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Yes, He Did!

At 8:00 pm PT on November 4 MSNBC announced that Obama had won the presidency. Over 200,000 people erupted in celebration Grants Park in Chicago and in tv rooms all around the country, indeed the world. At that moment, the Ascendant in Washington, DC was 10°11′ Leo, very close to Obama’s natal Sun at 12°33′ Leo. For the next 13 minutes or so and celebration and amazement was at its height, the local Ascendant moved to exactly align with Obama’s Sun in Leo. Quite a victory moment. The transiting Moon was at 1°59′ Aquarius conjunct his natal Jupiter and the sign of the US Sibly Moon, ruler of the people.

Obama’s South Node is conjunct the US Moon at 27° Aquarius – he has an instinctive resonance with the soul of the American people and can speak to the idealism, longings and dreams of the people in our country that has been battered these past eight years.  The Saturn Uranus opposition arrived with a bang on election day and we chose a leader who seems both firmly grounded in his own being, and also able to hold a greater, more unified vision for what needs to happen next. The ability to take one step at a time towards a grand new vision might be one of the clearest interpretations of the opposition and, here we are with a new president with Aquarius rising in his natal chart. Saturn and Uranus, of course, are the co-rulers of Aquarius and this sign holds a key to the paradox inherent in the opposition. This gentleman, who speaks often and eloquently of bringing people together, maintained humor and a high road during the sometimes brutal and devisive tone of the campaign. What a promising way for the oppostion to have manifested.

As one of my favorite headlines in the days after the election read: “Suddenly, It’s Cool to be American Again.”


  1. Thank you so much for a great magazine! and I am really enjoying these articles. Barack Obama’s chart, the US chart and the transits certainly lined beautifully didn’t they?! such elegant connections. I find it fascinating that the Saturn/Uranus opposition Nov. 4 was in a way the mirror opposite of Uranus/Saturn opposition 1965/66, almost like a full moon of that cycle, a flowering of potentials seeded in the 1960’s. At last! As a Canadian, my only regret was that I couldn’t vote for Obama but I certainly said lots of prayers! My birthday is also Aug. 4, so I feel a strong connection to him. So many people I have talked all say the same thing, we are witnessing history being made. In light of all the challenging aspects heading our way over the next few years, it is refreshing to see some light in the darkness. I have been asking myself, which parts of myself have been disenfranchised, where can I claim the power to change, where do I need to say “Yes I/we can?” May this new spirit of hope and possibility propel us to do the work needed to make real changes. Thanks again!

  2. Certainly a palpable energy shift could be felt by everyone at the moment of announcement. I hope a detailed analysis of his presidency is in the works at MA – I look forward to reading it.

  3. Hey Dr Shawn and Robbie,

    Thanks for the comments…

    I’ll check with Tem, but am sure something must be in the works about the Obama Presidency…that has a nice sound, doesn’t it?

    Warmest wishes to one and all…

    PS..I almost forgot, Tem’s interview with Bill Herbst will be in the Feb/March issue, including discussion of Obama.

  4. Hi Mary:
    Just to be clear:
    The time for the Obama win was 8 pm PST,
    but it was 11 PM EST. In NYC, 13 Leo was rising.

  5. Thanks Shelley for alerting me to clarify about PST..

    I used Washington for obvious reasons, but I did see 13 Leo rising in NYC…must have been an especially grand moment there too..

  6. Hi all,

    Tem interviewed Bill Herbst for the Feb/March 2009 issue and Obama was certainly part of the discussion..

    That will be very good..Bill is a superb astrologer..

    Stay tuned..


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