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Will I acquire this mobile home?

The querent had sold his house a few months ago and moved to a remote town to live off the grid with his wife and children. Currently living in a trailer, he had a good deal on a mobile home, but the paperwork was proving difficult as the current owner had no documentation and could not provide contact information for the original owner. The querent, frustrated by the delays, contacted me to ask if he would acquire this mobile home.

Question: Will I get the mobile home?
December 6, 2021
8:34 a.m. AEDT
Regiomontanus houses
Sydney, Australia (33°S52’, 151°E12’)

Significators and analysis
Capricorn rises; therefore, Saturn signifies the querent. Saturn is angular, placed in the 1st house and its home sign, Aquarius, which describes the querent perfectly as someone seeking self-sufficiency and wanting to live away from mainstream society. (1) Saturn’s next aspect is a mutually applying square to Uranus in the 4th house, suggesting there will be difficulties, disruptions, and obstacles (some rather unexpected) involved in this process. (2)

Pluto conjunct the Ascendant gives themes of transformation, and compulsion. Plutonian energy (especially when this angular) can be very humbling by bringing a sense of colliding with fate or unseen forces beyond one’s control, and/or feelings of powerlessness and great anxiety. In its purest form, Pluto likes to bury things and/or dredge them up. Things are metaphorically buried too deep underneath the surface for this entire process to be easy or worthwhile. Saturn and Pluto co-present in the 1st house make for a proverbial double whammy — they rarely signify swift victory and success.

The significator of the property is Mars, as Aries is on the 4th-house cusp. Whilst Mars is highly dignified in Scorpio, its past aspects (a square to Saturn and an opposition to Uranus) offer clues that the home has undergone wear and tear which haven’t been attended to. Additionally, Mars has just separated from its extended conjunction with the Sun (i.e., combustion, within seven degrees), highlighting themes of potential affliction, damage, and neglect.

Mars’s next application is an unreceived square to Jupiter, ruler of the 3rd and 12th houses and placed in the 2nd. This shows that the querent could face unforeseen obstacles related to documentation and finances. Soon after completing that square, Mars will change signs (losing dignity) and conjoin the South Node, another negative testimony.

Mercury, the natural significator of documents and communications, is debilitated and combust, applying to a square to Neptune in the 3rd house, emphasising difficulties centred around paperwork and communications.

A potential positive is the angular benefic (Venus), which sits right on the Ascendant. Whilst this gives us some hope, Venus is slow, conjoining Pluto soon and about to go retrograde until the end of January 2022. These are signals for one or more of the following: (a) significant loss of momentum, (b) reversals or change of mind, and (c) general obstacles. Note that Venus rules the 5th and 10th houses, so some of these obstacles or delays could relate to children or career matters. It is worth mentioning what appears to be Venus’s applying sextile to Mars (ruler of the 4th house), which would be a positive testimony for a successful outcome, but, alas, Venus refrains from perfecting that aspect because it is so slow; therefore, the desired union (the home) is not achieved.

The Moon, ruling the 7th house, signifies the seller and co-signifies the property. It is cadent, in the 12th house, and in its detriment, Capricorn. Such a weak Moon suggests unforeseen loss, frustrations, duplicity on behalf of the seller as well as a general absence of favourable energies for the querent and the outcome sought. In addition, there is no positive aspect between the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses to show agreement in the sale. On a better note, despite these issues, the Moon in the 12th house will soon trine Uranus in the 4th house, suggesting the querent could come across another home under unexpected yet problematic circumstances.

The horary does not suggest it would be worth the effort required to acquire this home, and instead shows signs of many delays and setbacks that prevent the querent from successfully completing the purchase. It appears the querent, under unexpected circumstances, will come across another home which will present better prospects.
I anticipated changes would become clear to the querent in four or five weeks, based on the Moon being 4° from its square to the cusp of the 4th house (disappointment) and 5° from its trine to Uranus (unexpected or quick change).

Further development
The querent later confirmed that in mid-December 2021 (as Venus conjoined Pluto and Mars entered Sagittarius), his wife turned against the purchase of the mobile home, although he remained in favour of proceeding until mid-January 2022. The wife’s reasoning was that the condition of the home was too poor, with problems that would take too much time and expense to resolve. It is noteworthy that Saturn (querent) approaches the 4th house cusp by sextile from an angle, whilst the Moon (ruling the 7th, signifying the wife) approaches it by square — a signature of this disconnect between the querent and his wife.
The querent explained that he acquired a different mobile home in January 2022. However, the person he bought the new home from had lied about the ownership, and the actual owner of the title had died some years ago. It seems the theme of the horary had still manifested despite the change of circumstances (debilitated Moon in 12th house trine Uranus in 4th, afflicted Mercury squaring Neptune in the 3rd house, and Mars’s square to Jupiter, ruling the 3rd). The querent explained that he was initiating some paperwork procedures in the hope of rectifying the problems with his new home before too long.

(1) William Lilly, Christian Astrology (17th c.), Ascella, 1999, p. 58. Saturn is described as the “author of solitariness.”

(2) Guido Bonatti, Anima Astrologiae (17th c.), WM. C. Eldon Serjeant edition, translated by Henry Coley (1886), p. 4. The 11th Consideration tells us to “take notice of the Malevolent Planets, Mars and Saturn,” as they signify “evil and damage and hindrance.”

Tanuj J. Narula is a practicing astrologer, Psychic, and Medium based in Sydney, Australia. He has been interested in astrology for over ten years. He holds the STA’s Practitioner Level Certification in Horary and is currently completing the STA’s Advanced Level Horary Diploma.

Facebook: tjconsultations

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