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One Hell of a Ride: Chronicles of a Beleaguered Eclipsed Moon in Scorpio

“I hate passing through Scorpio land. If one can even call it land. Jeez.”
Moon is trudging slowly but with a steady pace through the wetlands. Her feet are tucked in amphibian knee-high boots. The risk of infections from such waters is exceptionally high. She shudders, thinking about all the bacteria and parasites that might be enjoying their stay in the waters she has to wade through.
And that they might, even more, enjoy taking a ride through her system.
But she has a mission. And Moon will take it to completion.
She is wearing mimetic military apparel suited for the environment. Tucked and well-protected are various medicines, venoms, and weapons.
Moon hates weapons, but she has learnt that going through Scorpio is a question of survival. Here no one is coming to save her. Stealth is her primary defence, but she prefers having everything under control.
This environment literally drains her very soul. There is nothing that nourishes her. How can it ever be … (1)
Moon is not a friend of Mars. She finds him too irritative to her system. Always provoking her. Making her become too hot under the collar and in her private parts. Whatever he promises or offers is never to her liking.
Worse. It sucks out from Moon her very essence, an ordeal that nearly kills her every time.
However, her stay is even worse than usual for many reasons this time.
She has just talked to Mars. He was enjoying his time with his friends in Pisces. (2)
She had asked him for some help. You know … making things better while she is transiting in his kingdom.
“What is this, Mars? What are you sending?”
“Moon, don’t you trust me?”
“Not really, no …”
“Here here. Come on. Neptune and I are preparing some out-of-this-world stuff.” (3)
“Mars, are you ok? You sound a little high.”
“Do not worry. I have never been better.”
“Sure …”
But this time, his words slur, and his eyes look blurred.
“Good heavens, Mars … I have to watch every step I take here, and you send me magic potions? With no labelled ingredients? And I have to trust you?
“Mars? Mars? Where are you?”
And with that, Mars had disappeared, lost in the hazy, magical fantasy world.
Moon now ponders how this kingdom is getting worse. Since Earth decided to start breathing out of Scorpio and breathing in from Taurus, the panorama has undoubtedly changed.
“What a joy! Just what the doctor prescribed. Detox the system! A swamp that acts as the biological lavatory for the whole of the World … and I have to wade through this … whilst the Cosmos decides it is time to flush the toilet in grand style.”
“Hey Cosmos, don’t you think you went over the top this time?”
No one answers.
Moon can’t even find a word for what she is feeling. She can only sense because everything around her is pitch-dark. Her perceptions are heightened beyond usual. She was supposed to shine her own light, graciously reflected from the Sun and donated to the Earth through her body.
“And what does the Earth do?!” The Moon mutters.
“Instead of helping me out, she puts herself in between the Sun and me. I am sure this is an act of revenge from two weeks ago when I had all the show, covering the Sun with my beautiful body. (4)
“Really!!! Earth, are you by any chance becoming a tad jealous? Can’t you see I am already sore and red in parts that I usually prefer moist and cool?”
The waterproof pants are overheating her delicate parts. But who dares apply anything just now with all this hostile environment?
“Now what, Saturn?” Is it the convention of bad boys today? (5)
“Yes, I know we are at crossroads but do you need to remind the whole world about this issue?
“No. No, Saturn, you are making me only more anxious! Yes, there is no turning back. Either one way or another.”
What the hell is happening?
“Who is there?”
“Me, Moon.” (6)
“Me, who?”
Moon rolls her eyes. Neptune always makes her feel very strange. Drowsy and dreamy might be a better description.
“Neptune, for heaven’s sake. Can’t you see I am trying to survive here? I am not in the mood for magic and fantasy.”
“Life is all a dream, Moon … an illusion. What it appears, it is not.”
Moon stops in her tracks. All she would like to do is find somewhere to rest, sleep, and dream of her beautiful house in Cancer and her luxury five-star hotel in Taurus. Ah, that beautiful fertile valley full of flowers and good food.
“Wake up, Moon. Wake up!”
“Uh-uh. Who is it? Oh my, where am I?”
“It is me, Moon, Al-Shaulah. The time has come.” (7)
Moon sobers up immediately. Her senses scanning like sonars in a time of war. Al-Shaulah is a princess that always keeps her face covered by her hands. Moon never really understood why. She lives in a mansion in Scorpio’s territory. Why she chose to live here, Moon didn’t understand either.
“My Lady.”
“Come, Moon. We have to let the blood flow. Disinfect, purge. Time has come to let what has died to move on.”
“This will cause much pain and suffering, My Lady.”
“Yes. But all ebbs and flows, Moon. You know very well. There is a Cosmic order we are all bound to.”
“I know, My Lady, but sometimes there are choices we would like to avoid. Things we would not like to face.”
“Yes, my Moon. But we have all a role in the Cosmos. And ours just now is this.
“Look, some cities and towns need to be besieged and won. We need to sow and plant. The crops need to grow.
“Come, let us prepare and put in place the magical protections.
“Only steadfast perseverance can take us through what is coming.
“Come, we need to do all we can to protect ourselves. Make sure the waters are pure and remain pure. We need to preserve the integrity of the Earth.
“Remember Moon, when passing through intense sorrow and pain, that all will pass. Nothing is permanent.
“Channel your anger into the Earth. She knows what to do about it.
“This is the time to protect ourselves and let go of what is causing us harm.”
The Earth stops its rhythmical inspiration. Everything comes to a standstill, waiting with held breath. The normal flow of the Earth’s energy is halted. (8)
On the far side, in the land of Taurus, energy starts building. In the land of Scorpio, the outward going vortex pumping vitality out of this earthly realm halts, anxiously waiting. (9)
The Moon prepares for the upcoming onslaught. The stagnant marsh starts rising in level, pressing like the head of a foetus, ready to break the waters.
Pressure builds.
Time stops.
Reality suspends.
A sliver of light darkness crosses the Moon. Suddenly, the fixed energy ruptures the standstill, like a broken dam carrying the stagnant debris out into the other side of the veil. The void created holds the space.
As Moon regains her full radiance, the Earth takes a deep breath with an even bigger exhale.
A new download has just been processed.
Cosmic order has been re-established, and the feather of Maat lingers in the air. (10)
And just when Moon starts relaxing, for the worst has passed, she hears the Earth rumble under her feet. Shivers quickly pass through her body. (11)
“Remember this point of darkness, Moon. I shall come again to put the final touches. I am the architect of Darkness, and things are not finished yet.”
Moon knows who that voice belongs to. Pluto, The Dark Lord.
Moon, knackered by the continual besiegement and cursing under her breath at the remarkable lineup of malefics, counts the seconds to get out of these wetlands. (12)
“That was one hell of a ride.”

Image: brands amon from Pixabay

Astrology behind the scenes:
1. Moon in Scorpio is in her fall, dignity wise.
2. Moon in Scorpio trines Mars in Pisces.
3. Mars in Pisces is within one degree of Neptune in Pisces.
4. The Lunar Eclipse begins: the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon, shedding darkness on the Moon. We had a Solar Eclipse two weeks ago. And that time, it was the Moon that came in between the Earth and the Sun covering the Sun. Click here for my previous article on the Solar Eclipse.
5. The Moon in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius. The Moon’s exclamation is due to the quick succession of aspects from Mars, to Saturn, to Neptune, to Sun, to Pluto that make Moon feel like it is being harassed from all sides whilst being eclipsed!
6. Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces.
7. The eclipse is taking place in the 19th Lunar Mansion called Al-Shaulah, The Sting.
8. Lunar South Node Eclipse on May 16, 2022 at 04:14 UTC at 25º Scorpio. For more on how the Lunar Nodes work, click here.
9. North Node in Taurus, South Nodes in Scorpio. For more information about the eclipses on this axis, please click here.
10. Maat is the Ancient Goddess of the Cosmic Order, Truth, and Justice.
11. Moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is retrograde, and will return to that degree on January 28, 2023.
12. The Moon moves from 23º Scorpio and makes all of these difficult aspects before entering Sagittarius.

Hilaria (Hilary) Spiteri is a pharmacist and holistic health practitioner. When she least expected it, she fell in love with the stars, hesitantly followed but never looked back. She was born on the island of Malta, a crucible of many European and Semitic cultures. She now lives where Rome, Italy, meets the Mediterranean Sea. Hilary is a traditional and medical astrologer trying all her best to bridge the modern artificial schism between science, medicine, astrology, spirituality, and healing. She nurtures a personal dream to bring back medical astrology to the academic world and the general medical and pharmaceutical practice. In the meantime, when not reading a book, chart or talking to a client, you can find her walking near the sea or in the countryside. Or, if you prefer, on her website


  1. Thank you very much.

  2. Greeting’s!
    As many Astrologer’s understand, eclipse’s intend to bring to our collective awareness, the evolutionary shifts ready for our awareness. ‘Ready or not!’ With this particular eclipse, May 16th, a rich one at that, given the benevolent aspects between planets, gracing this Scorpionic/Taurean eclipse.

    I wanted to bring the above to the writer’s attention, given her statement about, “all the difficult aspects.” While I acknowledge the necessary examination always, of a challenging Saturn contact, it’s job, the benevolent aspects accompanying it, are bringing much grace. In my view, this Scorpionic/Taurean eclipse, looks to intend a deep & collective Earth healing, with the strong presence of Neptune in Pisces, & benevolent Jupiter, both trine the eclipse, plus sextile from Pluto in Cap. With all-important Teacher Saturn, working to put this Healing into form. What a Blessing!

    As practicing Astrologer’s, we must watch carefully our word’s, especially those that paint, intended or not, any planet or sign, with fear. With Saturn & Scorpio, respectively, being named most often! Two of my personal favorites, I might add, because of the potent growth they deliver, not accessed otherwise~ truly a Gift, not a punishment. I try my best when discussing these important aspects of Astrology, to dispel the more common fearful energy put out there about them.

    May we glean All, that this healing & growth-filled Eclipse intends for us, & our precious planet!

    • Thank you Jan for your point of view on this eclipse.

    • Greeting to you Jan,

      Thank you for your insights.

      I come from traditional astrology, where Eclipses are viewed as disruptions to the normal flow of life. They obscure the luminaries, the givers of life, so as much as we would like to turn it around, eclipses are upheavals, wild cards of the Universe.
      If that upheaval becomes part of the collective or personal evolution, it is up to the collective and the individual to use it and how to use it.
      Saturn’s role is to negate and restrict. At the bendings of the Lunar Nodes, this becomes even more pronounced. There is a difficult decision to be made, and it is either-or. Saturn is never easy. It takes a lifetime to start mastering Saturn in our natal chart, even if Saturn has dignity and is in a good position. But Saturn’s teachings come through hardship. That is Saturn’s role.
      Sextiles or trines do not always mean blessings; it means that the energy flowing between the two planets comes with ease. Sextile is of the nature of Venus, so its mode of action is bringing together. Then if what is brought together is beneficial or not depends on the reception and conditions of the planets involved.
      We should always consider the baseline of where we are starting from. Moon in Scorpio is a Moon in fall. This means that Moon has not the resources that are agreeable to its nature. Moon has to go against its nature to use those resources. In a natal chart, this means with and through time, we invent out of necessity.
      If we take this already tricky baseline and add a South Node Eclipse, we are adding to more stress aggravating on the Moon.
      If we add the aspects, the stress becomes even more. I only considered the aspects while the Moon is in Scorpio because that is the eclipse domain.
      As a practising Astrologer, my role is to inform my clients how the situation is. I am not a service to my clients if I do not warn them when the terrain will be rocky, flooded, dry, cold or hot or whatever is in store. Warnings give them time to prepare.
      No one said eclipses are punishments. But they indeed are energies to be taken with utmost respect and precaution.
      And no one said either to be fearful of Saturn and Scorpio. Always bring it back to the situation we are talking about, the Moon. And Moon does not do well with Saturn or Scorpio energy.

  3. Hello Hilary,

    We are so pleased with your wonderful work,

    Thank you for being part of TMA’s blog

    • Hello Mary,

      thank you for choosing me to write for the TMA’s blog and the patience you have with me!

  4. I really enjoyed this format for understanding the planets and their energy, and character in this play of life.

  5. Hi Hilary,
    It resonates, I am covering old ground with gut issues, parasitic. And I am feeling fucked off like the moon, amoung other evolving pains😔😬🙃😍,

    I m a venus in scorpio in the 8th or 9th depending. Thanks for ur take on it, spot on,
    Whats ur website and or facebook?

    Blessings 🙏🏿💜

  6. Hello Louisa,

    Thank you for chiming in and letting me know it resonates.

    Yes, I do have a website, and there, you shall find where I am present on social media.

    Here it is.

    I wish you better health! This eclipse is a detox vortex.


  7. Thank you for the honesty on every point! I am heavy set with Saturn and each turn of my life is making it to the finish line but never being able to cross no matter how prepared I am. As stated by my Dad when he was alive “if not for bad luck, you would have no luck.” No truer statement. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter how bad the situation and i just keep moving no matter how bad it gets. I cherish the moments that are so little no one would think they were even worth thanking the heavens for but to me those moments are the world. You are an awesome writer of putting those feelings into words. I thank you and look forward to more!

    • Hello Catherine,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      When I read your father’s statement I chuckled. I find that statement quite appropriate, especially in this period. Putting one foot in front of the other is an art not everybody manages to do in very bad situations. So kudos to you if you manage that.

      And cherishing little moments, even if for others might be insignificant, is another lesson you are teaching us. Because at the end of the day, or life on this Earth, what is significant to us is what defines our life, what really matters.

      So raising my glass of water to one step at a time and to those small moments that touch our lives.


  8. I see your reply and I start to cry. For the first time someone understands. It is very hard to keep going but it is a given for an old goat. My daughter helps me find new ways to old issues so the road has become a lot lighter, when I choose to listen. Kudos to you.

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