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Welcome to TMA This Week

Hi, and welcome to the first post of our new exclusive online-only feature, TMA This Week. Each week we will be posting an easy-to-read article on topics including the Best of Astrology Blogs, a streamlined version of our popular column Planet Tracks, and A Glance at the Heavens for the latest on what’s going on in the sky. Our intrepid and versatile TMA staffers will make guest appearances in the From the Magazine section. I will be the editor/organizer of this new feature – three cheers to Saturn’s transit in Virgo – and I’ll be writing as well.

TMA This Week includes a commenting feature, where you, our readers, can respond to what our authors have contributed with your own comments and feedback.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and welcome your suggestions.

Mary Plumb


  1. Hey, Mary! This was a great inaugural blog. I find Sarah Palin
    pretty scary, personally. These are indeed “daunting times.”
    Keep up the good work! — Jan

  2. Congratulations on your new feature. Congratulations on making the Saturn in Virgo deadline…

  3. Brilliant. Any chance of sending us email links to it weekly or an RSS? Just so I remember to look regularly 🙂

  4. @Liz Verran: thanks Liz..
    the RSS is all set up..sounds like you know what you’re doing with it..

    Mary Plumb

  5. A wonderful addition to a top-notch site. Thank you, Mary etal TMA. I’ve been returning to ‘Tracks’ since Jan and now there’s News, too! Does a Capricorn Moon show ‘seeing the feelings of the masses as a business to be managed?’ That would be politics, right? I see the energy of the financial ‘chaos’ as an opportunity to rethink the structure (Pluto into Capricorn & Saturn opposite the USA Sun)- perhaps with Integrity


  6. Hey Roberta..thanks for the appreciative words! I love your intepretation of the Capricorn Moon as a business managing the feelings of the masses..

    Not sure chart you mean with Saturn opposite USA Sun? Unless you meant square? Saturn is square the US Sibly Sun…and we’ve got awhile to figure this “restructuring” out as a nation..Pluto opposes the US Venus (3 Cancer) all next year (2009), then goes on to oppose US Jupiter (6 Cancer), Sun (13 Cancer) and Mercury (24 Cancer) until early 2021…

  7. Excellent addition to TMA website. I used to be a TMA subscriber, but ‘got out of the loop’ several years ago. Paul Newman piece very good. His humanitarian work was an inspiration for millions and his wonderful life work will live on. BTW – Paul was on the McCarthy red list for a while in the early fifties because of his ‘liberal’ leanings. Would love to read/hear of your analysis of a Nov 4th election day chart.

    Thanks again, Luby

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