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Venus in Capricorn and the Earth Sign Connection

Venus will move through Capricorn from January 23 – February 16. Venus has triplicity rulership over earth signs, (in day charts), which shows that Venus has an affinity for earth signs. (1)

This comfort placement of Venus in an earth sign for the next few weeks can help us all find a little more ease or security in the Venusian areas of our lives. Venus rules themes of love, beauty, comfort, and little luxuries, but Venus will also take charge of more specific themes based on your unique chart.

To discover these, note the houses ruled by Taurus and Libra in your birth chart. These houses, and whatever aspects of life they encompass, will also benefit from the stabilising influence of Venus in Capricorn. Venus is responsible for her two signs, even if she isn’t currently in her signs.

Venus in Capricorn provides form and structure to your personal Venus-ruled houses. It also helps when making plans pertaining to relationships and any desire to add sweetness, softness, or other little enhancements to life.

For instance, if you have Taurus or Libra on the Midheaven, or ruling the 10th house, you may experience this grounded Venus-in-Capricorn influence as a sense of renewed focus and motivation, or perhaps better time management at work. If Taurus or Libra is on the cusp of your 2nd house of money (cash flow and income), you may notice improvement in your salary, finances in general, or around any larger or luxury purchases you might make.

Of course, Venus will be in the sign of Capricorn these next few weeks, so your Capricorn house and associated correspondences also have the potential to improve.

Venus in Capricorn can add a sense of relief and ease to the post-Mercury-retrograde in Capricorn period. You might discover the support you need to re-negotiate something that was frustrating you earlier in January. A helpful person may arrive, or a change in circumstances may benefit you more than expected.

Venus in Capricorn is not frivolous; rather, she likes to make the most of what she has. Whether you have a lot or a little, you can make what you do have last, or stretch further than expected. This can be a time of being more thoughtful with how and when you enjoy life, perhaps with more focused appreciation on the special moments or indulgences in your life.

Venus will spend time in all three earth signs in 2016, visiting Taurus from April 29 – 24 and Virgo from August 5 – 29. Make a note of these dates to see how the triplicity strength of Venus in an earth sign may provide ease, support, and stability for you.

(1) (Editor’s notes: Each group of triplicites (i.e., fire, air, earth, water) has its own set of planetary rulers, which is different for a day or night chart. Triplicity is a factor in determining the essential dignity of a planet.
All Venus dates herein are for Pacific Time. Check your local time for specifics for your location; it may vary by a day.)

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