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Weekly Tune-In

I have the natal nodes and a few planets (and the progressed Moon) in early degrees of the cardinal signs so, like many of you, have been sensitized, shall we say, by the ongoing transiting planets in early Aries, Libra, and Capricorn.

Like many of my friends and clients, there are situations in my life that are ongoing and challenging, showing up in obvious and visible storylines, as well as an inner insistence for me to keep facing whatever I need to see about myself.

The Sun now is in early Cancer and a curious thing happened this weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning, just after the Sun had squared Uranus in Aries (and was moving into opposition with Pluto — exact tonight on the west coast — and then to square Saturn in a few days), with a tremendous sense of calm and resolve. The Sun is completing the cardinal cross for these few days and I have such a sense of finding a missing element, so to speak. I feel as if I have connected to an aspect of myself that has helped stabilize what had felt like a wildly unpredictable situation in my life. It was just such a clear feeling of balance and poise. The externals have not changed, but I feel as if I am quite capable of dealing with whatever happens next. It feels like an energetic quality, or an awareness has appeared just in time for the road ahead. It was such a vivid experience of what might happen when a planet fills in a t-square and creates a grand cross.

I know things will keep changing, but I feel like I have somehow more of myself, or more clarity and strength, from which to proceed.

It seems that many fellow astrologers are in a particularly thoughtful mood as the week begins. Rather than focusing on outer events, I seem to have found many writing on more internal dynamics this week.

Thank you to all the fine astrologers out there spreading your good-hearted work. Enjoy.

Dharmarucci’s blog Illness and Vocation: Sun and North Node speaks to a certain type of sickness. “Astrologically, the Sun will be extinguished unless the outer planets are honoured, unless they are allowed to replace the ego as the guides to your life.”

Robert Wilkinson’s Navigating the In-Betweens ponders a lovely question: “When we’ve ended what we needed to end, and opened to a mystery that hasn’t shown up yet in a form we recognize, is there anything to do?”

Erin Sullivan’s The Elusive Neptune is a long, wonderfully eloquent and evocative article. I plan to read it slowly, at my leisure. Her thoughts include Neptune’s passage into Pisces as “the global transit of it as a collective experience of thresholding, transitioning and a sense of chaotic dismemberment of identity and chaotic loss of knowing who we are and what to do.”

The always interesting Frederick Woodruff’s newest entry is Gurdjieff’s Full ‘Stop!’ and the Full Moon. He offers some views of the nature of the Moon that are different from standard psychological astrology. “Within the cyclic dance between the luminaries, the Full Moon moment is akin to Gurdjieff’s ‘stop exercise’ The stop exercise was one of Gurdjieff’s most literal techniques to develop his students’ capacities for ’self-remembering.’ “

Terry Lamb is now writing a monthly overview, and a daily column at her Daily Success Guide at Daykeeper Journal. Of Monday’s Sun opposite Pluto, she writes: “This is a “Full Pluto” time, when we are taken into the deepest realms of awareness to see what remains to be transformed before Pluto returns to forward motion September 16. It’s time to go for it!” As for the month of June, about which we now have a bit of hindsight: “June brings another episode in our personal rebirth story, as well as that of humanity, of the whole planet. It is not advised that you hold your breath until the show’s over, because it will take too long. No, we have to engage fully in the process, breathe through it, and transform.”

Lynn Hayes’s Sunday inspiration: This present moment advises against too much anguished looking back in life. She ends her lovely blog: “Live fully in the beauty of this breath.  Right now. And turn your face to the Sun.”

Have a wonderful summertime week, everyone. As I always like to say, remember, we’re all in this together.

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  1. Greeting friends, you always bring the best information into view. Thank you for the year of good articles and mind stimulating thought… Love and Blessings, Rita

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