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Venus and Mars

Mars has been in Aries since January 27 (and moves into Taurus on March 9). Crossing into Aries brings the militaristic Mars prominently onto the world stage. No one needs to be reminded of the dangers and troubles in world events. (1) Mercury moving into Aries on March 13 will have something more to say about these matters as well.

Since being in Aries the red planet has squared Pluto (February 22nd), conjoined Uranus (26th), and opposed Jupiter (27th).

The cardinal signs are all activated by a red hot Mars, and that’s a lot of agitation, inflammation, and generally riled up energy for each of us in the Aries house in the personal horoscope. There can be too much activity to assimilate, and Aries can be effective at throwing off what it doesn’t have time for, hopefully not creating harm along the way.

Someone I know (with Aries on the 1st-house cusp) said today, “Any little thing puts me over the edge.” Someone else with Aries on the 11th-house cusp told me she felt very aware of her friend’s “over wrought” emotions, and another person with Aries in the 6th has been dealing with a painful injury.

On February 3, Venus joined Mars in Aries, slowing down before her station retrograde on March 4 at 13° Aries. Venus will join the Sun at the interior conjunction on March 25 at 4°57′ Aries. (2) That degree will remain sensitive until the next conjunction, which will be with Venus on the other side of the Sun (the superior conjunction) on January 18, 2018 at 18°57′ Capricorn.

Lovely — and desiring-of-love — Venus is in a tangle with Chiron and Saturn now as well.

Venus in Pisces made her first square to Saturn in Sagittarius on January 27. They square again (both retrograde) on April 8 and, lastly on April 21, after Venus has gone direct.

We are in a cycle of Saturn square Chiron as well: the first was on December 28, upcoming (with Saturn retrograde) on April 30, and lastly on November 2.

Another way of looking at this: Venus was conjunct Chiron on January 24 (22° Pisces) while squaring Saturn (23° Sagittarius).

The wounding words or thoughts or actions have already been given and received. Emotionally painful issues have been revealed and scars torn off. There’s more than enough hurt to go around.

Yet Venus in Aries is going back. Hold up, wait, I’m going back. I want to be in the cool water. I want to make amends, to listen for Chiron’s words, to find forgiveness and healing.

She’s going back to Chiron in Pisces where she turns direct on April 15 at 27° Pisces.

The most significant celestial marker as Venus retreats is her conjunction with the Sun on March 25.

In these inflamed times, when we need to choose our battles wisely, the interior conjunction can help us see the most essential quality to take as our own hidden jewel-like mantra of self-awareness and perception. The Sun is connected to sight, vision, and perception. The cazimi is deeply personal; it is a moment to align with our own inner life and balance within. Venus in Aries goes back to the Sun to polish our deepest heart’s delight.

Parallel with self-awareness is the ongoing question of how are we treating others?

The momentum, assertion, and angry outbursts of Aries planets are moving within the backdrop of the recent Pisces solar eclipse. In Pisces, our default setting can be one of lurching between idealism and escapism, yet Venus is exalted in Pisces.

I heard a Tibetan teacher on the evening of the Venus station speak on these “troubled times.” He said we must realize that love and compassion are as necessary as water and air for our survival — an inspiring teaching for these troubled times.

Onward, friends. May we all have a productive and inspiring week. It’s good to know we are all together.


(1) Well, if you do need reminding: President Trump created worldwide uproar when he signed the executive order restricting travel from seven countries on the day of the Mars ingress into Aries. On February 11, North Korea, considered by some to be the most dangerous location on earth now, upped the ante by launching ballistic missiles across Sea of Japan. And, in another tribute to Mars, the president is seeking a great increase in military spending with a concurrent budget reduction for the State Department.

(2) Venus, the planet of beauty, has an “enduring symmetry.” No matter where one considers the start of the Venus cycle to be — at heliacal rise, at the inferior conjunction, or the superior conjunction — Venus will always make a five-pointed star in her eight-year journey with the Sun and the Earth. Here’s a graphic showing the perfect geometry in her orbit around the Sun:

Venus synodic cycle

If we could see from above the earth (located at the center of this diagram), the pattern looks like this — the Venus rose pattern:

Venus rose pattern

The late Robert Blaschke’s research showed that the Venus cazimi (i.e., “the heart of the Sun”) degree in a prominent place in the natal horoscope would bring an important relationship into the life during the time of that transit.

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  1. Did you say that R. BLaschke specified that being born with the cazimi conjunction, during the interior or exterior conjunction, would bring an important relationship during transit?
    That makes sense doesn’t it.
    It is such a dramatic day to be born, kind of like an eclipse in terms of heightened energy drama particles.
    Such a rare timing is such that I would think it doesn’t matter much where in the chart the cazimi degree is located when transited. Something is going to be triggered for sure.
    and thank you for bringing the point up also!!! interesting read . appreciate

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