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Direct Station of Venus Exalted in Pisces

With the the opening words to “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, an underdog Scottish singer with the voice of an angel has captivated the world.

… I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving …

… Then I was young and unafraid
When dreams were made and used
And wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung
No wine untasted…

With last year’s ingress of Pluto into Capricorn, a global economic crisis engulfed humanity and plunged the world into despair. Millions of unemployed have lost health-care benefits. Millions more are behind on mortgage payments. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes to bank foreclosures. Staggering credit card debt for those who have lived beyond their means will never be repaid. Banks have gone into insolvency or are barely surviving on taxpayer bailouts from the government.

Such a desolate and hopeless landscape in which the world finds itself! The recent retrograde Venus in detriment in Aries had millions of people holding their heads in sorrow as they pondered depleted investment or retirement accounts decimated by the stock market crash of last fall. Each evening, the nightly news would be watched to find any glimmers of hope for a resuscitated economy or good news on the job front.

On Saturday, April 11, retrograde Venus made her ingress back into Pisces, sign of her exaltation. She would be stationing direct the next week on April 17 in the final degree of the zodiac, once again to ingress back into her detriment in Aries on April 24 at the Taurus New Moon. The world yearned for 13 days of relief as Venus stationed in her exalted sign in the most karmic degree of the zodiac.

… But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hopes apart
As they turn your dreams to shame …


Susan Boyle Birth Chart

That Saturday night, on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show, a homely 48-year-old spinster named Susan Magdalen Boyle, microphone in hand, fearlessly took the stage and faced the sneers of the judges and the audience. Ian Youngs, entertainment reporter for the BBC News, wrote:

“Last Saturday, viewers saw Boyle, with double chin, unkempt hair, frumpy appearance and eccentric demeanour, step onto the talent show stage and proclaim her dream of being a professional singer. The judges rolled their eyes and the audience pulled incredulous faces. Onlookers, on set and at home, were rubbing their hands at the prospect of another hopeless, deluded loser being crushed by a withering Simon Cowell insult. Then she opened her mouth and sang I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables. Her voice confounded all expectations — the judges’ eyes bulged, the crowd went wild and Boyle became an instant star.”

Over the next week, a YouTube video of her performance was viewed more than 30 million times by people around the world; many were brought to tears by the operatic beauty of her soaring voice as their hearts were pierced by her angelic presence.

… And still I dream he’ll come to me
And we will live our lives together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms
We cannot weather …

During her backstage comments, Ms. Boyle revealed that she lived alone in her village of Blackburn with her cat, Pebbles. She also stated that she had never been married; indeed, she said she had never even been kissed by a man. Her natal Venus is retrograde in Aries and square Saturn — one’s heart aches for the barren existence she has had to endure. It was also revealed that she is the youngest child of nine from a Roman Catholic family and that she had cared for her ailing mother until she passed away in 2007 at the age of 91. Susan had always aspired to be a singer, and her mother had encouraged her to audition for that British TV talent show.

… I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living
So different now from what it seems
Now life has killed
The dream I dreamed …

To what can an astrologer attribute the sudden fame and global acclaim for Ms. Boyle? Surely, her nativity must contain a hidden seed that has now borne fruit. (1)

For each of us, there is a powerful degree in the zodiac that remains charged, or filled with life-giving power, throughout our earthly existence. This degree is that of our prenatal solar eclipse. Susan Boyle’s prenatal eclipse occurred on February 15, 1961 at 26° Aquarius.

Remarkably, now that she has become a worldwide symbol for the hope and faith required to never give up on one’s dream, we see that the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in late May, itself an alignment of hope and transcendence, will fall precisely on Ms. Boyle’s prenatal solar eclipse.

We may ask, “What about all of the other souls born in 1961 with this degree as their prenatal eclipse?” (2) At the time of Ms. Boyle’s birth, 15° Aquarius culminated on the Midheaven. Since the meridian of the nativity moves one degree each four minutes of clock time, a person’s MC is rather unique and can only occur once a day for a few minutes. Astrologers know that 15° of the fixed signs are the “power degrees” of the zodiac, and Aquarius is the sign that rules radio and television broadcasting.

When the prenatal solar eclipse is calculated for Susan Boyle’s place of birth, the 20th degree of Pisces is rising, and the Galactic Center degree in 26° Sagittarius is culminating. From Charubel’s The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized, (3) we find the all-important rising degree symbol for 20° Pisces to be:

An angel blowing a trumpet.

Denotes one whose office will be to publish to the world some important message: a message having a bearing on the social or spiritual condition of mankind. A preacher, a lecturer, or some popular person.

It has been speculated that Susan Boyle will win the TV talent show and go on to become an international singing sensation with a multimillion-pound recording contract. Having been born at the Full Moon with an exalted Sun, and with Pluto conjunct her North Node, her life purpose is to become a powerful and transformational human being. Pluto stationed on her Descendant in 2007–08 and is now above her natal horizon for the first time in her life, so she is on her way to living her purpose.

Just when the world needed it most, an innocent and guileless soul with the voice of an angel stepped onto the stage of life and lifted millions of weary spirits up to higher ground. With each tear shed upon listening to her moving rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables, one more human being was immersed in the healing waters of a stationary direct Venus exalted in Pisces.

May every middle-aged woman afraid that her age would keep her from realizing her dreams be inspired by the courage of Susan Boyle. At the time of her exact progressed Mars–Jupiter opposition, she has become a blood transfusion for those who have been drained of hope.

… I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving …


(1) Birth data are from Ms. Caroline Gerard of The Scottish Astrological Association, who obtained the birth certificate from the records office of the Scottish New Register House. The sole entry for Blackburn, Scotland listed in many astrology software atlases shows the incorrect latitude and longitude for a Blackburn in Aberdeenshire, not for the correct second Blackburn in West Lothian. Susan Boyle, April 1, 1961; 9:50 a.m. GMD; Blackburn (West Lothian), Scotland (55°N52’, 03°W38’).

(2) It should also be pointed out that the new U.S. president, Barack Obama, born August 4, 1961, has the same prenatal solar eclipse as Ms. Boyle.

(3) First published in 1898 and now out of print.

© 2009 Robert P. Blaschke

Note from Mary Plumb: A more extensive version of this article will be published by Maurice Fernandez in his Major Sky e-zine on the Taurus New Moon this week, April 24. Check his web site for details: Maurice Fernandez


  1. Sorry, but Susan Boyle’s reported birthdate is June the 15th 1961, which gives a much more approriate natal chart.
    Profile: Susan Boyle – Britain’s got the unlikeliest angel
    “She was born on June 15, 1961, the daughter of Patrick, a storeman at the British Leyland factory in Bathgate, and Bridget, a former shorthand typist…”

  2. Lovely article! thank you so much for elucidating this beautiful vignette of the impeccable timing of astrology,(ie the Universe)which of course, is not always the timetable we want! Susan has appeared on the world exactly when she was needed, as has Barack Obama. Maybe we too are showing up in our lives exactly as needed? thanks again for your great magazine and inspiration, blessings to you all, Robbie Andersen

  3. Thank you Robert for this most enlightening article. I have never allocated the pre-natal eclipse chart the way you suggest here, but after completing the article, I tried your technique on half a dozen charts of people I know well. I will not share with the readers what I uncovered in my own chart but will say that the symbolism and timing is nothing less than extraordinary. Living in Los Angeles, I have grown weary of people becoming famous largely because they look a certain way. That being said, I hope that Susan Boyle becomes a world renowned mega-star. An icon like her is long overdue in the Western world. – Bill Mayer

  4. Thank you, Robbie.

    Best to you and yours..

    Mary & the staff of TMA

  5. Hi Bill (good to hear from you!) and Naggie,

    I will ask Robert to stop by with the details, but as per the Note above, he has a contact with Caroline Gerard of the Scottich Astrological Association:

    (1) Birth data are from Ms. Caroline Gerard of The Scottish Astrological Association, who obtained the birth certificate from the records office of the Scottish New Register House. The sole entry for Blackburn, Scotland listed in many astrology software atlases shows the incorrect latitude and longitude for a Blackburn in Aberdeenshire, not for the correct second Blackburn in West Lothian. Susan Boyle, April 1, 1961; 9:50 a.m. GMD; Blackburn (West Lothian), Scotland (55°N52’, 03°W38’).

  6. Thanks Robert for a lovely blog. What a beautiful take on this whole phenomenon, Susan Boyle! I especially loved how you wove the music / lyrics of the song, the woman, the astrological moment and the CORRECT chart data.

    I too have used the pre-birth solar eclipse (learned this technique at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago) and when I saw her correct birth data in Lynn Hayes’ blog the other day—before I saw your article—I tried on SB’s pre-birth solar eclipse and my eyes popped to see that 26 Aquarius as the degree of this once in every 64 year phenomenon of the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction coming up on May 27, but hanging in there for the summer of 2009 as well.

    BTW, Sully, the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson, illustrates this pre-birth eclipse as well.
    Progress his chart to the Event in Hudson River, Jan 15 2009 and see that his SP Moon is 18.14 Virgo, his PBSE is 18.48 Virgo.

  7. The pre-natal eclipse happens to coincide with Susan’s Juno, which is located at 26º Aquarius and in the tenth house. Juno is the most elevated natal placement and is trine her Gemini Ascendant. Transiting Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune are all gathering around her Juno.

  8. Hi there, can you direct me to a website for calculating the prenatal solar eclipse please? This article has peaked my interest in it! thanks, Robbie

  9. Susan has the asteroid Juno at 26º Aquarius, which happens to coincide with the pre-natal eclipse. Juno is trine her Gemini Ascendant, and currently being activated by transiting Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.

  10. Robbie–
    Just look in your ephemeris. If your birthdate is Feb 14 2009, the pre-birth SOLAR (do not use lunar, because SOLARs are New Moons) eclipse was, of course, Jan 26, 2009.
    I don’t know of a website dedicated to this.

    Of course, being born on a solar eclipse is a powerful event. Witness the birth of the octuplets on that Jan 26 2009 eclipse!

  11. Checking in B.Brady’s info on Eclipses the PNE for Susan is Saros 17 South and her comment regarding its energies:Happiness from creative expression in a group; issues are sudden success! I find it intriguing when degrees from the natal for the Saros show up in the natal and/or transit charts for a client or occurrence: Venus was 27*38Ar(Susan) and Mars was 0*42Ar(now)and Pluto was 27*32Gem(SB’s Asc)and Jup was 27*31 Tau squaring the Transitting Conj =PNE !! Suggestion to Robbie – find PNE in ephemeris=New Moon eclp before birth and do a ‘natal’chart for the local time(adjGMT) of client or occurrence at their location. Thank you Mary and TMA for this great site AND the magazine !

  12. What a fascinating piece, thank you for writing that and sharing it with us. I am trying to use the same techniques for my natal chart, but am winging it as I go along. I am wondering if this is correct?

    1. Google “solar eclipse 1961” or whatever year you were born. Find the eclipse that occurred most recently before your birth date.

    2. Use NASA’s solar eclipse website to find out the time of the peak (also called the “Greatest Eclipse” or “GE” of that eclipse. Note that their site uses Universal Time. The link is

    3. Cast a chart for your birthplace on the date of the eclipse at the time of its Greatest Eclipse (GE). Don’t forget to calculate from Universal Time to your birthplace’s time zone. Note the placement of the sun. I assume this is your “powerful degree in the zodiac that remains charged, or filled with life-giving power, throughout our earthly existence.”

    4. Still using this prenatal solar eclipse chart, note the rising sign degree. Or is the rising sign degree the “powerful degree?”

    5. Using your own natal chart, note where these two significant Zodiac degrees are located.

    6. Research these degrees using Charubel’s “Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized” found here at Google Books:

    7. This is where I’m stumped as far as what I’m supposed to be looking for next. Could anyone tell me how to use these two zodiac degrees for making predictions or calculations?

    Thank you in advance!

  13. Hello everyone,

    I’m the person who checked Susan Boyle’s birth details. Robert was the first astrologer who had the sense to contact the Scottish Astrological Association and ask if anyone had, or could get, the data!

    Yes, there are other dates floating about. Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers…

    Just one teensy point. I realised afterwards that I’d accidentally given Robert the wrong place of birth (although there’s not a huge difference in the chart because of it). While the family home was in Blackburn, West Lothian, she was in fact born at Bangour Hospital, near Broxburn, West Lothian, which is at 03w34, 55n55. But by the time I told Robert, he’d gone to press.

    I’d like to make it plain, if I may, that this wasn’t Robert’s slip but mine.

    I don’t spend a lot of time on astrological forums, so I won’t be entering into any discussions about this – sorry! – but as TMA has published Robert’s very interesting article, I’d like to clarify that he DID have the correct date and time and almost the correct co-ordinates.

  14. Hi all,
    Tem sent this note:

    About Susan Boyle from Shelley Ackerman:

    Just got off the phone with someone at Birth Records in Edinburgh, Scotland: The June 15, 1961 birth date is WRONG and the April 1 1961 birth date is correct, according to

    Susan Magdalena Boyle’s birth was recorded in Uphall-West Lothian as April 1 1961, the daughter of Patrick and Bridget.

  15. Thanks Lynn for answering Robbie..

    I also don’t know of a website that will find the prenatal SE, but I’m sure there is one..

    Robbie, do you have an ephemeris? If not, send me you birth date and I’ll look it up for you..

  16. Techniques for interpreting pre-natal solar eclipses and/or pre-natal synodic cycle conjunctions can be found in my Volume V – Holographic Transits.

    This book includes tables of solar eclipses and all Sun-planet conjunctions from 1920 to 2020 listed by date and GMT.

    The degree of one’s pre-natal solar eclipse or of one’s pre-natal synodic cycle conjunction (i.e., Sun-Mars; Sun-Jupiter, etc.) and its degree symbol defines one’s collective soul group.

    One also calculates the pre-natal solar eclipse or the pre-natal synodic cycle conjunction for one’s place of birth and by referring to the rising degree and its symbol, one gains insight into their individual role within their collective soul-group.

  17. Hi all,

    I’m working on a new blog to post tomorrow and I’ll use the Prenatal SE chart as well. It’s for someone without a confirmed birth time. I also mentioned the prenatal SE degree in the earlier post on Michelle Obama..

  18. This is from an earlier blog about Michelle Obama:
    (She was born on Jan. 17, just 3 days after the solar eclipse.)
    If we look at the solar eclipse chart, January 14, 1964 (2:30 pm CST, Chicago, Illinois) the Sun Moon conjunction at 24° Capricorn falls in the 8th house. This is a signature of 8th house matters being paramount for expression and fulfillment of the the life purpose. The 8th house, of course, signifies resources shared intimately with others. Capricorn will naturally take very seriously the matters involving the intimate partner. Barak Obama’s natal Saturn, co-ruler of his Aquarius rising chart, is placed in its own sign at 25° Capricorn, exactly on Michelle’s prenatal solar eclipse. I think this is a striking symbol of a marriage destined to be connected to governance and the public life.

  19. It is easy to calculate a Prenatal Syzygy or Eclipse using the free program ZET 8. Merely locate the Nodes, then click and drag the Sun backwards toward the Node, and then drag the Moon toward the Sun, a New Moon. Then you can set it to exact by using a simple right-click mouse technique. It all takes 15 seconds. ZET 8 is an excellent free program.

    Great article. It is interesting to see Robert consistently make use out of the Degree Symbols and create very accurate horoscopes in doing so. His style is clear and full of light.

  20. Susan’s second name is Margaret

  21. Hello there,

    very interesting about the prenatal eclipses. There were also some very strong transits occuring at that time she first appeared on TV. Pluto was conjunct her Fortunae which is a good indicator of succes. Jupiter was conjunct her MC, so also triggering the prenatal eclipse.

  22. […] Originally Posted by susanlobb So how much of the information is incorrect? It would seem like quite a bit if the month is off. I am not an astrologer but do have a site I trust. They are Astrology and Horoscope Homepage – Astrodienst. They have a link to a site that I found on this site some time ago and they give Susan’s chart and have the words to IDAD in the article. That link is Direct Station of Venus Exalted in Pisces | The Mountain Astrologer […]

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