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Uranus Stations Direct: Time to Look Ahead

I know it’s a few weeks into the year, but Uranus just went direct and 2022 has a ways to go. In case you haven’t had a chance to consider a longer view, here are some written and YouTube forecasts — impossible to be comprehensive, but there are a range of points of view, astrological methods, styles, ages. Maybe not something for everyone, but hopefully something for many.

I’ll start with the written forecasts:

Chani Nicholas- 2022: Astrology of the Year Ahead
Chani’s list of the highlights for the “year of paradox. On the one hand, chalices brim over, abundance tumbles in, and we’re wooed into a rose-tinted daydream. On the other: eclipses lure us into the underworld, and our speedboat runs out of fuel in the middle of the River Styx.”

Astrology King
Jamie Partridge has lots of content on his site — along with lists of 2022 highlights, there are forecasts for the year for each horoscope decan, that is, each 10° of the zodiac sign. He also posts weekly forecasts for each sign on Saturday.

“The American Revolution 2.0 Is In our Stars And It’s Already Begun” is an excerpt from a book published in October 2020 by The AstroTwins and Matthew Swann. “The years 2020 and 2021 are a prelude to major transformations in our social, economic and political ecologies. The disruptions we’ve endured to this point will begin to coalesce into a meaningful narrative, albeit a challenging one, in the winter of 2022. Governments and economies around the globe will begin to reorient, anticipating a new epoch of human civilization that will coincide with Pluto’s reign in Aquarius between 2023 and 2044 — what we have termed the Aquarian Technocalypse.” The article looks at two major transits in early 2022.

2022 Predictions: A World Still in Flux
In this succinct article (“7 min read”), Russian astrologer Tatiana Borsch brings a global perspective into Politics and economy, Climate, Health and Personal Life. “According to the stars, the coming year can be divided into two distinct periods: a very favorable time during the first half of the year, and trouble during the second half.”

And now, for some YouTubers:

Komilla Sutton’s Vedic Astrology Predictions for 2022 (1 hr 10 min)
“Know about the planets of 2022. What to expect. Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces, Saturn in Capricorn Aquarius, Rahu Ketu , Kal Sarpa and why April is important”

The Astrology Podcast: 2022 Astrology Forecast for the Year Ahead
“Our annual year ahead astrology forecast for 2022, where we look at the major astrological alignments coming up over the next twelve months and make some predictions, with astrologers Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, and Leisa Schaim.” Nearly 4 hours long, Chris has mastered the art of time stamps; listen at your leisure.

Chinese Astrology – Year of the Water Tiger – Predictions for All Signs
Donna Stellhorn has written eleven books on Chinese astrology. “In this video, I discuss the focus of energy for the Tiger year for your sign. I cover what you need to let go of in 2022 and what you’ll need to work harder at. I talk about where your luck will be found and where you could change directions in 2022. I do Chinese Astrology from a Western Astrology perspective.” She gives an overview and time stamps to go right to your sign. (1 hr 20 min)

United States Astrology Reading 2022 by Oshr Astro Finance
“United States of America is ending the cycle being the world ruler empire … 2022 US Pluto return opposing natal Mercury [and] Jupiter–Neptune conjunction opposing US Neptune … [these] aren’t supporting signs.” (31 min)

Ablas Astrology with Rolan Legrand has an overview for 2022: “In 2022, fortunate them who can swim, for from the swells they will be free … ” From here you can link to forecasts for each sign. Roland uses lots of charts in his talks, very nice for visual learners. (48 min)

Rune Soup: H1 2022 Astrological Forecast with Austin Coppock
“Join us as we explore the space weather for the next six months, as well as a discussion on how to be with said space weather.” (I haven’t listened yet, but these discussions often include global and mundane events in the analysis.) (2 hr 22 min)

Astrology Forecasts 2022 for all Signs and Ascendants by Elizabeth Huston, PhD
“Elpis means ‘hope’ in Greek….. Elpis was the personification of hope. She was the last spirit to remain in the jar after Pandora unleashed the evils that were in it.” Elizabeth has a PhD in Health Psychology and background in Neuroscience. “Throughout my 30+ years of studying astrology I’ve maintained a strong interest in esoteric knowledge and the means of connecting with a higher consciousness.” This is a hopeful and straightforward presentation of the year with with links to each sign. (1 hr 23 min)

2022 Predictions! A Year of Surprises & Innovations by Joseph P Anthony
Joseph P Anthony has an accessible and straightforward manner, good use of graphics, he explains aspects, dates and months to watch, eclipses, the discusses U.S. Pluto return, etc. “We are going to be in for one hell of a ride in 2022….” He closes with a humanistic perspective and an emphasis on free will. (47 min)

2022–2023 Astrology Predictions and Potentials by Bracha Goldsmith
Always cheerful, Bracha is passionate about humanity’s growth and enlightenment. (17 min)

An anonymous speaker narrates 17 Nostradamus Predictions for 2022
“According to Nostradamus’s prophesies, he predicted a number of significant events. The seer claimed that the forecast he made was based on judicial astrology, which he defines as “the astrology of judging or analyzing the value of an occurrence.” He studied astrology as well as a number of other esoteric sciences and combined them to produce his forecasts. Nostradamus’s work is divided into centuries and consists of several hundred quatrains (or stanzas of four lines). There are a lot of metaphors there. Take a look at some of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2022. We must warn you right away: some of them are really negative.” (10 min)

2022 Year Ahead Forecasts: Insightful Sign-by-Sign Interpretations for a Highly Transformative Year by Esoteric Sky
Sky gives an overview for the year with time stamps to go to your sign: “Dive into the subtle dynamics at play for YOUR zodiac sign.” (2 hr 57 min)

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