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Wonderful Astrology Blogs

Here we go, another week in the eventful summer of 2010. I was roused by the symbolism of the earthquake in Washington on Friday morning, (1) and kind of disappointed when Mr. Obama said he didn’t feel it. (2) The President was within hours of a Mars return (i.e., his natal Mars at 22º35’ Virgo), so maybe this is just a display of an understated Mars in Virgo.

Earthquake in Washington, DC

Theodore White’s Global Astrology has a long, easy-to-read entry giving a synopsis of many of the key events keeping us alert in these interesting times, e.g., UFO’s in China, the real estate market, and climate change. He also includes mention of an increase in “a new social etiquette ahead” as Saturn enters Libra.

Willow’s Web Astrology writes on Post-Eclipse Emotional Backdrop Transformations and What the Crab Can No Longer Deny. She ends her provocative post:  “Accepting this mess is not easy – especially for those who have worked their entire lives to try to head this off. We didn’t. We couldn’t. And now we have to remember Plan B. We have to remember why we agreed to be here for this, what our end of the deal is. And complete it.”

Astro-Talk has a nice entry on Saturn’s ingress into Libra, Virgo to Libra: “Perfecting Me to Deal With We.” She asks a timeless and clear question from the cusp between these two signs: “If we can’t take care of ourselves, be healthy, and manage our energy and time, how can we possibly have healthy and happy relationships?”

Chiron’s ingress into Pisces coincided with the Deepwater explosion and ongoing disaster in the ocean. This week, Chiron retrogrades back into Aquarius until February 2011. Jeremy Neal has a thoughtful article on the essence of the archetype, Beware the Wild Centaur. He writes: “Chiron of course could not have become so universally respected as an astrologer, healer, and mentor if he had not first recognised his animal nature and then honoured and assimilated it consciously. If you understand that such a process is possible, then you are on your way to a Chirotic shift in consciousness.”

The prolific writer and excellent astrologer Robert Wilkinson offers a list of links to many articles he has written in the past few years about this summer’s aspects: Astrology in July, August, and September 2010 – Articles of Current and Future Importance.

Carole Devine writes about Alcoholism and Mel Gibson on her blog this week. Although others have commented on his natal Moon at 0º Libra — on quite spectacular display now — Carole demonstrates a lot of other astrological techniques (i.e., transits, solar arc, and secondary progressions). Among many interesting findings:
“Secondary progressed Mars is at the midpoint between natal Saturn and Mercury, all 29 degrees. Mars will be exactly there in less than two months, but it is so close, he can feel it now. The Combination of Stellar Influences says of this, ‘Incompatibility, unrest, the desire to quarrel. The tendency to treat others badly, separations caused by disputes and arguments, the tendency to bring about a separation by force, a change through force of circumstances.’ “
(Gibson’s natal Mercury-Saturn midpoint is 29º14’ Sagittarius; his secondary progressed Mars is at 29º05’ Sag.)

Frederick Woodruff’s The Gulf Holocaust: An Alchemical Sublimatio begins an eloquent exploration of the oil disaster with an illustration from a 16th-century alchemist. He addresses the question, “What stage within alchemy’s many elaborate processes is this one?” with elegance, grace, and a hope of ultimate redemption.


(1) July 16, 2010; 5:04 a.m.; Rockville, MD 38N54, 77W09.

(2) AP News