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YouTube Astrology

In the spirit of the current Mercury, Mars, and Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, let’s take a break and watch some astrology videos. I’ve collected a few, and there are many more on YouTube and around the web. I’d love to see some of your suggestions, too. (There’s always something new. I just heard about BrightCove, it’s apparently like YouTube with a higher quality video. Has anyone used that?)

Not everyone is on Facebook, so some readers may have missed Bruce Scofield’s lucid explanation of astrology, including the recent zodiac confusion. “To explain this whole astrology thing a little further is Bruce Scofield, a professor of geoscience and evolution.”

Kelly Lee Philips recorded Robert Blaschke’s 65-minute talk on Progression Theory at the Blast Conference in 2008.

Recorded at the Blast Conference in 2007, enjoy Robert Hand’s two- hour workshop on Reception from the medieval perspective.

Charles McClelland and Kelly Lee Phipps interview Richard Tarnas at the Baltimore NCGR Conference in 2007. This is an extensive interview – it’s an hour and 15 minutes.

Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrologyhas a collection of short videos on aspects of traditional astrology, including an eight-minute introduction to Horary, the Use of Talismans and the Mansions of the Moon.

Adrian Ross Duncan has a short demo of an astrological consultation here.

Joyce Hopewell has posted a short (approximately two minutes) introduction to the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology, followed by several other videos in which she describes key points in the method. She has other topics as well, such as Jupiter and the Art of Risk Taking.

Watch Steven Forest on The Future of Astrology, the 2007 keynote address from NORWAC.

Kelly Lee Phipps’s Return of the Magi series of interviews with astrologers begins by asking, “How did you get into astrology?”

Here are some of his interviews:

Adam Gainsburg

Glenn Perry

David Cochrane — this one is a full hour.

Gary Caton

Nick Dagan Best (45 minutes)

Lee Lehman on Classical Astrology (one hour, 36 minutes)

For some videos on early practices in astrology, Robert Schmidt has a ten-minute introduction to Hellenistic Astrology here.

Also, go here for Chris Brennan’s “A History of Western Astrology” (ten minutes)

Have fun watching videos everyone, and have a good week.


  1. You could also call this a “Vlog” or “vlogging”. In calling it a Vlog, it doesn’t have to reference Youtube.

    • Hoorah for forward, original thinking and the evolution of our lexicon, Nancy. So appealing to the Mercury/Uranus conjunction of my nativity 🙂

    • good thinking, Nancy…

      thanks for stopping by..

  2. […] YouTube Astrology ~ From the website of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, Mary Plumb has posted a collection of videos about astrology on YouTube. It’s an exciting and diverse collection that you shouldn’t miss with videos links featuring Bruce Scofield, Robert Hand, and Steven Forrest among others. For those who have never had an astrological consultation, you can see a short one with Adrian Ross Duncan. […]

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