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What’s New – and What’s Coming – in TMA

Our Dec. 2008/Jan. 2009 (21st anniversary) issue is at the printers now, and it is due to be mailed out to all subscribers in early November. It is packed with useful information, as usual, and I’m always amazed to witness how much care goes into each and every issue. This is what has sustained the magazine’s success all these years, the care and attention to detail — from the writers and editors on down to our friends at Ripon Community Printers in Wisconsin, who have printed every issue of TMA since 1993. In the cover feature of this issue, “The Wild Ride of 2009,” Adrian Ross Duncan looks ahead to geopolitical and economic trends that will likely reflect the planetary configurations of the year ahead. I hope our readers will post their comments about the new issue on this blog.

We are now turning our attention to the Feb./March 2009 issue, which will focus on the lunar nodes in depth, with excellent articles from Brian Clark, Kathy Allan, and Linda Johnsen. Just last Friday, I interviewed veteran astrologer Bill Herbst for this issue, and he gave his views on Obama, the Cardinal Climax of 2009–2014, Pluto in Capricorn, and the transformative forces now facing humanity. Brad Kochunas, Roy Gillett, Hank Friedman, Fern Feto Spring, and Liz Kirkham are also contributors, as well as Student Section regulars Dana Gerhardt and Donna Cunningham.

We haven’t heard much from writers about the new planet Eris recently, but the last Full Moon in Aries was conjunct the current position of Eris, and it sure has been a chaotic month, especially for the economy. I wonder whether Eris will gain traction and be included more and more by practicing astrologers, or whether it will fade over time. (Tell us, should we include Eris in TMA’s chart wheel displays?) We have published a few articles on Eris in the last two years, primarily in the April/May 2007 issue — which reminds me, we’re going to have a big Back Issue sale starting right after the first of the year. Details will be posted on this site as well as in the printed magazine. We have copies of about 45 Back Issues available, from 2000 through 2008.

It has been a sad time at the office lately. All of us here have worked closely together for the past ten years, and during the last 14 months, our Art Director, Tara Sanders, has been on medical leave fighting a serious illness. We have enjoyed her beautiful cover designs and illustrations in TMA over the years. She is a very special soul. Will you join us now in praying for her healing?

I want to thank all of you for what you have contributed to the magazine, whether as subscriber, faithful reader, writer, advertiser, or just someone surfing the Web and spreading the word about us. It all helps, and we appreciate it!
— Tem


  1. I just picked up the Dec/Jan 2008 edition of The Mountain Astrologer magazine from the mail. As usual, I thoroughly am delighted with the thought provoking articles that stretch my mind and my astrological knowledge.

    I’m a Taurus Sun, so of course I’m an engaged reader! I totally agree that we Taurus folks are earth driven. Having the Earth as our planet seems a great fit.

    I really appreciated the article on Saturn-Uranus. Those of my birth year of 1949 have it as part of a Finger of Fate or Yod. There is a sextile between Saturn and Uranus with quincunxes to Jupiter. This configuration has had a lifelong impact on my life journey. So a special thanks to Donna Cunningham for her insightful article.

    Tara Sanders will be in my ongoing prayers. I have marvelled at her art work for quite some time. Many blessings to you all for the work you do!

  2. Thank you Sherrie,
    It’s great to have reader feedback. Glad TMA stretches your mind.
    Hope to see more of your comments online!

  3. Regarding Eris: yes I do think it ought to be included in charts from now on. I think it a bit premature, though, to interpret it as the ‘planet of chaos’. I have examined Eris in my own chart (it completes a grand trine with Pluto and Pallas Athena). I think it refers more to taking a holistic view of everything, thus realizing where one’s limits lie. In my own chart, Pluto seems to indicate my predilection for ‘deep’ study and teaching, Pallas Athena expresses this through the arts, and Eris provides an overview on how successful I am at this – thus providing useful feedback for Pluto. Food for thought?
    My best wishes to Tara.

  4. The Saturn-Uranus article was the first article I read. I have them conjunct in Taurus (June 1941) and my friend has the Uranus-Saturn conjunction in Gemini. We both answer to Grounded Eccentric and Sane Weirdo. The difference we find is that I do my ground work and then make innovative changes, and she changes things and then sorts out the result!

  5. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for the good wishes to our dear Tara.

  6. Hello Sybil,

    What a keen observation about you and your friend. For you, with the conjunction in (fixed) Taurus, the groundwork comes first; your friend, with the conjunction in (mutable) Gemini, changes things first! What a clear example of element and modality..

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