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Anne Hathaway

I saw Les Misérables this weekend. I wanted to see it — I have an appetite for pathos and catharsis — and I was especially curious about Anne Hathaway as Fantine, whose tragic life and death is pivotal to the story’s unfolding.

I was particularly intrigued because I had heard Hathaway in an interview say that her mother, Kate Hathaway, an actress, had played Fantine in the first U.S. Tour of Les Misérables when Anne was seven. She said how real the story always seemed to her, as she was a little girl watching her mother. (For those who aren’t familiar with Les Mis, it is an intensely emotional story.)

Anne Hathaway was born on November 12, 1982 in Brooklyn, New York. No birth time has surfaced yet, so I’ll look at the sunrise chart. (1)
Anne Hathaway, sunrise natal

Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Venus are in Scorpio. (She was born just after the superior conjunction of Venus and the Sun at 11° Scorpio on November 3.)

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, as is Saturn in Libra. Mars at 8° Capricorn is on Facies, the cluster of the stars in front of the archer’s face, in the constellation Sagittarius. Facies is associated with ruthlessness but brings success through an ability for deep focus. (2)

Saturn and Pluto began a new synodic cycle on November 7 when they were conjunct at 27° Libra. The two planets met just once in this cycle; that signature of depth and determination is very acute in her life path. (She has spoken publicly about depression as a teenager and her ability to get through it without medication.)

I don’t know what was happening in her life at the opening square of 1993-4, but at the opposition in 2001 she had her first role in a movie, The Other Side of Heaven, and starred in The Princess Diaries, which was a major commercial success. By the closing square in 2009-10, she was out of a bad news relationship (i.e., her boyfriend of four years “ended up pleading guilty to the 14 counts against him and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison,” and her career was well established. At the time she said,“ ‘Born under a lucky star, Hathaway!’ she exclaims.”) (3)

Hathaway was born in the Balsamic Moon phase. The Moon is in Libra; the deep waters of the natal Scorpio planets have a lovely and expressive lift from the Libra Moon.

The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are parallel as well as conjunct. They are within 2-½ degrees of longitude, emphasizing their connection and impact. (Maybe that’s the “lucky star”?)

Mercury at 15° Scorpio is on the Aries Point in her chart. The Aries Point connects to the world at large and the potential for public projection. Mercury on the Aries Point makes speaking and communicating in the public eye a strong marker in her life. Mercury is also on the Uranus-Pluto midpoint (ME=UR/PL), which adds a creative and compelling quality to her words, thoughts, and voice.

Mercury rules siblings, of course. She was raised Catholic but left the church at 15. She said: “I realized my older brother was gay, and I couldn’t support a religion that didn’t support my brother.” She is now a prominent LGBT rights activist.

She is also born with the relatively rare condition of all planets in direct motion. Even now, by progression, there are no retrogrades. This must speak of her apparent ease (and drive) to be so publicly expressive, given the privacy of the Scorpio.

The North Node and Neptune are antiscia, i.e., equal distance from the cardinal axis, the so-called “hidden aspect” that connects a pair of planets. (4) There was a solar eclipse on December 15, 1982 (when she was six weeks old) at 23° Sagittarius within a few degrees of natal Neptune, so a life in art and film was triggered early in her life. This eclipse will perfect in her progressed chart in a few years, when she is about 33.

The solar eclipse on November 13, 2012, at 21°56 Scorpio, was precisely on her Venus and within two degrees of the Sun and Jupiter. (5) 2012 was a big year for her: along with her widely praised role as Fantine, she was married on September 29, 2012, a few days past the last exact hit of her Saturn return. (Venus disposits natal Saturn and the Moon in Libra.)

Check out this clip of Fantine’s signature song, with the immortal Scorpio line: “I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I’m living.” She sounds to me like she means it.


(1) All biographical material and quotes from Wikipedia

(2) “Facies in a chart will indicate that the planet it touches will be very focused and driven, and that you will need to be aware that the push to achieve goals and aims may well become ruthless.” Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady, Samuel Weiser, 1998. Pg. 299.

(3) Telegraph

(4) See Kate Petty’s site

(5) In the sunrise chart, Venus is at 21°52 Scorpio.


  1. I am showing my ignorance, I realize, but I’m confused by your saying Anne’s Aries point is on her Mercury at 15 degrees Scorpio. Everything I read says the Aries point is zero degrees Cardinal, so I don’t understand 15 Sco on the Aries Point. Is this a reference to Uranian astrology and a 90 degree dial somehow? Thanks.

  2. Great analysis.
    One question: “Mercury at 15° Scorpio is on the Aries Point in her chart.” What does that mean? Aries Point is at 0 Aries, no?

    And another:
    “This eclipse will perfect in her progressed chart in a few years, when she is about 33.”
    Can you elaborate on this?
    You progress the eclipses?

    Good work

    • Hello Yannis,

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed the article..

      Here are the links I mentioned above with clear explanations of the Aries Point:


      I will find a blog I wrote on the progressed chart, but for now, essentially, as you progress the natal chart you can see when an eclipse occurred in the sky after (or before birth)..Since the eclipse occurred when she was 33 days old, that resonates with the 33rd year of life..

      I’ll come back with more when I have a bit more time..

      Thank you for commenting..


  3. Thanks for your great analysis, Mary. The lady is a very affecting actress, one of our best, and now I understand why!

    • Thank you, Jude..

      I sometimes like to work with just a sunrise chart and take note of all that you can see without an exact birth time..

      Best to you,


  4. I think I realized that she was among the very best of her generation after seeing ‘Rachel Getting Married’. Great choice- thanks.

    Don’t know if you can go into it here, but I’d like to know- how does one establish the ‘Aries point’ in a chart?

    • Hi Carl,

      Do you have any astro software?

      I can probably guide you through it..

      Or, visually, you can begin to look for midpoints in the natal..

      Oh, I found something I wrote a few years ago too:

      Thanks, I loved the movie so much, I felt inspired to look at her..(I also noticed that Hugh Jackman also has Venus in Scorpio..another story no doubt..)

      As I said, I go for catharsis when I can…too much natal water 😉

      Always nice to hear from you,


      • Got it, thanks!

  5. Astrotheme has a chart with Sagittarius rising. With that smile I can certainly see it.

    • Yes, if it is Sag rising the eclipse on Jupiter becomes even more significant..

      Also, that eclipse occurred also in 1993, the year of the opening Saturn-Pluto square

      I don’t see any source for the time though, so I am not inclined to use it yet..

  6. Thanks Mary for your blog on Anne Hathaway. I am wondering where she gets her voice-maybe she’ll end up with Taurus rising. Do you always use all those extras-antiscia for instance when you read a chart or only look for extras when you are using a sunrise chart? Certainly the recent eclipse and her prenatal are significant..

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