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You Tube Astrologers

Any collection of You Tube astrology must begin with David Cochrane’s phenomenal collection of tutorial videos.

This is a very broad and diverse selection of astrology. I’ll suggest a few links to get you started.

Beginners are warmly welcomed and encouraged: Here’s a 44-minute Introduction to Astrological Interpretation, Part 1: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Rulerships

Students can keep going here: 20 Free Astrology Lessons: A Complete Course (10 hours). David is a wonderful teacher; this series has been viewed 40,000 times.

He also has 21 tutorial videos in the Astronomy for Astrologers Course, 77 videos on Harmonic, Vibrational and Symmetrical Astrology and many other intermediate and advanced techniques.

Here are another few varied (and randomly selected) topics:

Possible Indications of Mental Illness (31 minutes)

Divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Astrological Analysis (24 minutes)

Whole Sign Houses, Quadrant Houses, and Equal Houses: Three Different Models for Astrology (32 minutes)

Jeffrey Wolf Green’s School of Evolutionary Astrology offers a number of videos, including a long introductory lecture (over 2 hours) from the 1980s, a two-part lecture on the meaning of the Planetary Nodes (1995), and videos from Jeffrey’s last public appearance (2005).

Mark Jones of Pluto School has a 90-minute video presentation, The Power of the Circle, that was recorded at Kepler College in November 2013.
There is also a 52-minute conversation with Steven Forrest.

Check out Samuel Reynolds’s 10-minute clip on The Real Fight for Aries, part of his ongoing (and always inspiring) Zodiac Lounge series.

Astrologer Steve Judd posts lots of 6 – 8 minute videos, sometimes daily. One current video blog Sunday sermon/early mid-April includes the U.S. missile attack in Syria.

He also has weekly and yearly forecasts. Here’s another sample (8 minutes): Global Forecast 2017.

Terence Guardino is a Western & Vedic Astrologer who posts frequent videos. Here’s a 15-minute video: Donald Trump: One Term President

And here’s Tony Howard’s lovely interview with Astrologers Lynn Bell and Adrian Duncan on the Consultation Chart, an often overlooked (and under-appreciated) technique. (38 minutes)

I also found a new free series called The School of Living Astrology with Northwest astrologer Tyler Penor. Tyler has studied astrology for 15 years and his approach is to use astrology for “wisdom, clarity, health and healing.” There are four introductory videos that he filmed outdoors — this is the Northwest, you can see trees and hear a bit of wind rustling. Check out his warm-hearted introduction to see what he’s up to.

Amanda Walsh’s new web venture, Astrology Hub, is a lively and blossoming community. Here is a 30-minute chat (with Q&A) between Amanda and Donna Woodwell: How Will the Great American Eclipse Affect Donald Trump?
(This conversation originated on the Facebook group, The Astrology Eclipse Portal.)

Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast has a new conversation (3/3/2017) posted on You Tube. Matthew Steltzner, Jessica Garfield-Kabbara, and Delia Shargel discuss Jessica’s article “Re-Visioning Saturn,” from Archai, the Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. Matthew writes: “We have a lively discussion about becoming conscious of the patriarchal roots of our Western traditions, including archetypal astrology, and the process of maturing our understanding of the archetype of Saturn using the concept of the ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ Masculine and Feminine.”

(You can also download Jessica Garfield-Kabbara’s article Re-visioning Saturn.)

Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast interviews his “powerhouse guest,” astrologer Austin Coppock. This is a 70-minute interview on Astrology & The Elite.

OK, friends, that’s it for now. Have a good week and enjoy yourselves!


  1. Many thanks, Mary, for this brilliant collection! I’ll be passing the link onto my students – as well as having an enjoyable browse…

  2. Thanks Mary – what a fun job you have perusing astrology on youtube!!! I am really behind the times..

  3. What a wonderful treasure trove of resources you’ve shared here Mary! Thanks so much!

    With appreciation,

  4. Thank you

    Dee/Rubylake Tarot

  5. Thank you so much! This material is just overwhelming! I just quit sleeping and spend the days and the nights with your wonderful video-collection 😉
    Such a pleasure

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