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Welcome to the Aries Point

I’ve been thinking about a big, warm welcome to Jupiter and Uranus who are about to enter Aries. We, of course, have had transiting Pluto, followed by Saturn, on the cardinal axis (from 0º Capricorn and Libra, respectively) since 2008.

Although the world picture is compelling now, I’m imagining herein how these factors are playing out in the personal sphere, in the realms where most of us most directly participate.

All the points in our individual horoscopes that connect to the Aries Point have had the gifts, grace, and challenges brought by the lord of the underworld and the keeper of linear time pressing upon us. (These two can come uninvited and not warmly welcomed, but apparently necessary. Sound familiar?)

So, it’s exciting to realize that the excavation and restructuring of those compartments in our lives that are sensitive by degree to Pluto and Saturn are opening into a whole new dimension with the presence of the great awakener, enhanced by the breadth of Jupiter. What is being fervently examined, stripped to the bone, and perhaps ending (i.e., Pluto and Saturn), relating to our contribution to the world (i.e., the Aries Point) is due for a mega-change in perspective.

As has been noted, the last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the Aries Point (0º Libra), in July 1969, was the very day that man first walked on the Moon. My sister, Kate, suggested to me today that this upcoming conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus (exact on June 8th) is like “our own personal walk on the Moon.” Our sense of personal authenticity, self-realization (this is Aries, after all) and scope for what is possible can all expand beyond the previous limits or boundaries. We experience a quickening of our unique gift to the greater world. The next conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus are back in the sign of Pisces where the collective field prevails, so this is a rare time of individual awakening to potential.

Any planet or point in the horoscope at 0º – 2º degrees of the cardinal signs is the most obvious place to look. And, we can get more specific if we study the midpoints that are on the AP in the natal horoscope.

I know someone who has the Sun-Uranus on the AP. In part, the Pluto-Saturn ending has been noticeable in regards to a certain gentleman who has played a big role in her life. After many years of entanglement, he is now irrevocably (and suddenly) out of the picture. This situation is concurrent with her newly invigorated commitment to her own creative and unique work life.

Some one else has Mars-Pluto, Jupiter-MC, Venus-Mars, Neptune-Ascendant and Uranus all on the AP. She has been designing and building a state-of-the-art house with principles from the sacred architecture of India for the past several years. It has been taxing and challenging in the extreme, but now the house is complete. She is living there and beginning to offer the space for groups. She hosted the first workshop this weekend, which she thought was a cooking class. “And yet,” she told me, “it was so much more than that. It was really about the deepest philosophy of healing.” She said, “I walked into this world I know nothing about.” Her natal Sun is 1º38’ Libra: Pluto and Saturn pressed her to create a (literal) structure whose purpose has an exciting and unforeseen life of its own that is beginning to unfold.

Another friend has Aries rising with natal Mars in Cancer. She has Moon-Venus and Saturn-MC on the AP. She is an educator and social activist whose time in these past few years has been spent tending closely to some difficult matters in her immediate family. She is longing for a new socially relevant project that she can devote herself to and move ahead in her customary high-spirited way.

Someone I know just returned from her first trip to Europe. She has 1º51’ Libra on the Ascendant and 1º57’ Cancer on the MC. In the past several years her life has completely changed. She left an office job, moved a thousand miles, and began work in a community focused on sustainable agriculture and shepherding the earth’s resources. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is coming to her Descendant. She said that this trip has given her a “different perspective on life,” both internally and externally.  She told me that she had expected to feel anxious and unsafe (echoes of Saturn and Pluto?), but she felt neither. Rather, she felt a great exhilaration and sense of wonder and discovery.

A close friend of mine (with natal Neptune/North Node on the Aries Point) is a lovely writer, world explorer, and all around lover of beauty in this life. As I was working on this article, she posted this on Facebook; it is from David Whyte’s poem, The Seven Streams:

“Be a provenance of something gathered, a summation of previous intuitions, let your vulnerabilities walking on the cracked sliding limestone be, this time, not a weakness but a faculty for what’s about to happen.”

Now, that seems like a perfect ode to this threshold moment, between the sometimes grim tidings of Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter and Uranus — newcomers to the world axis and the bearers of all that can be magically uplifting and of supreme vision for all that is of the greatest good.