. Also, my marriage of 35 years has become a bit rocky lately. Maybe not to the point of breakup (I hope), but clearly things are changing all at once in my life. I’m kind of at a crossroads and not sure how things will turn out. I am also beginning the process of selling my home, but that seems to be a daunting process at the moment.

    Truly, this is not the best time in my life and I’m feeling pretty tense and miserable. I’ve spent a lot of time lately reading various astrology blogs looking for any guidance that will get me through this tough period and give me a little hope for coming out the other side.


  17. My Saturn is at 6 degrees 55 Capricorn (Born April 3rd 1959 21:30 Glasgow, Scotland. I am therefore receiving the Uranus Pluto square very heavily.I lost my business as a lawyer in November 2010 as Saturn opposed my Sun. I am currently unemployed and in financial difficulty.I am trying to start business as an Astrologer and am wanting to study Buddhism. Perhaps the liberating influence of Uranus is influencing me. Times are tough and rather lonely but I know that it is all in the name of “the unrelenting pressure of transformation”.
    I am also trying to find employment but Saturn is probably slowing the process. I am looking for Uranian flashes of insight wherever I can find them.
    Interestingly Uranus is transiting my 5th house of children. The NSPCC 9National Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Children) in the UK runs a free telephone counselling service for children who need to discuss problems or life generally. I am a volunteer counsellor with that service. A Uranian flash at work perhaps.

    • Hello Gordon,
      Thanks for seems you’re finding your way through these (often/usually?) very challenging times..I have many clients, family members, etc. going through all kinds of upheaval and loss..I find myself wondering if those of us with planets (especially Sun or Moon) in the early degrees of the cardinal signs are being primed, toned, refined, compressed to be way-showers or pioneers or guides (or pawns?) for the ongoing collective task at hand…all is all, a privilege to be alive at this time..

      Best to you and enjoy the children, they are lucky that you are there to listen..


  18. Joanne,
    I can really relate to you! I have 5 degs Libra asc, with the Pluto/Uranus square currently right smack on my IC/Desc. It really sucks! I’m 43, so I am in the middle of my midlife transits, with the Uranus opp my natal Jup/Uranus in Libra, Asc/Desc. Everyone talks about how their lives were drastically changed with even just t Pluto on the IC, and I am experiencing the Uranus on my desc as well. But, NOTHING is really changing in my life. Pluto has been going over my IC for the last 2 yrs, and all that is happening is that everything I have tried to get going in my life IS NOT WORKING. I would love to move, it isn’t happening. I would love to have a family and meet someone who treats me right–it isn’t happening. I am feeling urgent to have a child because I am 43. I have wanted a family my whole life. I am so sick of being single. My mother and I have had a horrible falling out because she does not want me to have a child. That is my dream, so I cannot even speak to her. I have been trying to be a musician, instead of just working in the health/healing professions for the last 20 yrs. I NEED change. But it isn’t happening. Except for the falling out with my mother and all the opportunities I have had to manifest things this past year–but they have all fallen through. This is crazy. I have set intentions about what I want to create, but it is as if Pluto wants me to just surrender and take the fall. I feel like a total loser! Had a horrible falling out with my would be producer–lost out on the record contract. I had quit my yoga teaching jobs and my other jobs so that I could fully commit to making this record and it all fell through. I started seeing a guy a few mos ago. (Uranus on Desc!). I thought maybe he might be the one I could have children with, but after this past weekend, I found out that he is a swinger and is looking for an “open” relationship, and still misses his ex, etc..I am looking for security and a family with someone who thinks I am special and wants to be with me! It was hard to find out that our values are so different, but I’m glad I found out now instead of later. So now, I have to pick up the pieces and start all over again. I hope it is not too late for me! I have had to start over so many times in the past 2 yrs. But I am still living in the same place–all my ideas for getting myself out of here have not worked. And I am exhausted from picking myself back up again, over and over. And all that has changed is that I am still here, but now I don’t have a career, or a job, or a family. Just been living/caretaking on a friend’s property. At least I have a roof over my head! All I seem to have experienced so far is the “death” aspect of the Pluto transit. No new births! I have had to put one of my animals to sleep every time Pluto has crossed my IC. That makes 4. So WTF? Do I just surrender? I don’t even know what to do anymore. Don’t even know where to start, as I have been disappointed over and over again. anyway, Thanks for letting me rant, y’all. Any advice would be welcome!

    • Hello there,

      Sorry to be a bit slow in responding..what an openhearted honest comment..I am so sorry things have been so difficult..mid life transits can be hard, but having the angles involved makes it even more so..

      I do not have any magic advice, just empathy and the knowledge that things will change..a long process is exhausting especially when we don’t see the light or opening or gifts yet..I do take heart that you mention your yoga practice..I always stay close to whatever spiritual or mind-body discipline I have access to when things in the outer world are so rough..

      It is often a hard passage with Pluto, but trust me (I’m much older!), things will what you can to keep faith in yourself and in the long term view…what is the biggest, deepest wildest dream you can imagine?

      Take good care and thanks for writing..


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