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What’s up with Bitcoin?

 TMA is posting this blog as general information to our readers about the astrology of cryptocurrencies. We are not endorsing the author’s work.

 *Disclaimer: Please note I am not a financial advisor; this report should not be taken as financial, investment, or trading advice. Bitcoin is a volatile, high-risk asset. The author assumes no responsibility or liability for your investment decisions or any financial gains or losses based on the information in this report.

Greetings: To recap my last forecast for TMA, I predicted Bitcoin (BTC) would do better in February, and in the first half of the month that was definitely the case as BTC made a bullish pivot right as Venus and Mercury went direct, and Mars was sextile Jupiter and trine Uranus. However, the second half of February was a disappointment as Jupiter sextile Uranus did not rally the market, and BTC initially fell sharply on the events in Russia and Ukraine. However, we did see a late February rally, as I expected, when Jupiter sextiled the BTC natal Sun from February 25–28, and Russians bought BTC aggressively to escape a crashing ruble. Now, let’s look at March.

Overall, March is highly complex as there are many possible geo-political and macro economic risks ahead; unpredictable market swings are a high probability with unstable world events. BTC can routinely move $5,000 in either direction on any given day. Jupiter continues to be combust the Sun, which is generally unfavorable for most of the month. Also, Mercury is severely debilitated in Pisces, where it will be between March 9–27. The unfavorable tone of this time is emphasized because Pisces has overall been unfavorable for BTC. This is a period to watch; it may feel similar to a Mercury retrograde. Jupiter becomes visible again around March 24, which would normally be favorable except that Venus continues to be “besieged” by malefics. The conjunction of the malefics, Mars and Saturn, at 22°24’ Aquarius in early April also looks highly unfavorable, especially for BTC, as the Mars–Saturn conjunction will take place exactly on BTC natal Neptune. This could bring a major sell-off and temporary loss of confidence in the cryptocurrency market. In my opinion, global markets have stiff headwinds, and the war in Ukraine will likely continue to worsen as Mars approaches Saturn, which will be exact on April 4.

However, Uranus trine the BTC natal Sun, also in April, could mitigate the Mars–Saturn conjunction or bring a quick rebound in mid to late April.

The Federal Reserve Board will meet on March 15–16, and Chairman Powell has indicated that a 0.25% raise in interest rates is likely. We can’t be 100% sure, but Venus conjunct the BTC North Node and Mercury sextile Uranus on March 16–17 seems to indicate the Fed rate hike won’t cause a major disruption, as it is priced in at this point. The Virgo Full Moon trine Pluto and the BTC Jupiter on March 18 seems somewhat favorable, but Venus and Mars square to Uranus from March 19–22 could also bring some unpredictable world events, unusual volatility, and chaotic price action in markets, possibly associated with late reactions to Fed rate hikes on the 15th.

Jupiter conjunct BTC Uranus from March 21–26 is the only major favorable aspect for the month; this could bring a short-term rally. However, this same period also has some unfavorable transits, i.e., the Sun to BTC natal Pluto and Mars. Looking into April: Mercury is combust the Sun, and the Mars–Saturn conjunction on the BTC natal Neptune (April 1–10) could cause a short-term crisis of confidence in BTC. This time (April 1–10) is our next major concern for a deeper sell-off. Short-term traders could look to take some profits on any rally March 21–26, and short the market just before unfavorable aspects hit on April 1–10. Traders could then flip long again toward the end of the period, as Uranus trine to BTC natal Sun on April 2–22 is a major favorable transit that could mitigate the damage and bring a quick rebound in mid-April. The Venus–Jupiter–Neptune stellium also bodes well for a reprieve in mid to late April.

Robert Weinstein has studied astrology for over two decades and has been doing financial astrology for Crypto Markets since 2017. His website is He can be found on Twitter at @AstroCryptoGuru and his Patreon group has very detailed monthly and weekly market reports and live video analysis.





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