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Donald Trump and the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

The impending conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will be a global phenomenon, affecting every country on Earth to one extent or another. But some countries will feel the pressure of that powerhouse duo more than others — and the United States could well find itself at the top of the list. This is largely because of the heavily Cancerian nature of the U.S. July 4th horoscope, which will directly receive the oppositional force of the transiting Saturn–Pluto conjunction.

But to fully understand that impact for the United States, we also have to look at how it’s affecting the horoscope of Donald J. Trump. That’s not just because he is President of the U.S., but also because the conjunction will be quite closely activating a very important configuration in Trump’s own birth chart.

Donald Trump
June 14, 1946
10:54 a.m. EDT
Jamaica, NY (40N41 73W48)
Placidus houses, True node

Trump’s Saturn–Venus in Cancer

Trump was born with a fairly close conjunction of Saturn and Venus in Cancer (with Saturn at 23º and Venus at 25º). This means that the transiting Saturn–Pluto conjunction — which becomes exact at 22º Capricorn in January 2020 — will be creating a powerful opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn–Venus conjunction. While this isn’t the only astrological configuration affecting him over the coming year, I think it could well prove to be the most critical.

To really grasp how this transit might affect him, I think it’s useful to first understand some of what that natal aspect means in terms of his basic personality and psychology. I’ve come to believe that this pattern is a key emotional driving force of his personality.

On a purely material level, we could talk about his relationship with money. If you ask most beginning astrologers what indicates the potential for “wealth” in a chart, most of them will say to look for Jupiter–Venus contacts, or Jupiter in the 2nd house. But I find it fascinating how so many ultra-rich types have Saturn–Venus connections in their charts. Take computer giant Bill Gates, born with a Saturn–Venus conjunction; or Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, also born with a Saturn–Venus conjunction (as was his estranged wife MacKenzie); or Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, born with Saturn opposite Venus; John D. Rockefeller Jr., born with a Saturn–Venus conjunction; or media powerhouse Oprah Winfrey, born with a Saturn–Venus square — the list goes on.

Donald Trump has that planetary pattern, too — in his case, the conjunction is in Cancer, as mentioned above. This can mean many things, of course, and undoubtedly fuels his drive for wealth, real estate, multiple homes, and so on. But in light of his very public behavior through the decades, I believe that it also points to an extremely deep insecurity and vulnerability, a sense of emotional wounding (perhaps rooted in childhood?) that’s caused him to erect walls around not only himself and his family, but even the country itself, apparently. Close associates have spoken over the years of his hypersensitivity to criticism, as well as a perhaps subconscious  fear of being unloved, which he seems to compensate for by surrounding himself with beautiful women and hordes of adoring supporters.

Paradoxically enough, one of the things I’ve encountered with many natal Saturn–Venus types is that they often harbor a deep-seated feeling of poverty, an inner sense of scarcity that has them believing there’s never quite enough to fill that hole in their soul — like my multimillionaire client with a hard Saturn–Venus aspect who seemed convinced that he was dirt poor. That sort of psychological mindset might also help to explain Trump’s need to compensate by amassing so many material possessions — the gold-plated furniture, the expensive cars and clothes, and so on.

My point here is that the transiting Saturn–Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is starting to pummel his natal pattern very, very hard, and will continue doing so over the next year or two. I see a few different real-world possibilities resulting from that.

One of those is that his personal finances could take a major hit during this period, in terms of losses due to bad investments, lawsuits, or failed real estate projects. It could also point to negative feedback he’ll be fielding over the financial policies he instigates for the country concerning tariff measures, tax reform bills, or military expenditures.

Pluto in particular has a lot to do with buried matters being uncovered, so these transits will likely involve secrets increasingly coming to light about Trump’s true wealth and holdings, his bank accounts, and his taxes. There could even be more revelations about his dealings with foreign governments, and investigators (like those from the Southern District of New York) continuing to probe into his real estate dealings and problems relating to his hotels.

But also — and this could prove much more problematic for him, since it hits so close to home, emotionally — the Saturn–Pluto transit may also involve his family members being put under the spotlight, since the sign Cancer is involved. This could trigger even more strongly the “circle the wagons” mentality suggested by his natal pattern. Remember, too, that the transiting Saturn–Pluto conjunction is falling in Trump’s 5th house of children (according to some house systems), which could prompt him to go into hyper-defensive “mother bear” mode and become even more extreme and dramatic in his behaviors.

Likewise, I think the Saturn–Pluto transit could well trigger a primal sense of emotional wounding that Trump has likely harbored all his life, a deep feeling that he is unpopular or unloved. Pluto being what it is, this could also involve a sense of betrayal, a realization that others he thought had been loyal are now turning on him. That’s already been happening over the last year or two, in fact, but it will likely continue to happen for quite some time.

In very general terms, transiting Saturn opposing or squaring anyone’s natal Venus — even without Pluto’s involvement — can make for a very unhappy time, with feelings  of great loneliness and isolation. With Pluto added to the mix, though, I suspect that this period ahead could become an exceptionally depressing and vulnerable one for Trump. If indeed impeachment hearings wind up being conducted, that would certainly throw a few Olympic-size swimming pools full of gasoline onto that horoscopic fire as well.

There’s one other possibility that I think is worth mentioning. To one extent or another, the horoscope of a national leader becomes that of the entire country he or she represents. Does this mean that Trump’s financial difficulties under those transits point to something ominous about the economic fortunes of the United States during this time? Much as I’d like to believe otherwise, I think it’s a reasonable possibility, and I will be watching the U.S. economy closely around the time of these transits.

Trigger Dates

Even though the general influence of these energies will be in effect for quite some time, I’d like to go over a few specific trigger dates that I believe will be especially worth noting — that is, when the transiting Saturn–Pluto conjunction will be activating Trump’s natal pattern in dramatic ways. To be clear, these aren’t the only transiting planets affecting his chart; however, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll limit my observations to just the influence of Saturn and Pluto.

  • Even though the effects of the Saturn–Pluto conjunction won’t technically climax for Trump until 2020, there are several “sneak preview” triggers taking place before then, one of which has already happened. I’m referring to the Saturn and Pluto retrograde stations that occurred in late April and early May of this year. Among other things, this manifested as the furor over Attorney General William Barr’s testimony about the Mueller Report (and his subsequent refusal to return for a follow-up hearing), but was also reflected in surprising news about Trump’s taxes and financial losses that came out in early May.
  • Transiting Mars will soon be acting as a trigger when it opposes transiting Saturn and Pluto, so I’d suggest watching Trump’s affairs closely during the period from June 15 through the 20th. (Editor’s Note: This article was written and submitted to TMA in early June.)
  • Transiting Saturn will be exactly squaring Trump’s natal Jupiter on July 6, so I would expect some major judicial-related frustrations for him from roughly the 3rd to the 9th.
  • Both Saturn and Pluto will be stationing again (direct) from mid September through early October of this year, 2019, and will create a strong hit to Trump’s natal Saturn–Venus conjunction, giving us another sneak preview of what’s ahead for him in 2020. It may be worth paying attention to the dates around the planetary stations: for Saturn, September 18, and for Pluto, October 2.
  • The Saturn–Pluto conjunction actually becomes exact for the first time on a global scale on January 12, 2020, but that entire month could be especially turbulent for Trump, since just a little over one week later, on January 21, transiting Saturn will be precisely opposing his natal Saturn. The fact that the global pattern of the Saturn–Pluto conjunction is occurring so closely to the time when transiting Saturn will be triggering his natal Saturn shows just how close that collective pattern appears to be linked to his personal destiny.
  • Then, on February 6, 2020, transiting Saturn opposes his natal Venus for the first of three times. Again, there may be a growing sense of social isolation and feelings of rejection, but it could also involve the spotlight being cast on his finances and real estate holdings, as well as those of his family members.
  • On February 13, Pluto opposes Trump’s natal Saturn precisely, activating his chart in a major way.
  • This same energy comes to a boil during the next station of Pluto, which goes retrograde on April 25 at 24º59’ Capricorn, very closely opposing Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn.
  • On July 12, Pluto again opposes Trump’s natal Saturn exactly.
  • On September 6, Saturn opposes Trump’s Venus for the second time.
  • Then, on September 29, Saturn stations direct at 25º20’ Capricorn, activating his natal Saturn–Venus by opposition.
  • Several days later, on October 4, Pluto stations direct at 22º29’ Capricorn, opposing his natal Saturn–Venus and prying open more previously buried secrets about his finances or personal life.
  • A few weeks later, on October 21, Saturn exactly opposes Trump’s natal Venus for the third and final time.
  • While these turbulent energies continue for him well into 2021, I want to point out an important trigger that will be occurring around December 20, 2020, when Pluto exactly opposes his natal Saturn. This is especially significant because it coincides closely with another transit that is affecting everyone: Not only is it close to the winter solstice, but transiting Mars will at 22º Aries, squaring the degree of the Saturn–Pluto conjunction (22º Capricorn) of January 2020. Mars aspects often serve as triggering mechanisms for other celestial patterns, such as eclipses, stelliums, or major outer-planet aspects. It’s safe to say the holiday season of late 2020 could be a particularly dramatic one for Donald Trump. Note, too, this will be shortly after the next presidential election, so it’s likely that whatever turbulence this energy stirs up for him will be in response to the outcome of the election.

In short, while it’s impossible to know specifically what will be happening for Donald Trump over the next couple of years, there’s no question that it will be a roller-coaster ride for him, both professionally and emotionally, and that these highlighted dates will warrant special attention.

Bio: Ray Grasse is associate editor of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, and author of several books, including The Waking Dream, Under a Sacred Sky, and Urban Mystic. His website is







  1. Obviously you are not a fan of Trump because you didn’t even address the fact that the north node will be exactly conjunct his node, Uranus, sun conjunction November 3 2020. It may not be easy but he’s definitely going to win. Winning is in his chart. Sorry.

    • Please read my piece again, Streetcat – I didn’t take a stand either way as to whether he will win (or lose) the next election – I was simply addressing some of the problems he is likely to face.

      • That is not what Streetcat meant. The win aspect was to point out…exactly that…a more positive aspect, compared to the relentless ‘bad news for Trump’ that you have presented. I am surrounded by astrologers, who ‘agree’ in general… But there is always a number of ways to interpret a chart. It was obvious you were having fun throwing planetary grenades at him.

        • I believe that Trump’s progressed Pluto is at 3 degrees Virgo…. on the sabian symbol of “Two Guardian Angels bringing Protection.”

      • yes but your tone says it all ;( watch and wait…. he is a HERO and when knocked down, gets right back up. He has a lion’s heart… sorry you are not more complimentary of our president of the United States of America.

    • “Winning is in his chart”? So is Hades at his MC. He brings ruin to everything he touches.

      • Maybe your perception of ‘ruin’ is differnt. I see him being a man of STEEL.

        • “Go, go, go,” said the bird.

          Mankind cannot bear/much reality.”

          (T. S. Eliot)

        • If he’s a “man of steel,” Rayna, then why is he so thin-skinned? The man can’t handle even the slightest criticism or negative coverage, even when it comes from an otherwise laudatory network like Fox.

          • Yes, overly sensitive to criticism he certainly is, Ray. And may I add that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction @22Cap46 on Jan 12, 2020 precisely lands upon Trump’s natal Vertex, a point of fated encounters?

        • Thin skinned the man may be but he is tougher than virtually any man I have ever been aware of. How many Presidents have faced complete opposition from the U.S. Media, have been framed for conspiracy theories by the opposing candidate in concert with the previous presidential administration while the campaign and fledgling organization was spied upon by the higher ups of all major players in the intelligence community ?

          As someone who is fascinated with astrology I also happen to wonder about all the other times in his chart where he had adverse Saturn transits, or Pluto transits because the man has faced mammoth amounts of adversity and has always seemed to rise above them. I also seriously wonder if the man was not sent from God to literally save the essence and reality of America, the idea as well as the country.

          • Cadet Bone Spurs is tougher than any other Trump. Too funny.

          • I agree with you. Being born under a blood Moon (lunar eclipse) says it all. He thrives on adversity.

        • A racist white supremacist but to hell with POC.

    • This is one of the challenges for astrologers, to be objective, since we do not have gages and other measuring devices as we practice our science/art. I see in his Venus/Saturn conjunction (Venus ruling the 10th) that he must have some form of pain that shapes his goals, and that there is a degree of “strangulation” involved with the journey he takes during whatever career evolution develops. Note also no Earth planets, so that he is seeking stability and that excessive control may be a means to that.

      During the election, I saw that both he and Hillary had favorable aspects, that is, first I looked at her chart (there are doubts as to the time of birth) and saw favorable aspects. Then a look at his chart showed VERY strong possibilities also. I must admit that my objectivity failed me, because the indications of his winning was too much for me!

    • I agaree…. he is a WINNER all the way around. 2020 here we come!

    • North node is a very minor aspect, I’ve never seen much effect in 50 years of practice.

      Saturn and Pluto opposing natal Saturn and Venus–have you asked any astrologers about that? The World Trade Center went down on its Saturn return with Pluto opposing. Nixon went down under similar aspects.

      Trump has not been very successful in business. He has had to threaten Forbes Magazine and other outlets in the past, not to report the truth on his finances. His father bailed him out countless times. As we know from recent research, he lost a billion. Debt up the wazoo. Russian oligarchs bailed him out, with strings attached, like money laundering. Now Putin controls the oligarchs. That’s why such secrecy about his tax returns. Under Pluto and Saturn, it all comes out, as it did with Nixon.

      • ?????

        He lost a billion, (go figure, as one of the biggest real estate developers in NY he was impacted by the biggest real estate crash this country has seen outside the Great Depression). He then earned it back! To you that portrays that he isn’t a good businessman? He virtually turned on a dime and created the top reality television show of the 1990’s. (He then turned around on a dime and decided to become President of the United States, which he did while spending half on his campaign what his opponent did. Yeah, what an idiot.)

        What a joke to think Putin has any influence on him whatsoever. Trump has been tougher on Putin than Obama ever dreamed of being, starting with the fact that under him America has become completely self-sufficient and even a net exporter of energy. What do you think that does to Russia whose economy is 90% oil dependent? Any idea of what has happened to the price of oil since Trump won?

        I am inclined to expect that a Saturn Pluto conjunction (followed up with the Pluto return in the U.S natal chart) will entail a dismantling of the Capricorn paradigm of deep state government/multi-national corporations and institutions/global corporate mainstream media. And Trump might be bloodied in the process but he will most likely be the one still standing. Just as Al Qaeda was demolished after it brought down the World Trade Center.

        • Edited to clarify: 90% of the Russian economy is reflective of oil and energy exports. (Forgot the word “exports” above.

      • Ah, thank you Richard! Individual one is a narcissistic liar. His flip flops have him leaving before he arrives. His deregulation is going to hasten global climate change and its relentless weather events. His “corporate cabinet” made sure of that.
        His rallies show the need to feed his insatiable insecurity. He’s been campaigning since he took office. His rule by chaos and confusion keeps not only his enemies confused but also America’s allies who no longer trust anything he says. He’s wishey washy. He creates chaos then back peddles. Not a man of steel but a spineless man of jello. He has no moral compass.

        • Ray, thanks for the article. It’s already proving it’s validity. I saved it and would love to share it.
          Susan Vega.

  2. Excellent work, Ray. Thank you. I’ve saved this article in my Trump Notes file. Like you, I will be watching how this unfolds and what manifests for we the people. it’s going to be a wild ride. At some point the Trump Family flying circus tent is going to collapse.

    • Hi Claudia…yes, indeed, Ray did a great job!

      Hope all is well with you..Take care,


  3. Simply excellent in your summation ..thank you for insightful and revealing Saturn -Venus aspect and it’s consequence’s in certain native’s

    • Tim,

      Thanks for appreciating Ray’s fine assessment of a certain native’s aspect..


  4. Great article, Ray! Trump can’t be off the public stage too soon for me! Every day he’s illegally in office (which he is) has brought me new gray hairs. How anyone can support this grifter in chief, is beyond me…

  5. What good fortune for all of us to have Ray’s article! Very insightful.

  6. Thanks for this lucid piece of analysis, Ray…I’ve shared it on my astro page.

  7. Thank you for your analysis Ray Grasse. I’ve been looking at his bouts/encounters with transiting Saturn, and noted how the opposition occurs around the time he’s to make his State of the Union speech, which is usually high-profile, and for him might be controversial.

    • Good observation, Amir.

  8. Excellent article, Ray. Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn in Cancer conjunction certainly does seem to coincide with hypersensitivity, his lavish hoarding of gold-plated real estate, in an attempt to fill the emptiness he feels inside. Given that, in my opinion, he is a malignant narcissist, transiting Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn will most definitely prick his huge narcissistic wounds, and thus may result in a complete mental breakdown (Venus rules the 3rd house).

    Having Venus, Mercury, Sun, Chiron and the North Node in Capricorn (17, 19, 21, 22 & 24 degrees), I have personally experienced how relentless Saturn/Pluto can be in igniting dark chaos, and also as a means with which to excavate one’s own psyche. There is no escape, far as I can tell, of confronting the dark side of life and of one’s deepest self when these two planets impact the chart: I was injured at work, threatened by gangsters and so much more, while exposing multi-million dollar corruption within the company I worked for. I’ve also found an inner strength I didn’t know existed.

    In Trump’s case, I believe that many of his “enemies” are within his inner circle, even within his own family. The psychological pressure of maintaining his political and personal “social currency” will be enormous. Since he is not inclined to self-reflection and is highly defensive, resistant to change, when Trump’s social currency is greatly challenged I think he’ll experience some kind of collapse, as he is all persona, all image, has no essence, other than envy, greed and fear. Hollow men lack an essential Self core, thus crack under the pressure of Saturn/Pluto.

    • I hope you are correct….no one I’d rather see crack than this FAUX PRESIDENT!!!

    • The obvious “enemies” within Trump’s circle would be those in the intelligence communities, who technically are employees of his, who have worked to destroy his presidency from inside the administration. And the psychological pressure of maintaining his “social currency” has been reflected in the efforts of these actors to frame him for some conspiracy that we now know was concocted by his political opponents. I believe that when Saturn and Pluto station and turn direct we are going to see the Justice Department start to indict these people for lying to the FISA court and for bending the laws to both protect Hillary Clinton and to frame Trump. And as I said above, recall that Trump’s progressed Pluto is at 3 degrees Virgo right now, the sabian symbol for “Two Guardian Angels bringing Protection.”

      • You might want to read the Mueller report, Mary – it’s pretty damning. (As for suggestions that it’s simply another attempt by the Deep State to undermine him – remember, even Trump himself believes it’s legitimate, since he claimed it absolves him.)

        • Knowing that it was written by Andrew Weissmann – a Clinton acolyte who is notorious for his prosecutorial misconduct in past high profile cases – I prefer to focus on all of the transcripts of Congressional testimony garnered during both the House and Senate investigations. And that is damning to pretty much the entire intelligence community and pretty much nails the reality that the entire scandal was a set-up. Including the Trump Tower meeting, where the Russian woman at the center of it all met with Fusion GPS people both before and after the meeting.

          I would also point out Mueller’s past shenanigans in protecting mob informants to the FBI that actually served to frame people for murder who were completely innocent.

          In case you missed it, Mueller is downright afraid to have to testify in front of Congress. Why would that be?

        • You might want to go back to the Mueller report and compare its distortion of a voicemail transcript from a White House attorney to Michael Flynn’s attorney that appeared to insinuate witness tampering….. and then when the federal judge presiding over Flynn’s case ordered the full transcript released, it not only did NOT show witness tampering, but actually showed that the White House was trying to accommodate Flynn’s cooperation. Not sure if this site allows links, but both versions of the transcript can be found here:

          Not exactly the mark of an honest investigation……

  9. So interesting to read of Venus and Saturn in Cancer in the 11th house of trauma.

    The factors that brought us to this place are all actors on the stage of our creation.

    As egregious as DJ T is to many and as loved as he is to many others one thing we all must do, and I mean must do, we all must accept the reality before us as surreal as it may seem to some, we are looking America square in the face. Ah you say but which face, indeed, this is the real issue, America has so many faces. So many faces that it prefers to cover up with face paint like sports teams in a stadium. Problem is in the stadium there are only 2 teams and neither one of them represent the real people who live in the host city.

    Myth and reality are the 2 teams squaring off today. The myth and reality in all of us and they do not square with each other at all. The details are legion, and for God’s sake face the facts it is ALL topsy turvy.

    We need to get beneath the paint worn so long our skin has become stained.

    What does America really mean? I say, find the thing you value the most about our culture and I absolutely do not mean values. I mean what do you value personally not politically or religiously, remember most things with an -ism are a religion.

    America is a creator, exporter and contributor of some pretty incredible, amazing cultural artifacts. The time, place, geography, economic and social tectonics that shaped this ‘nation among nations’ are singular and will be remembered forever.

    I think we need to ask ourselves what cultural contributions do we personally value.

    The real magic of America is not political or economic or religious. Those three have formed a kind of Cerberus of 3 heads on one body.

    The real magic of America is the culture of its people. All its people, truly the great and the small. Beneath the storm of apparent causation there is a resilient and brilliant synastry of creativity. From science to comedy, music to machines, movies to sports from writing to invention from style to ideal there is a living breathing entity that has been produced in the worlds largest cultural petri dish of all time. Songs of the earth, songs of the sky, in vessels of clay a chamber of stars.

    For the sake of a ready symbol I am going to say in the movie a star is born Lady Gaga survives, elevated, expressed, wounded but authentic.

    This is the cross roads I see. Why do we got to keep it so hard core, do you want something more, I am going to dive, beneath the superficial.

    America: a cultural gift to the world, a star machine of style.

    With the immanence of the Pluto return we are far from the shallow now.

    The legacy of Saturn, the creativity of Venus, the emotional power of Cancer and the group/individual oriented 11th house.

    • I’ve looked at trump’s progressions for January, 2021. He will have Saturn conjunct his MC at 3 degrees Leo and Pluto in his 10th. It doesn’t look good for his standing before the world. As far as I’m concerned he never looked good to a world I am part of.

  10. Great article Ray. Thank you for your astrological insights. It gives me food for thought. ?

  11. It is a very difficult thing to predict a ‘win.’ Does it mean happiness? Does it mean taking home the money? Sometimes the best indication may be a period of discomfort afterwards. I once gave a lecture on ‘winners.’Turns out the re-election of Abe Lincoln did not indicate a winning chart. Of course, his high profile was the cause for his assassination that term. There was another president whose chart was a winning chart but he lost. I suspect he was happy to be out of it.

    And so we have Trump with a Node over his Sun and the man who doesn’t trust that he is loved will experience the high points of his life in his last minute campaigning. With Neptune square his Uranus, Mars oppose his Jupiter, we’ve every hope of witnessing outrageous oaths and bacchanalian rallies.

    However, it’s afterwards which counts more. Saturn opposing the ruler of the MC is not too good a sign of victory.

  12. Your contempt is revealed by your refusal to refer to the man as, “President Trump”.

    And the commentators who can’t bring themselves to capitalize his name. Hah!

  13. Approval for US policy down from 86 to 11% among Germans, 75 to 7% among Spaniards, similar among all our allies.

    Longrange, it is probably a good thing that US influence in the world is in drastic decline, with the Russians and Chinese moving into all the markets that the US has abandoned.

    Also a good thing that countless respected conservative and Republican scholars, writers, leaders have left the party and are more critical of Trump than the liberals. The Republican Party is essentially destroyed. They were already desperate, with the old white racists dying off, the millennials turning socialist, the minorities (who vote Dem) greatly increasing.

    All in good time, my pretty. His chief concern is staying out of prison after he leaves office, and the Southern District of New York has him nailed.

    Yup, as with Nixon’s chart from 1972-4, Saturn and Pluto are eating him for breakfast.

  14. An interesting perspective, as always. My mother has these planets in trine, and still has problems with transits. I see this as the ultimate “realty check” for Trump…he will discover who really likes him. Given the opposition, I suspect it will be “not many.” Saturn/Venus = much older or younger spouse. Trouble on that front, perhaps? And the early internalization that if it doesn’t hurt, it can’t be love, usually coming from the father. If Trump should win re-election, there is also a potential for a power grab and refusal to let go of the reins. He already has repeatedly shown his ignorance of and blatant disregard for the Constitution. Let’s not forget the Uranus factor, trine by sign but not by degree, and be prepared for surprises and revolutions in coming times, not just in the US.

  15. Wonderful analysis of Saturn Venus, Ray , reading the comments, some filled with admiration, others with loathing, also made me reflect on the power of the aspect to evoke both responses. I was also struck by his quandary over a strike on Iran and not wanting to kill ‘150 people. In his family money was love. His hunger for love, for admiration, the need to be lionized the breathtaking narcissism, looks justified to those that DO love him. His attacks on those who reject him also seem motivated by the same fears, around having enough.

  16. A good piece Ray.

    I think the floodgates open in July, tRump sees no way out by September, looks for a deal, makes one in November and leaves in January 2020.

    My post from a month after the 2016 election:

    By: Bob on December 12th, 2016 at 3:51 am

    “If that chart is correct the triple conjunction of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, on January 13, 2020, that opposes Trump’s natal Saturn is on Putin’s natal MC in Moscow.”

  17. p.s. Just to be clear, none of what I said in this piece necessarily means I believe Trump will lose the next election – I simply don’t know. (And with the U.S. Pluto return right around the corner, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if he did win; after all, he strikes me as more of an embodiment of Pluto than any of the Democratic candidates thus far). We shall see…

  18. p.p.s. – and lest anyone think I regard Saturn/Venus as being all bad (I don’t), check out my essay ‘Saturn, the Late Bloomer’ where I discuss that conjunction in a very different light:

  19. No, not all bad for sure, but clarifying in this instance. And we may learn more about this opposition as Venus saturn occurs on the day they’ve wrangled Mueller in to testify. July 17. And this anticipates the President’s more exact aspect later. We can be sure that in him this will engender a great deal of anxiety.

  20. 1 Day after the ?Lunar Eclipse FM 24??04 Tuesday, July 16
    The legislature of the People verses the King of the Tribe.

    • 24? Capricorn 04
      (comment box did not accept glyph)

  21. Update, July 9: In the above list, I cited the period from July 3 to the 9th–with a target date of July 6th–as a critical one, when Trump could experience “some major judicial-related frustrations.” During this period the courts ruled against him on the census question, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill allowing the release of Trump’s state tax returns, a U.S. appeals court decided that he couldn’t block Twitter followers, he was publicly called “inept” and “dysfunctional” by a British ambassador, and perhaps most importantly, on July 6th the media broke the bombshell story that his old friend Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking, a story that could wind up implicating many prominent and powerful people–possibly including Trump himself?

  22. Looking at the astrology for Trump I noticed that
    the [Jan 12, 2020] Grand Conjunction is EXACTLY on his VERTEX which is 22′ Capricorn in his 6th house. Woah, that’s got to be intense!

    I’ve read the Vertex triggered can indicate a crescendo peak or even meltdown point.

    It’s in his 6th house. I’m curious as a student how this will play out..
    What do people here think?

  23. Thanks for this, Ray; a great read, with which I largely concur.

    I would add a few “lesser” points to the mix. For one, Trump has asteroid Karma exact with Saturn; the suggestion is that, whatever his career/government/presidential actions, he does pay for them in the end. This may hinge on his interactions with finances and women, based in the Venus conjunction, all of which affect his career/Saturn. He has largely avoided responsibility thus far, but Saturn/Pluto opposed says now is the time to pay the piper.

    Saturn and Pluto have also been opposing a rare combination of asteroid Nemesis and Bilk, both at 16 Cancer. Pluto is done with this, but Saturn has two more passes, one of which is just starting now and the other in November. Nemesis/Bilk shows self-undoing or ruin via financial misconduct. This pair is T-Squared with asteroids Mueller and Russia (yes, you read that right!) in Aries, and his Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Libra. A political (Jupiter) wound (Chiron) involving connections with Russia exposed by Mueller, based in fraudulent financial dealings (Bilk) leading to a downfall (Nemesis).

    The Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday opposes his Saturn/Venus, and the one in January 2020 conjoins Nemesis/Bilk, adding further fuel to the fire. Also, asteroid Troemper, his closest celestial referent, will be traveling with Saturn and Pluto most of the year, due to retrogrades by all three bodies, bringing that conjunction home to him very personally in real time, on the world stage.

    just sayin’…

  24. Nicely done Alex, asteroids are so personal. I enjoyed these lesser points the most.

  25. The nodes conjuncting is not a guarantee of Trump’s winning the election. It does, however, offer him some new direction in life, but with the Saturn Pluto transits to his natal Venus/Saturn, he is still going to have a tough time and the nodes conjunct won’t mitigate this. Perhaps, Trump’s new direction in life could well be in a different world.

  26. What a biased, unprofessional anti-Trump article. So typical of the liberal, lefty, feel-good astrologers, most presumably from the West Coast of America. This magazine has deteriorated into a propaganda rag for this new agey type of thinking. As an astrologer for 30 years, I stopped reading the drivel in this silly magazine years ago. I only pulled it up today to see if there were any intelligent articles from real astrologers on the Pluto- Saturn conjunction. What a disgrace astrologers have become.

    • Thanks for your input, Kathleen. (Slight correction: I live in the Midwest, not the West Coast.)

    • Kathleen..the hate is strong with you. No enlightenment with you whatsoever. Bebest.

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