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Where is Russia Headed?

Due to the presence of the t-square between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, astrologers had been worrying about the 2014 chart of the Aries Ingress for some time, long before the calendar year began. On March 3, 2014, Robert Hand gave form to these concerns by noting the correspondence of the angularity of these planets at the time of the Ingress, and the geographical regions where socio-political unrest was already brewing. At the time of the Ingress, Jupiter and Pluto were rising and setting near Washington, and on the MC and IC near Kiev, and Uranus was setting over Moscow. In summary, Hand wrote: “this coinciding of Jupiter-Pluto lines with both Washington and Kiev links the two places and, since Uranus is involved as well, makes the entire t-square active in both regions.” (1) Now, with retrograde Mars having joined the trio, and the Cardinal Grand Cross event behind us, we are left to wonder what exactly will become of the escalating tensions between these countries. A full-scale military confrontation is the worst-case scenario; the main question on many people’s minds is whether Russia will invade Ukraine any time soon.

I use a chart for Russia similar to one used by Adrian Ross Duncan, but set for December 25, 1991 at 7:35 p.m., the moment the CIA tells us the new flag was raised over the Kremlin in Moscow. (2) The following chart shows this horoscope on the inner wheel with transits for April 25, 2014 on the outside.

Inner wheel: Dec. 25, 1991; 7:35 p.m.; Moscow, Russia
Outer wheel: transits April 25, 2014

We can see that the April 25 superior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun at 5° Taurus occurred right near the MC of this chart — and in a very close square to Saturn at 5° Aquarius. This time frame also correlates to a complete breakdown in diplomatic communications between the U.S. and Russia, as well as a decision by the G7 countries to pursue more sanctions against Russian interests. (3) Since the MC symbolizes leaders and national reputation and the 7th house is both business partners and “open enemies,” it appears, from the quick moving trigger of the superior conjunction of Mercury with the Sun, that this chart for Russia so far works well.

Since my last blog for TMA was about the roles of Mercury and Pallas Athene in the Cardinal Grand Cross, it didn’t escape my attention that Pallas stationed direct at 25° Leo on April 7, in conjunction to the Ascendant of this chart for Russia. (4) I find it extremely symbolically apropos that we have a supposedly “minor” astrological archetype associated with the strategic aspects of war (asteroid Pallas Athene) activating the Ascendant of the Russian chart at the same time that they are involved in a series of highly complex machinations regarding the seemingly “minor” country of Ukraine. Some see Ukraine as a pawn in the “New Great Game” — a competition between the U.S. and NATO against Russia for influence in central Asia. (5) It is precisely the complex nature of such a political chess game that makes some see it unlikely for Russia to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. (6) It may be that all this bluster from Russia is simply a blocking and/or a delaying tactic designed to keep the scheduled elections for May 25 from happening and thus continuing to deny legitimacy to the Ukraine government in Kiev. (7)

On that note it is interesting to consider another seemingly minor astrological factor that is creeping into a stationary conjunction with the Leo Ascendant for this chart of Russia. On April 27 the True Black Moon Lilith will station retrograde at 22° Leo. Since the chart we are using for Russia contains a conjunction between the Sun and the True Black Moon, this may not be a minor factor at all, and may go a long way toward explaining what is going on here. Kelley Hunter describes Black Moon Lilith as “an emotional intelligence informed by the wisdom of earthy instinct.” (8) It seems that Putin views the expansion of NATO into former Warsaw Pact nations as a broken promise, and is determined that it will proceed no further. (9)

In the short term, the final thing to note is one other station. The direct station of Mars, at 9° Libra on May 19, is very closely square to the Nodes in this Russian chart, at the South Bending. This could represent a re-connection with one’s deep ancestral roots, making this a very formative time in the evolution of this country. However, as it is the point where the Moon dives its deepest below the ecliptic, the South Bending is not strongly indicative of major outward manifestations. In my view, transit Mars stationing direct at the South Bending does not portend a major military event, such as an invasion.

In the long term, as Uranus forms the opening square to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the national chart, we definitely see a nation at an important crossroads. It seems to some that perhaps Putin feels Russia needs to break free of identities imposed from the outside, to find its own true identity and move toward a Eurasian Union. (10) But since illusory Neptune is transiting the 8th house and the midpoint between the natal Sun/Black Moon Lilith/North Node conjunction and the MC, we may not be able to pin down the ideology that is behind these radical movements for some time to come.

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Bio: Gary P. Caton is an eclectic Astrologer who embraces an organic, process-oriented approach of spiritual exploration via the Living Sky. Gary has studied Spirituality for over 24 years. After exploring Shamanism and the Tarot, in 1993 his life was changed by a magnificent Dream where he was shown planetary alignments and became an Astrologer. Gary earned a degree in Counseling with highest honors and has developed a unique multi-discipline path to practicing Astrology over 20 years. Visit Gary at his website: Dream Astrologer


  1. I don’t find the Moon at 26 degrees Pisces until 6-8 am April 26 2014, the next day, Moscow time.

  2. Thats correct, however since I didn’t bring the transit Moon into my analysis I’m not sure that it really matters

  3. You make a good case Gary and I’m not surprised that the goddesses are so involved. I’m finding the feminine archetypes symbolized in astrology making intricate transiting patterns that conform to events in this Zeitgeist ever since the Venus occultation of the Sun in June 2012.

    I’m not familiar with this chart for Russia and have been using the one for June 12, 1990, having no idea of what it’s based on. I hope you will report back on how this new chart works as events unfold and thanks for a very interesting article.

    • Russian astrologers use the Declaration of independence of Russia as a main chart for country – 12.06.1990, 9:45 GMT, Moscow.

  4. Actually “most people” aren’t wondering about Russia “invading” Ukraine or anywhere else, but which country will the US next decide to invade – for that countries own good of course, one can see that so clearly with Iraq….

  5. looks like I pretty much nailed Putin’s views

    In his speech after signing the treaty to join Crimea with Russia, Mr. Putin spoke evocatively of Russia’s humiliation at being treated like a vanquished country after the cold war ended, and of his anger at how the West exploited Russia’s weakness to expand NATO eastward into former Soviet territory. The final straw, he said, was US and European encouragement of a street revolt in Kiev that brought a pro-Western government to power that did not represent the interests of millions of Russians and compatriots in Ukraine’s east.

    “Russia found itself in a position it could not retreat from. If you compress a spring all the way to its limit, it will snap back hard,” Putin said.

    • this anger, humilation and feeling backed into a corner speaks to the Black Moon natal conjunction and transit of the Asc

  6. Re the “Independence Day” chart for Russia -given the apparent ambivalence of the Russian people toward that date, I’m surprised that Tim says it is the one used by Russian Astrologers. Not so sure about that chart myself
    With Mars in Aries in that chart I would expect a little bit more outward and open and less secretive expression of belligerence than what we have seen so far

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