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Uranus’s Fare-thee-well to Aries

We are in the waning days of Uranus in Aries. To place this briefly in context: Uranus initially dipped into the sign of the Ram in May to August 2010, when the very dramatic first chapters of the Arab Spring were unfolding in the Middle East.

Uranus entered Aries to stay on March 11, 2011 — the very day of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster: an earthquake, followed by a massive tsunami that led to the meltdown of three nuclear reactors.

September 17, 2011 was the first day of Occupy Wall Street, the activist movement bringing the implications of enormous financial inequality into the mainstream. Black Lives Matter, now an international movement, began with the use of hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media in 2013.

January 21, 2017 brought the Women’s March, a worldwide demonstration in reaction to Donald Trump’s inauguration; between 4 and 5 million people participated in the United States alone.

A recent bookend of Uranus in Aries on the world stage was on November 18, 2018, when Uranus had retrograded back to 29°, and the yellow vests movement in France brought mass protests into the streets with rowdy (at times, violent) demonstrations calling  for economic justice.

Global uprisings and ubiquitous identity politics notwithstanding, Uranus has been working in each of us in unique ways. At the very least, for many, the natal house with Aries on the cusp has been turned inside out and shaken, stirred, and rattled at various moments these past seven years.

In my case, Aries (using whole sign houses) is my natal 6th house, and one obvious manifestation is that my working office (different from my consulting room) is a completely disorganized mess. Books — to be reviewed or having been reviewed — stacks and piles of papers, bills, letters, client notes, sketches and thoughts about mundane events, family matters, upcoming (and long past) local cultural events, recipes, photos — it’s all there in one big jumble. (This is a perfect demonstration of a recent song: Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You,” which begins: “A tornado flew around my room before you came, excuse the mess it made.”)

Although Uranus ingressed into Taurus from May to November 2018, it moves decisively into the sign of the Bull on March 6, 2019 — no more backtracking into Aries.

Still, these few weeks before the Taurus ingress are bound to be important. On a personal level, affairs connected to the natal house where Aries resides are open for one final clearing and completion. Mars is part of the wrap-up crew since he entered Aries, a place of rulership and strength for the rabble-rouser, just as the New Year turned: the night of December 31, 2018 (PST).

The Moon —indicator of moods, both public and private — moves into Aries on Friday, February 8 (6:35 a.m. PST) and will pass over Mars (27°) and Uranus (29°) on February 10, with Mars moving on for his partile conjunction with Uranus at 29°11’ on February 12 (10:20 pm PST).

Feb. 10, 2019
12:48 p.m.
Ashland Oregon
122W43 42N00


(This chart is arbitrarily set for my place of residence; the conjunctions will occur in different houses relative to location.)

Another feature of these particularly volatile few days: Mars and Uranus are nearly precisely parallel in declination from late January through mid February; on February 10, Mars is at 11° North 00’ and Uranus is at 10° North 41’.

(The Mars line is red, Uranus is blue. See the name of the month at the lower edge and look up to see these two lines crossing in late January and early February.)

The combination of Mars and Uranus, both conjunct in longitude and parallel in declination just as Uranus has his last moments in Aries (until 2094), is quite striking. This is a turbulent combination of forces. At the milder end of the scale, the heat of Mars and the instability of Uranus suggest impulsiveness, capriciousness, or a blind obstreperousness in our response to personal situations; more worrisome possibilities include explosive tempers, dangerous accidents, or destabilizing and distressing overall mayhem. Surely, those who are able to maintain a cool state of mind in whatever situations arise will be worth their weight in gold.

Those of us with personal points in the horoscope in close aspect to Uranus are typically sensitive to that planet’s ability to herald disruption — sometimes with a creative outcome, once the dust has settled.

I’m thinking it might be wise to stay aware of what might be bothering us these few days — this planetary combination may provoke irritation. It’s best, perhaps, to explore any irritable or anxious feelings from the inside out. A clear communication with someone in our lives may be a result, or we may be able to expose what has been holding us hostage and bear witness to a new dimension of our own psyches. We are surely at a time when focusing the fire of the moment toward self-awareness might be fruitful indeed.


  1. Natal Uranus in final degree of Gemini in the 8th house … (T. Mars-Uranus in the 6th).

    Car has just ‘died’. Something to do with the electrics?

    No more ‘short journeys in the neighbourhood’ (Gemini)
    Mobility taken away (8th house)
    Electrics (Uranus)

    Waiting now for the ‘fixit man’ (Chiron) to come and heal my car, which is currently helpless (Pisces) and may need towing. (T. Chiron in final degree of Pisces, squaring natal Uranus…)

    And yes, my ancient car is near the end of its life -:(

    Astrology is just sooo literal sometimes! Which can turn tiresome situations like this one into occasions for delight and humour. We are so fortunate.

    And I might soon be riding in a big tow-truck with my car strapped on the flat-bed behind. No doubt driven by a friendly man – Mars (in Dignity of course) to the rescue!

    (And … by being ‘prevented’ from driving, who knows what disaster I have avoided, or been saved from?)

    Gotta go … text from ‘fixit man’ …

    May your Mars-Uranus ‘metalogue’ be equally amusing, but less of a hassle!

    • Dear Melanie,

      What a tale and told with finest Gemini skill and humor..I have another friend whose (older) car went on the fritz yesterday too…an electrical problem ..

      Thanks for sharing your story….helps keep things in perspective…sometimes so literal, yes, indeed

      • Dear Mary,

        ‘Perspective’. Yes, indeed. I’m chuckling because NONE of the high drama I imagined came to pass. ‘Diagnosis’- car battery needed replacing. Simple.

        Note to self:
        Fire signs do so love a good drama, real or imagined! And air signs can ‘fan the flames’, intentionally or otherwise. Fortunately, this small episode ended in comedic vein, but in general, imagining ‘disaster’ is probably not a good idea.

        Oh …’car rescue man’ had a bushy red (Mars!) beard. Truly. (I have Mars in Taurus, whose motto is ‘Keep it simple’!)

        Such fun …

  2. Hi Mary

    thanks so much for the perspective you’ve provided here both collectively and at an individual level. Politics in the USA and the UK should be especially ‘interesting’ during that 29 deg Mars/Uranus ‘kick’.

    I had a real chuckle – and sympathy for all the hassle – at Melanie’s tale of the very literal current manifestations of planetary energies…


    ‘ that planet’s ability to herald disruption — sometimes with a creative outcome, once the dust has settled…’

    fits really well with my very able, creative but rather domestically chaotic nephew ( Sun 2 deg Taurus, Aries MC ) as he prepares to leave home in Glasgow, Scotland on 12th February to begin a new job in Liverpool, England. Great will the chaos of his packing and departure, methinks…!

    Thanks for the practical advice! It all helps as we navigate whatever disruption lies ahead…

    • Hi Anne,

      Thanks for reading & commenting..

      Yes, the politics is just over-the-top as we say over here..

      I have heard some tales of how you all are experiencing Brexit…thank goodness we can step back and see what the planets are up to!

  3. Thanks you Mary. For bringing in the intensity of this time period by alerting us to the additional declination aspect.
    And then there are those of us with Uranus at the end of Gemini possibly awakening to some aspect of the misuse of our Martian emery that has caused some irritation to others.
    This is a Mars year for me with Mars ruling the 11th and 6th.
    I also have those to midpointing on my Libra Moon . As much as I think of myself as a placid Libra Moon person I am not. Glad to have long overdue feedback from my brother.

    • Hello dear Kate…

      Thanks for reading and your personal story..most appreciated..

      My thinking about it (with the strategy to: “A clear communication with someone in our lives may be a result, or we may be able to expose what has been holding us hostage and bear witness to a new dimension of our own psyches”) is a direct result of recent experience with my
      dear roommate..

      Have a good time soaking up the Vit D


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